1 Big Thing: Steep odds against Warren’s big ideas

100 thoughts on “1 Big Thing: Steep odds against Warren’s big ideas

  • No the fall in her polling was because her ideas aren't big enough. She rolled over on healthcare for all. Big mistake. For anyone who's awake they know they'll be voting Bernie.

  • You really have to wonder about the media. It becomes more and more apparent as time goes by as to how they ignore the polls and spread their tainted rhetoric about what is happening. When around 55 to 80% of the voting public back what Warren, Sanders and others are touting, they still come back and tell you how unlikely it would be to get them passed into legislation. They always seem to overlook the fact that those that vote against these policies simply won't be around that long should they hold the corporate line and the voters decide to make them "get gone".

  • No matter how many times you bubble-dwellers slam progressive ideas, American voters don't see it that way.
    I agree that Warren has no cohesive plan to implement her platform, which is why BERNIE is the progressive who can get it done.
    Please stop trying to convince your viewers to vote for the corporate Dem who will keep YOUR gravy train running.

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  • If it will be difficult to get Medicare For All and a wealth tax under Warren (or Sanders) it will be a lot more difficult under any other candidates.

  • because grandma oatmeal is not a leader. she is stopped by a single heckler. though few can stand against our paid-off politicians and the corporate-bank-military greed and corruption that rules this country. its good this spokes-woman calls out warren for the pathetic corporate tool she is; bad that she paints the picture that no one can make a difference. trump and obama were both elected because they promised to drain the swamp, end corruption, and create equality in the system. they lied, but it will happen.

  • People are stupid. She and Bernie are the only ones with a PLAN. But people just follows right, center, left and looks, even when they don't fit most of our needs.

  • Wall St hates her, not dislikes; hates. Warren is a wonk certainly but wonks never win, that's reality. Hacks win.

    The reason she is funding online small contributions is a matter of experience and sophistication, lack thereof amongst her supporters. That road doesn't lead to a win. Warren and Bernie are going to fight for the radical left and they will both lose, a centrist will win.

    Will her supporters pull what Bernie's did in 2016? Will they again vote for Trump in protest? Are there any pragmatists on the left? Are they winners or whiners?

  • Warren is not wrong about the public desire for her policies but the implementation of her initiatives are gonna be more than problematic. It'll be tough amongst Democrats, let alone Republicans in Congress. Both her and Bernie have oversold and will struggle to deliver. But I think voters just trust that they will try and that's enough for most.

  • What clear path has Biden or Sanders presented for their policies?

    BootyEdgeEdge doesn't even have policies…

    Oh but Warren gotta have a clear path on how she gets her policies passed…

    Poppycock!!! 🙄

  • Yeah, we'd hate to have any new ideas or innovative thinking in this country, we'll just keep doing what isnt working.

  • I've listened to this twice. Where was, "Alexi please explain WHY Warren will have trouble getting those things through congress"? Is Warren the only Democrat candidate with those policies? Sanders wasn't mentioned, I guess he doesn't exist. Hey anchors, did you feel like professional journalists in this segment?

  • One thing at odds against Warren and Sander's ideas : Corporate MSNBC! I'm no progressive supporter, however, the media bias MSNBC has towards Warren and Sanders is so blatantly obvious. Not surprised they used the token black woman. smh

  • Who says Warrens ideas would not get passed by Congress.?? So not a good idea to vote for her, Right.! Then the first and possibly ONLY policy she needs to pass is to GET CORPORATE MONEY OUT of politics. In fact why not give each party, Republicans and Democrats a small budget from public taxes, to fund their own candidates, so that each side has to ‘same’ funding. And make it illegal to accept donations from anyone. Then it’s down to the POLICIES, not how much they are in your face.

  • Warren is a liar. Plain and simple. A republican most of her life. Proof in 65 seconds flat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rrbvBiQbjg she wants "a lotta dark money" .. yeah, that will help get rid of corruption.

  • Warren gets everything right and makes no apologies for it. It takes real courage to stand up to the 100 story office buildings full of big salary professionals dedicated to preventing "medical losses", i.e., payouts for health care. If the poor and willfully ignorant voters prefer to have a Russian clown yell at them then the planet and everything on it will die.

  • Back in the summer, when Warren was starting to gain some ground, MSNBC and others talked about what a darling she was and how great it is to see a woman rising in the polls. But those of us on the progressive side knew what they were really up to at the time, and we said so: "They're building up Warren, because they hope she'll siphon votes away from Bernie Sanders." We also predicted that if Warren were to actually surge in the polls (as she has), then they'd start attacking her. Well, here we are, a few months later, and it seems that our prediction was correct.

  • Yeah, big Ideas never pass….oh wait you forget that once it's in congress and we find out who voted against the bills and then we elect their replacements how that can effect other Congress members votes. I think if the bill is popular enough it will pass. Or the congress will start having a higher turn over than the Trump white house does.

