🇮🇳 Dalit Muslims of India | Al Jazeera World

🇮🇳 Dalit Muslims of India | Al Jazeera World

India the second most populous country in the world for centuries its social class structure was built around a rigid Hindu class or caste system. caste was abolished over 50 years ago. But it’s legacy is still felt in modern Indian society. The Hindu population, around 84% of a total 1.4 billion total people is still influenced by the four main traditional casts though there are many subjects within each. Brahmins are the priestly class. Kshatriya the warrior class. Vaishya are the merchant class. and Shudra the working class. But below all of these, outside the four main caste groups are other social groups, including the Dalits: the oppressed. They are social outcasts and they do the most menial work and often live in conditions hardly fit for human habitation. Such is the desperation of some Dalits that they sometimes convert from Hinduism to other faiths, including islam. They hope to escape discrimination by other Hindus and to become accepted by their new religious community. Any person or every citizen of this country under article 25 of the constitution has a right to acknowledge, practice, propagate the religion of his choice. Typically, Dalits live in areas like this shantytown in Mumbai. People here belong to the washermen community. known as dhobies and they often share the same surname which clearly identifies them as outside the caste class Some of these dhobies have converted to Islam. Among them Rakesh who has changed his name to Ali Kanojia Some Hindu Dalits believe converting to other religions will help them escape the prejudices of the caste system. It’s not a new phenomenon.

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  • Caste is caste. In internal muslim there are still available caste. They are difficult to free from caste culture.

  • When someone is constantly discriminated and victimised because of this so-called "Low Caste" label they will rebel and change their religion. No wonder India does not prosper because of all these ambiguities. Recognise all humans as one race and not caste, creed or their religion.

  • Devide and rule is everywhere ,
    not only in India but allover the world.

    so called enlightened & ultimate intelligent people in everywhere manipulating or convincing for
    their discrimination sexual/racism casteism/religious.

  • Hazrat Bilal was african slave but honored by Muhammad SAW he was his best friend after and used to be leader during prayer… Subhan Allah

    Welcome to ummah brothers we are proud of you! You are better muslim fighting at so many horizons for religion.
    Allah give you best always ameen

  • I request all Dalits brothers come to Islam. In Islam everyone is equal. There is no discrimination in Islam. Please research Islam open heartily. Islam is truth. Come to truth. Abandon this slavery where they don't think you as a human. It can not be truth. Thanks.

  • I'm Indian dalit we are not hindu. Brahmin mean hindu religion god is fake
    In India when Brahmin religion come in India destroy buddhism religion Then Brahmin make 6.000 more then religion .in India . we are not Hindu or not part of Brahmin . We are original buddhism

  • Tell him to marry a sheikh or pathan. He will definitely kick him out. He says there is no caste system in muslim…lolllls….😂😂😂😂😂

  • Let me be your teacher :

    Hinduism is as old as Nature !!!

    Hinduism is the First and Best Civilization still vibrant and extant in the world !!!

    Hindus and Hinduism once ruled the world !!!

    Hinduism is present in every inch of the world !!!


    When Hindus started the policy : NA DEKO NA SOUNO NA BOLO

    That's in other words :


    Hindus lost control of the world !!!!

    That state of things gave birth to Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam !!!

    Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam was born to Decimate Hinduism in the world !!!

    In Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam God is Male !!!

    Pertinent question : Is God really Male ???

    In Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam women have no status !!!

    In Islam every surah calls for violence to set up the Unicity of Allah in the world by Muhammed the terrorist, the warmonger, the misogynist, the iconoclast, the religious paganist , the pedophile and illiterate Prophet of Islam who turned the womb that gives women and men birth into a Den of prostitution !!!

    Do you know while the Pope was travelling through the air to the Arabian peninsula recently his Cardinals raped all the religious women in the very plane ravenously and eat away the very organs that give birth to male and female ???

    Do I need to tell you Islam has created harem for women ???

    Do I need to tell you Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam has created the most abominable Patriarchal Society in the world ???

    If you read the History of Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam the hair on your head will uprise like sharp pikes on the body of a porcupine from the daily raping, pedophiling, hurting, killing, iconoclastic destructions, ceaseless wars, corruptions, robbing of lands, terrorism, forced Conversion etc since its inception in the world !!!

    Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam has produced more than 70 million refugees in the world !!!

    Women-refugees are daily raped without compunction by Followers of Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the world !!!

