An Absence of Empathy | The Facepalm Five: August 19, 2019

An Absence of Empathy | The Facepalm Five: August 19, 2019

It’s August 19, 2019 and it’s time to
review five of the most outrageous, infuriating, or just plain baffling things that have happened
lately. It’s your Facepalm Five. Let’s count ‘em up! 1. White supremacist TV host calls white supremacy
a hoax. Following yet another mass shooting committed
by a white supremacist, President Donald Trump, the favorite president of many a white supremacist,
read a statement someone else wrote for him condemning white supremacy. Given Trump’s long and public history of
saying and doing racist things himself and offering encouragement and support to other
people who say and do racist things, Trump’s supposed condemnation of a large segment of
his own base didn’t impress very many people outside of said base. Well, Tucker Carlson didn’t like that very
much at all! The day after Trump’s statement, Carlson
appeared on his Fox News Channel show and said, “it’s not the job of this show to
defend the president and everything he says.” He must just do that for fun, then. Carlson continued, “But in point of fact,
he never endorsed white supremacy or came close to endorsing white supremacy. That’s just a lie. But he condemned it anyway. Their” – meaning liberals and people on
the left’s – “response, ‘he didn’t really mean it.’” Yes, what could Donald Trump have done and
said in the past to make us doubt the sincerity of his condemnation of white supremacy? It’s a real head-scratcher. But Tucker wasn’t done. He went on, “If you were to assemble a list,
a hierarchy of concerns of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the
list? Right up there with Russia probably. It’s actually not a real problem in America. The combined membership of every white supremacist
organization in this country would be able to fit inside a college football stadium.” Tucker called the notion that white supremacy
is a major problem in the United States “a hoax.” Well, I guess that settles that, then. White supremacy isn’t a problem, folks! We’re just getting all bent outta shape
over nothing! Tucker Carlson said so. Take careful notice of what Tucker is doing
here: he’s defining white supremacy in such a way so that he can say what he says without
outright lying. And his definition is not the same as the
one used by most people who talk about the problem of white supremacy in this country. Racists like Tucker often do this sort of
goalpost shifting to maintain their facade of innocence. Because Donald Trump has never publicly said
something like “I endorse white supremacy” or “I believe non-white people are inherently
inferior,” he can’t be a white supremacist, because according to Tucker’s definition
white supremacy consists only of open, avowed white supremacists. “Hey, come on, you could fit all the members
of white supremacist organizations into a football stadium! What’s the big deal?” Tucker asks, willfully refusing to engage
with the problems people are actually talking about, which are the systemic expression of
white supremacy that places people of color at significant disadvantages relative to white
people, and the many ways in which Trump and his supporters and apologists (including Tucker
himself) have acted to defend and reinforce that system, which has in turn emboldened
and energized white supremacists both overt and covert across the country and placed people
of color at even higher risk of violence than they already were. It’s not just the people with white hoods
or swastika tattoos. It’s those who signal, in obvious ways and
subtle ways, that the privilege and comfort of white people is more important than the
lives of Black and brown people. And Tucker would know that if he made an effort
to honestly engage with the people who are actually talking about these problems, but
he’s not gonna do that because that’s not what he gets paid to do. And as Upton Sinclair once said, “It is
difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding
it.” Speaking of white supremacists: 2. Republican congressman suggests rape and incest
necessary to maintain human population. Even if you aren’t already familiar with
this story, you’ve probably got a good guess who it’s about, don’t you? I won’t keep you in suspense, just in case. It’s Steve King, Republican congressman
from Iowa. But this time around, King didn’t make the
top five – er, bottom five, whatever the hell five this is – for saying something
racist. He made it for reminding us that racism and
misogyny almost always go hand-in-hand. Speaking last week at the Westside Conservative
Club in Des Moines, King argued that legislation to ban abortion should not include exceptions
for rape or incest. The usual justification for this by people
on the anti-abortion side of things is that the fetus is a human life and as such should
not be punished due to the circumstances of its conception. I’m not moved by that argument, but at least
it’s consistent. But when he spoke to the Westside Conservative
Club, King offered his own explanation for opposing rape and incest exceptions, and it
was . . . interesting. He said, “What if we went back through all
the family trees and just pulled out anyone who was a product of rape or incest? Would there be any population of the world
