Remembering Rawhide star Eric Fleming

On September 28, 1966, Eric Fleming expired in a dreadful kayak drowning accident from the remote jungles of Peru, South America. Best known for playing with the tough as nails, covertly tender-hearted trail boss Gil Favor about the long-running CBS Western Rawhide — the 1959–1966 series created costar Clint Eastwood a household name — Fleming was really the star regardless of everything you see all of the 21st century DVD covers where Eastwood’s face is plastered everywhere to the sin of his fellow celebrity.

If you’re convinced that Fleming just got lucky in nabbing the road boss direct, his bravura three-dimensional picture of some gutted, guilt-ridden Mr. Favor at “The Lost Herd” episode (aired October 16, 1964) from his final year on Rawhide will easily completely change your opinion.

Ahead of his much too early death at age 41, Fleming appeared at the so bad it is excellent cult classic Queen of Outer Space with Zsa Zsa Gabor, The Glass Bottom Boat romantic comedy with Doris Day and Rod Taylor, along with three well-received episodes of some other perennial favorite Western show, Bonanza.

For your Cartwright horse opera, possibly the finest Fleming functionality is his first appearance as unhinged visiting swimmer Wes Dunn at the 1966 episode “Peace Officer,” bolstered by persuasive scenes with Michael Landon (Little Joe Cartwright). Incidentally, another Bonanza episode was “The Pursued,” a two-part narrative about a hard-working Morman family backed into a corner above frontier bias which aired less than a week following the cowboy celebrity’s passing.

Below is a story reprinted by the Rawhide WS fansite. Since deceased costar Nico Minardos recounts the function that asserted his comrade’s life to some gentleman called Dean Gautschy just 3 weeks following the incident happened in Huallaga River. It is a harrowing read.