    Children-refugees are daily pedophiled without pity by Followers of Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the world !!!

    World refugees are suffering from acute malnutrition !!!

    World refugees are sleeping in inclement weather conditions !!!

    Billions and billions of human beings are living in extreme poverty due to Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the world !!!

    United Nations have become a horrible Cavern of incessant bickerings amongst Followers of Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam !!!

    United Nations send Good-Will Ambassadors worldwide just to hide incapacity to solve the numberless problems facing world and world refugees !!!

    Only Hindus and Hinduism can change the face of the world !!!

    Hinduism is science based and humanism based unlike Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the world !!!






    Jai Shree Radha-Krishna !!! Jai Shree Sita-Ram !!! Jai Shree Gauri-Shankar !!!

  • islam has been always on the side of the oppressed..the prophet addressed at first all the slaves, women and other neglected communities…it is a humanitarian religion…there are no dalits, shudra, upperclasse or lower close..in front of god we are all the same ❤❤

  • This is the real face of India so called Incredible 🇮🇳 secular country they the worst discrimination hindu people

  • I see just dislikes of Hindus not comments because this is reality which they cannot face. Racism and caste is prevalent in India if you are shudr you can't even touch brahmins filthy notions in Hinduism. Sometimes they even don't consider shudr as human.

  • This cast system ll kill Hinduism some day….I am Christian but I like hindu it's very said me when I know because of cast system hindu is reducing

  • Allah made all mankind equal. The BJP government should help raise social standards for the Dalit people instead of making rhetoric. I stand in solidarity with Dalits


  • It takes time for pot to boil but once it’s boils everything in it starts to soften may Allah swt soften all humans hearts so we understand each other and accept each as equals

  • Im not here for discrimination. But the guy name ALI said that he dont hv lower caste certificate so im unemployed or he cant get the job. Bt i say jb tumhare m itni intelligence hai hi ni ki tum apne dimag ya mehnat se government job paa sako. To ye mera manana h ki tum upper caste me bhi hote to bhi ni le paate job. Coz baat kabiliyat ki hoti h caste or religion ki ni

  • Is there Dalits caste system in islam? Or are they converting into Dalits for free cash, free home, free food, free haj traveling which is HARAM in islam

  • Except in Islam there is no hierarchy of any kind. In Islam everyone is considered equal, a poor boy can pray along with the King or sultan or any noble unlike in other churches where nobles are usually seated in front while the poor are seated behind.

  • All religion are fake…. Specially Islam…. This channel is run by Muslim so they can propagate Islam…. Muslim have 72 caste in world all killing each other…

  • If you are Hindu , please read and understand vedic culture and then arrive at conclusion.

    You don't need foreigners to teach you what you are.

    Read read … To clear your mind..

  • this is very informative video and really very shocking. I didn't know caste system is still practiced so strictly in India even in 21st century. caste system is an utter non sense I don't understand it. all humans are equal in Allah's eyes. much love from Pakistan.

  • Don't even use thats dalit name with Muslim because in islam there's no cast system. Pls don't call your self as dalit muslim.

  • It’s crazy to think this is the same country that just landed on the moon, yet they still abide to the outdated caste system. Imagine how great India could be if they treated every man equally.

  • To my Muslim brothers and sisters, remember Islam and Prophet Muhammad's last sermon specified no superiority and inferiority amongst human beings. Islam is a guide but people are flawed. As a Pakistani, I can't guarantee if I will be treated as an equal by my Arab brothers or even my Persian brothers. Let's work to change that and become better humans in accordance with Islam.

  • When a person reverted to muslim dont tell them dalit or slave
    When calcicus clay accept islaam no one said him slave even though he was black
    When One become muslim he is submitted to Allah
    And he only fear Allah and follows rules of islaam and their country respectively

  • I feel so bad and sad for their condition.
    May Allah help them to be respected and I hope this documentary removes the biases these wonderful individuals suffer

  • Brother bablo don't fear, in becoming a Muslim, there is a verse in the Quran don't follow the religion of your fore grandfathers,if you think you right go on to convert bro.

  • Islam is welcoming to all kind of people that's why it is the fastest-growing religion. There is no discrimination in Islam, white/black Arab/non Arab we are all equal.