left if we did that?” He continued, “Considering all the wars
and all the rapes and pillages that happened throughout all these different nations, I
know that I can’t say that I was not a part of a product of that.” You know, Steve, if you’re saying that aborting
pregnancies resulting from rape might have prevented you from being born, I’m not really
finding that to be a compelling argument against it. Also, is it just me or is that a really cynical
view of human history? I’m not saying that rape has not been an
all-too-common part of the human experience – it has been and continues to be, and that’s
horrifying. And I’m sure if we canceled out every person
who resulted from a rape pregnancy, the population would take a hit. But we’d still be here, right? The species would survive. Also also, even if King is right and humanity
wouldn’t have gotten to this point without a whole bunch of rape and incest pregnancies,
that doesn’t mean we should force people to carry those pregnancies to term against
their will today. That’s like me saying “Well, my father
used the money he got from that armored truck he knocked over to put me through college,
so I guess armed robbery is okay.” I mean, don’t misunderstand me, I’m glad
my Dad robbed that truck – my education wouldn’t have been possible without it – but
what he did was still wrong. 3. Walmart finally takes action in wake of mass
shootings. Following a mass shooting at a Walmart in
El Paso, Texas, that left 22 people dead, Walmart stores around the country are finally
taking decisive action in response to gun violence: they’re removing signage promoting
violent video games. Thanks, Walmart! A week after the El Paso shooting, Walmart
stores received new directives from corporate to take down all signs and displays that contained
images of violence or aggressive behavior. This, according to a spokesperson for Walmart,
is being done out of respect for the recent shootings, but doesn’t reflect any long-term
changes that are planned. Oh, so it’s the same as how we usually deal
with mass shootings in this country, then? The move to stop promoting violent media comes
after President Trump blamed violent video games for contributing to mass shootings,
because god forbid we treat gun violence as though it’s somehow a gun-related problem. The thing is, if people do want to have an
honest discussion about the effects consuming violent media can have on us, about how normalizing
violence and desensitizing ourselves to violent imagery might not be the best thing for our
culture, I would love to have that discussion. But who the hell are we kidding here? There is no reason to believe that playing
violent video games is a significant factor contributing to mass shootings, and it doesn’t
seem to have had anything to do with these recent shootings in particular. If Walmart wanted to do something that might
actually help the problem, it wouldn’t stop promoting violent video games – it would
stop selling guns. And not because mass shooters all buy their
guns at Walmart; because of what it would symbolize – one of America’s largest retailers
acknowledging that this is a gun problem and choosing to no longer contribute to that problem
by participating in the proliferation of more guns. The first step toward meaningful gun reform
in this country will be when some commercial entity with a lot of influence decides to
set an example and say “Guns are a big part of this problem, there’s no denying it,
and we’re not going to sell them any more.” But while we’re all holding our breath and
turning blue waiting for that to happen, at least we can take some comfort in knowing
Walmart’s got the nonexistent violent video game problem covered. Temporarily. 4. Trump official pitches rewrite of Statue of
Liberty poem. If you’ve watched these videos of mine for
awhile, you probably know that “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus is one of my favorite
poems. A plaque containing its text is mounted on
the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, and well it should be. Not only was the poem written as part of a
fundraiser to pay for the pedestal’s construction, it’s one of the great works in the history
of American literature. So, you can probably guess how I felt when
I found out that Ken Cuccinelli, Trump’s director of Citizenship and Immigration Services,
had become the latest administration official to publicly have a problem with that poem. Speaking last week to NPR, Cuccinelli defended
the Trump administration’s new “public charge” policy, which will make it more
difficult for legal immigrants to remain in the country if they’ve ever taken welfare
benefits. When Cuccinelli was asked whether or not this
policy is compatible with the ethos expressed in Lazarus’s poem, Cuccinelli suggested
that maybe the poem would be better if instead of “Give me your tired, your poor, your
huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” it read “Give me your tired and your poor
who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.” Yeah, that’s real poetic, Ken, you soulless
bucket of shit. Like I said, Cuccinelli isn’t the first
Trump official to sneer at the suggestion that our immigration policy should reflect