  • The truth is your 1% owners control the government, the media and the judicial. You are nothing more than hamburger, for your lords & masters to use and abuse as they please. So back to your Reality TV and FakeBook! The only question left now is, are you going to jump into your owner's grinder; or walk away and let their Beast system die? youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  • It is to put a people choice for 2024 the Democrats are going to have a responsibility and that is responsibility for a man and woman. How to say everyone need to get along like to have something it is to keep moving forward for the future and for the future is that it is your own destiny that you choose from and especially that what kind of future do you have a responsibility that do you really want to have of from you my life from everyone especially for the families and grandchildren as well because well tell two divided already because one is Unity the other one is United and whatever you that you are united is a big family to have responsibility is always to trust for from others on the other side it is on the same kind well you know the rest if we like the same people the same well things but the other side is responsibility is always have something of different people and other things I'm a special place that are to keep moving forward so there two choices right there Unity or United for the future but however which one that is much better anyway that anyone thought of that just think about it everyone because responsibility it's always about that the keep moving forward for the future and for the future is that to have responsibility for be a responsible

  • Does it matter DNC? No one of color on the debate stage? True that all the whites entitled or not want their country back.

  • They are wrong about Warren. If Warren is falling because voters think her proposal s are too big then Bernie SHOULDN'T be rising!! Warren released her Medicare-for-All plan and it wasn't Medicare for all. The end!

  • Mainstream media's modus operandi.
    1. Introduce a guest and extol their accomplishments.
    2. Have the guest bash and delegitimize progressive policies.

  • If people disagree with you, you attack them.
    How are you any different from Fox polls
    There are polls that agree with this.
    Lobbying is a big deal
    and insurance companies carry a lot of power
    The Medicare for all will not pass
    It is common sense
    Look at history. It took decades to pass Medicaid
    Obamacare took 7 years to be popular
    America is made up of a lot more people than the minority that elected Trump

  • Congrats to Alexi McCammond here who just made the FORBES Top 30 Under 30 List – a list of influential people 30 each in twenty different fields.

  • so why don't I hear all this crap about Bernie, he is talking about the same ideas but with WAY less detail. If you're going to skewer Warren then do the same take down for the male running with the same platform. Warren has a better chance of making things happen then angry grandpa

  • Every one know Warren and Biden are losers that's why there looking for someone else to enter the circus and impeachment will bomb just like Russia Collusion no evidence no crimes enjoy another 5 years of Trump you trump hating losers

  • It is sad to notice, that there is no neutral news on TV. I am watching from germany and it is very clear, that they don`t want Bernie or Warren. Its so disturbing to see, how the corp. media is mixing up social democracy-socialism-socialistic and communism.
    Dear stupid MSNBC and CNN: GERMANY is a conservative country and we have free healthcare. Stop spreading the lie, that USA would become a second Venezuela if Bernie would be elected.
    Your viewers are not as dumb as the average FOX-viewer.
    Sorry for my bad english.. (its only my 4th language i learned in school….for free).

  • Wait, so you shouldn't vote for someone who wants to make things better because it would be hard work?
    This is the most absurd and stupid crap I've heard. Imagine if American Founders decided it would be too much work to separate from England. Ya, let's just stay under the monarchy.
    Never heard more unAmerican talk.


  • Of course getting all those ideas drafted & passed will be difficult , but we have to start somewhere ! If we truly want a democracy in this country we must all fight hard for it. Look how difficult it was for Obama to even modify our health care system ! But he stuck with it & got something done

  • You know what would help Warren get her big ideas through? If MSNBC stopped attacking them to prop up their advertisers

  • Axios seems to think that if E. Warren gets elected, the Senate & House wont support her. Axios: if the Senators don't uphold their oaths of office to protect the Constitution, there will be big turnover there because voters won't forget.

  • Bills that are good for The People are hard to pass – and will be met with resistance from within the Democratic party as well. What else is new. (because money in politics and most representatives have sold out to a degree – but FDR had to strongarm Democrats as well).

    The special interests will fight tooth and nail (incl. bribing Corporate media with advertising budgets to support them in the battle). –

    This is why Senator Sanders talked about a political revolution as soon as 2015, currently builds the mass movement and aspires to be the Organizer-in-chief.

    Not that hard to understand or formulate. ….. You are welcome MSNBC and young establishment tool.

    Warren is not going to build that mass movement – that is why SHE is at least mentioned by mainstream media and the coverage is often even mildly positive – while there is a blackout on Sanders.

    Never mind – he circumvents Corporate media and has the troops on the ground.

  • Why is healthcare for all so difficult? The British started the N.H.S. at the end of the second world war, when the country was almost bankrupt. The will was there to do it. Aneurin Bevan said no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.

  • Its so far beyond time to metaphorically take the school-to-impressive-resume-pipeline and pundit class out back behind the woodshed. You cheap sycophantic bootlicking hacks are handmaidens to autocracy

  • So let's keep riding this derailing train because changing it's course is too difficult, right!
    We have to start the fight against corporate oppression somewhere.

  • How is it that Republicans pass what ever they want in a matter of days (which if usually bad policy for the little guy), but Democrats take years to pass one thing (if they can actually get it to pass)? They are all lying to us.

  • To be fair, ANY Democrat would have a hard time getting ANYTHING passed if the current GOP is part of the equation.

    I have no problem with someone who aims high, regardless. At least she's not promising the same old tired crap the centrists spew.

  • I wish Dems would quit having speeches in front of the American flag when they don't want to preserve what made our country great. None of her crazy ideas will work

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