  • don't follow the religion by birth…use mind every person have choice to choose religion and surely the person knows the truth there is only one true religion and true God. Islam and Allah .❤️🇮🇳

  • The only difference between any human is only and only his/her peity!!!
    All are equal.
    Responsibilities Make them unique….

  • There is caste discrimination in India still… true… but no one rejects another person bcoz of cast.. or in school no one discriminate one in studies.. caste barriers are social barriers… max to max people from upper caste may refuse to eat together in the same place… that too happens in small villages sometimes where people are illiterate ignorant and poor. Anyone staying in India would know this.. those people either lying or paid to lie. I don’t know… any girl is asked to sit behind for belonging to lower cast would be a police case or make it to national headlines. Al zazeera plz for once do impartial journalism… we know u don’t like India… but at least for sake of journalism try to improve.

  • Believe me Ali (the boy interviewed at the start of video) u are the bravest boy I ever watched…dont let ur faith go away now…may be u havnt realized yet that u have entered the most beautiful religion of this world…and I m feeling inferior and jealous of ur steadfastness mashaAllah…may u have tons of mercy by Allah…proud of u…

  • The refuge muslim women are amazing bro…they are neither feared of or under confident…may they be blessed by Allah more and get their new beautiful homes somewhere…Ameen…

  • U know what I m feeling proud of my religion while watching it…my Allah loves every one the same either black skinned or white, either rich or poor…

  • My brothers, see to it that you are not mislead, the snares that you have placed in the paths of others will be worn over your own Heads. You will look on as a table is prepared for those whom you set yourself against.

    Many have been so blessed as to unknowingly entertain the company of Angels.

    "In what you have done to the least of these brothers of mine, you have done to me." Says The Lord.

    We must always remember, we were once strangers in a land.

    And dont say for yourselves, we're descendants of Abraham. I tell you that The Lord is able to raise descendants of Abraham from these very stones.

  • I am struck by the fact that these incredibly poor farmers are dressed in such beautiful clothing that looks really, really clean. Maybe that is rags to the high class, or maybe they brought out their "sunday best" for the documentary, but they look great.

  • after converting to islam their identity is as muslman not dalit because in islam there is no caste system
    these all ppls are our muslim brothers

  • सो, अब मुस्लिम उनको कह रहे, भंगी मुस्लिम जैसा कि वीडियो में दिखया गया है…
    कब्रिस्तान भी नसीब नहीं हो रहा so called इस्लाम में।

  • In school, when I was 6 th standard, i had to fill a form, in which i had to fill the surname, but I never had one. My classmates called me outsider. They told me don't you belong any caste ask your parents. I went to my mother, she told me in Islam before God all are equal as a tooth of a comb – Amar( a companion of Prophet Muhammad( p.b.u.h)) .

  • If you're converted in Islam pls do not clean toilet do not eat pork and do not drink if you're doing all those things then you're not a Muslim Allah says is very important for a Muslim to be pure and Pak 24 hours for namaz so pls care full

  • Mashallah 💓
    May Allah guide everyone to right path
    I accepted Islam 1 year ago 💓
    Most beautiful religion in the world

  • This is the only reason Islam spread in India because Islam provided equal rights for all cast and creed.
    People chose Islam to escape inequality subjected by hindus

  • This is India and Hindu face
    Very dirty behavior with low caste
    Ali talks fantastic and Old man baba g looks weak but Iron man no fear Salute baba g

  • Only and only and only islam is the truth religion from almighty God there is only one almighty God allah and prophet Muhammad peace be upon him last and final messanger of Allah and I am very proud of me that I am muslim

  • India is a great country which provides enormous freedom to practice any religion. All religions are our brothers and sisters. But this documentary shows India in a poor light. I challenge them to document the practice of conversion to a minority religion in an Islamic nation like Pakistan or one of the Arab countries?

  • Allah SWT said:

    إِنَّ هٰذِهِۦٓ أُمَّتُكُمْ أُمَّةً وٰحِدَةً وَأَنَا۠ رَبُّكُمْ فَاعْبُدُونِ
    "Certes, cette communauté qui est la vôtre est une communauté unique, et Je suis votre Seigneur. Adorez-Moi donc."
    (QS. Al-Anbiyâ 21: Verset 92)

    Surely, this community that is yours is a unique community, and I am your Lord. Adore Me, then. "

  • Please dont say dalit muslim, If there there dalit muslim mean there is brahmin muslim, Please dont divide into the caste, Muslim is one.

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