the values expressed in “The New Colossus”; two years ago Stephen Miller, the white nationalist
who serves as one of Trump’s key policy advisors, argued that, actually, that poem
wasn’t originally a part of the Statue of Liberty, which I guess means it doesn’t
count? Or something. Hey, you know who else likes to argue that
“The New Colossus” doesn’t belong on the Statue of Liberty? David Duke! Weird how so many people who work for Donald
Trump in senior positions keep saying things that are just like the things klansmen and
neo-Nazis say. Good thing Trump denounced white supremacy,
huh? One of the things that makes “The New Colossus”
so moving to me is that it doesn’t just put what should be our values into words so
beautifully – it illustrates how far we have fallen short of those values. If we want the Statue of Liberty to truly
be a symbol of who we are, then we must make her to be what Emma Lazarus names her: Mother
of Exiles. We must be the refuge for those who have nowhere
else to go, we must open our arms to immigrants and asylum seekers, we must reject the image
of the wall and embrace that of the golden door. And we must take this on not as a burden,
not as something to resent, but as a responsibility, as an opportunity to do real good that will
strengthen our nation and all nations. It is the highest calling we have as a country,
and if you can read that Emma Lazarus poem and not be inspired by the ideals it expresses
and heartbroken and ashamed at how we have failed to live out those ideals, you’re
probably an asshole and we can’t be friends. Now it’s time for the segment devoted to
some of the other things Donald Trump has done recently to disgrace the presidency and
embarrass and/or endanger the United States and the rest of the world: 5. The Further Misadventures of Lord Dampnut. Please keep in mind as always: the following
is not a complete list. After his totally heartfelt and convincing
condemnation of white supremacy, Trump went to El Paso to visit survivors of the shooting
in the hospital. Only none of the survivors in the hospital
wanted to meet with him. So Trump had two patients who had already
been discharged brought back to the hospital to see him. One of the patients brought back was a two-month
old baby whose parents were both killed in the shooting. CNN also reported that Trump yelled at his
staff because he didn’t think there were enough cameras present to document his visit. Following the visit, Trump tweeted a video
of his time at the hospital that plays a lot like a campaign video. So, that’s why he wanted so many cameras
around – he wasn’t just visiting survivors of a horrible tragedy; he was shooting a commercial! A hospital official told CNN that the staff
generally seemed to feel that Trump displayed an “absence of empathy” during his visit. Really?! I already mentioned the new “public charge”
immigration policy, so how about this one: the Trump administration is changing the way
it applies the Endangered Species Act, removing blanket protections for newly listed threatened
species, and publicly announcing how much saving an endangered animal or plant is estimated
to cost. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross defended the
changes, saying that they fall within Trump’s mandate to cut regulations while also meeting
species protection and recovery goals. Two thoughts on that: first, who gives a shit
what the commerce secretary thinks about an environmental issue? Second, the Trump administration has endangered
species protection and recovery goals? That’s news to me – unless the goals are
“stop protecting endangered species” and “do nothing to help them recover,” in
which case they seem to be doing a great job. Trump spoke at a fundraiser in the Hamptons,
where he mimicked the accents of Japanese and Korean people, gushed about the beautiful
letter he’d just received from his pal Kim Jong Un, and declared that if he hadn’t
been elected president, we’d be in a “big, fat juicy war with North Korea” right now
– try to hide how much the prospect of nuclear war makes your mouth water, huh, Donald? And finally, last week Trump visited the Shell
Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex in western Pennsylvania, ostensibly to give a speech
about how awesome American energy production and manufacturing are doing under his leadership. Instead, Trump repeatedly made pointedly political
statements, including attacking Democratic presidential candidates, which was a problem
since this was a taxpayer funded official presidential event and not a campaign rally. Also, Time Magazine reported that union workers
at the facility were told that if they didn’t attend Trump’s speech, they wouldn’t be
paid. They were also informed in a memo, “No yelling,
shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance will be tolerated at the event. An underlying theme of the event is to promote
good will from the unions.” In other words, help Trump present the image
he wants to present, or don’t bother coming to work. Trump’s speech was supposed to be about
the revival of American manufacturing, but it sounds like the only thing manufactured
that day at the Shell complex was propaganda. That’s five. Speak out, act out, resist, look after each

100 thoughts on “An Absence of Empathy | The Facepalm Five: August 19, 2019

  • 1. Really? The Big Lie, yet again? Oh, and as for fitting the number of white supremacists inside a football stadium, similar things were said about the numbers of ISIS fighters, and look at the mess they managed to create in Syria. Have to say, just making that comparison DISTURBS ME. Seems to me Tucker could stand to have his hearing checked, 'cuz I'm not sure the dog-whistle is getting through.

    2. Someone tell me, please … HOW IS IT that Steve King is still tolerated in the House of Representatives? This inquiring mind would REALLY like to know.

    3. So thoughts and prayers aren't really enough for Walmart, eh? They're going to quit promoting violent video games! Gee, whiz! That'll help a whole bunch … NOT!!! I should mention, too: I've been DOOM-ing since long before Walmart was a serious player in this whole business, and I don't even have an impulse to own a gun. Weird, huh?

    4. How about: "Give me your tiresome, your piss-poor…" Hell, just give me Donald Trump for a bit. Just long enough to give him a few remedial lessons in reality and humility … and maybe not letting his left drop. Actually, no … Donnie isn't worth getting my hands that sore.

    5. Funny thing – if Trump had wanted cameras at his event in El Paso, he COULD have invited the news media in … except that they'd see all the BS and report on it and … nah, that don't work so good.

    And the ugly just keeps on getting UGLIER…

  • Changing statues? Isn't that considered to be the biggest crime possible? Aren't conservatives always saying that messing with statues is white washing history?

  • Regarding Steve King and his lesson on "The History of Rape & Incest," NO ONE has ever proposed that pregnancies resulting from rape and/or incest should be aborted, only that the victim/survivor of said rape/incest should be the person to decide, not some old white guy. And what that has to do with erasing(??) every living person whose ancestor was impregnated by rape or incest is just nonsensical.

  • Condemning white nationalists, a no brainer except for the man with no brain or other fellow white nationalists.
    Trump happens to be both, what are the odds.

  • My husband plays violent video games. Not a lot, but often. He is also the most gentle, generous, and selfless human being that I have ever met. He feels bad throwing away plants!

    Guns are the problem, not video games. Thank you.

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  • Why not count'em sideways one day? Maybe start left to right like we normally do in the English speaking world… then maybe you could try right to left in solidarity with out eastern cousins.

  • White nationalists may be a minor part of the population but they seem to be heavily armed, proportionally speaking.
    Somebody should look into that, do a study… and that study's already killed by the NRA.
    Are two groups related? And more importantly, should they be related? One's a terrorist group and the other supports a terrorist group… which in a saner country, would label that organization a terrorist group. NRA: "We just want them to have guns, we don't care what they do with them."

  • It's a shame organized labor has been so stripped of power that some chump contractor's memo to union leaders at the Shell plant could go unchallenged, delivering a propaganda victory to the political forces who would strip labor of even more power.

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  • Threatening workers to toe the line if they want to be paid for the work they've done, while insisting that resistance wont be tolerated…
    Yea. Facsism. We did it. …yaaaay

  • If you want to hear a Trump apologetic, look at Larry Elder. He says "Trump is not racist because he condemned white nationalists."

    Personally, I think that the viewers of liberal biased You Tube channels and conservative biased You Tube channels need to engage (meaningfully) with each other instead of just living in their own echo chambers, if reducing divisiveness is the goal.

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    Solidarity from PDX, Comrade! <3

  • Found your channel through Star Trek and ngl I’m very happy I found you if you think this way and are willing to share your views to your fans

  • Steve King: It happened in the past, therefore it should continue to happen today and into the future. Has anybody asked him about cannibalism? Roman persecution of Christians? Slavery? Wait, I think I could predict his response regarding the last one.

  • As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood.

  • can we please recognise that there is a fuckton of research on the effects of violent videogames on the psychology and behaviour of (young) people? The research has been done, it mostly has a desensitizing effect. That's it.

    The problem is not that I don't agree with this video, it's that it's unlikely to change anyone's mind who does disagree. Which makes me sad.

  • Yes… violent video games are the root of shootings, why not do the same for violent movies as well since movies contain more violence and easier to get.

    FYI, violent imagery isn't the problem, so stop typing!

  • Keep in mind that Tucker, and those like him, will constantly label others.
    Look at how they wriggle when it comes to being labeled themselves….

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    That pic of Trump thumbs up with the orphaned baby is so many different kinds of bad its hard to quantify. An apt emblem for his Presidency.

  • What about when dumb ass made fun of a supporter at one of his rallies this past week. The man called his supporter a fat ass who needed to go home and workout.

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    Could you maybe do a video that focuses on Trump supporters? Looking in from the outside it seems as if Americans don't want to face the fact that almost half your countrymen are ignorant, repugnant, hateful people at worst or just okay with those who are at best.
    After Trump is gone, they will still be there.

  • One of the things to keep in mind about Racists:
    They believe "Whites" are being bred out of existence.

    This is one of the primary reasons racist politicians from predominately "White States," such as Alabama, are so vocal against the very concept of abortion. They don't care what States with mixed diversities allow, they may even secretly cheer for abortion in California, as it is all about keeping it out of their predominately white neighborhoods. I also advise you to take a closer look at the whole 'rape and incest' thing with this 'breed or die' lenses while you are thinking on it already: disgusting, isn't it? Wonder how many secretly cheer the rapist for 'doing his part….'

    The children born to minorities?
    Well they have Red Line, Jim Crow type laws, and a violent police force to deal with that.

  • Thanks for this! Ur a good man. I hope I am able to find someone strong-willed and intelligent as you are to follow when S#@% hits the fan. Live long and prosper!

  • What's beginning to annoy me is that no one is pointing out why the Emma Lazarus poem was written in the first place. For those who don't know it was written as part of the campaign to raise the money to build the plinth that the statue stands on. So in answer to Stephen Miller without the poem the statue of liberty would not have anything to stand on.

  • The endangered species Trump's administration has recovered are white supremacists, misogynists, and xenophobes.

  • Tell me somebody sued that union or their employer, because something tells me its probably not legal to withhold pay as a condition of attending a political rally where their first amendment rights were also infringed upon.

  • His followers spend a lot of time trying to convince everyone he's not a fascist but Trump does a LOT of things fascists do, including trying to convince everyone that if it weren't for him and only him everything would have fallen to shit.
    The last time I can recall someone saying such things it got pretty ugly for a significant part of Europe.

  • Dearest Steve,

    I have a small request about your videos; I'll throw it right out there, then explain why–Could you remove the background music from your "five" videos?

    This is not simply a request because of an aesthetic preference; I ask because I suffer from a brain disorder that causes extraneous sounds to flare to the forefront of my consciousness. For example, I will be watching one of your videos, enjoying what you have to say, and suddenly my brain will focus on the background music and shriek “WHAT IS THAT? IS IT IMPORTANT? DO I NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO IT?” And then by the time I can redirect my brain back to what you are saying, I've missed several of your points, and it takes time to get re-focused on what you are saying.

    I think you have a lovely voice, and you speak quickly usually (unless being silent to make a point) so that you don't really need background filler to make good videos, I don't think.

    I very much enjoy your videos and thought perhaps you'd consider this a bit of constructive criticism. You might simply try removing the background music for one or two videos and see how it goes. I imagine you might have more fans who would find it helpful.

  • Watching Trump being saluted by the military officer (Air Force, I believe) as he boards Air Force One towards the end of this video bring up something I always wonder about:

    What the military personnel assigned to cover the Orange Skull really think of him.

  • I hate to disagree with much of society but why do people automatically decry incest equals rape. DON'T GET ME WRONG, rape, molestation and similar actions are wrong. People should NOT force themselves upon ANYONE especially children BUT people who consensually enter enter into a relationship with another family member shouldn't be penalized the same way rapists and molesters should be

    Here are my reasons for this argument and please read them BEFORE you condemn me

    Why is incest illegal and immoral?
    Well of course rape and molestation of unwilling people, especially minors IS wrong and SHOULD be punished to the full extent of the law
    But why is incest between two consenting adults, who ARE family members and who weren't coerced, forced and/or raped into a relationship wrong and illegal?

    One reason is the rape idea. If two family members WANT to have sex with each other then, of course one of them, most likely the man, FORCED himself on the other.
    But what if they didn't and the couple came to that conclusion of their own free wills? Should THEY be punished for the same reasons that a rapist or a molester should? I don't think so
    In many states in the US cousins, CAN marry each other, for most of the country, you have to be at least a third cousin but in some states, FIRST cousins can marry each other and it ISN"T immoral or illegal. Hell, more than ONE president was married to a cousin of some degree of separation, Most notably, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Two is the religious factor, it is a sin to have relations with family members, even though incestuous relationships happened in the bible several times.
    If Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth, where did the over 7 billion people come from today
    In the time of Noah and his ark. 8 people entered the ark. Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wifes and that's IT
    Abraham married his own cousin as did Isaac and Jacob not only married TWO of his cousins, but their two servants as well in order to father TWELVE sons
    Lott fathered sons by his two daughters although they got him drunk and basically raped him because they thought they were the last three people on Earth after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
    Even in the New Testament, Paul writes to the Corinthians about how one of them married his father's wife (Presumably his widowed stepmother)
    So can that argument hold water?

    Three is what I call the "Two Headed Baby" theory
    This is the idea that children born to close family members are far more likely to get birth defects than those NOT related and this is true to a degree but NOT because they are the products of incest
    I'm 54 years old. I've never been married or had kids and consider myself asexual. I don't have sex with anyone male, female anyone. This i MY CHOICE , not because it was forced on me or anything like that. I don't WANT children because there are WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too many people in this world as is and I don't want to add to that excessive population
    I mention this because of something I've noticed after 54 years on this world
    When I was young, Autism was EXTREMELY rare. I heard about something called autistic savants from time to time but I never understood what it really meant. I thought it was some kind of brainiac like Albert Einstein or something like that. THAT'S how rare autism was when I was young. Other types of birth defects including, but not limited to were things like Downs Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis and other genetic diseases as well. Even Muscular Dystrophy was only mentioned once a year during the Jerry Lewis telethons
    I've watched autism grow from a very rare disease to one in 250 births in my lifetime. Then 1 in 144, 1 in 90 and now I don't even know what the ratio is now. The same things happened with Downs and other genetic diseases as well. My own sister's best friend, I've watched from being a vital d energetic woman to someone that can't even stand up anymore. My niece's bones break like glass and she they were diagnosed as necrotising I believe is what they called it. HER OWN BONES are literally rotting away inside her body
    NEITHER of these women are the result of incestuous relationships. Nor are the autistic or downs sufferers and others I mentioned above

    But how can we prevent birth defects among people in consensual incestuous relationships? One word, contraception. Anything from wearing condoms to vasectomies and tubal ligation (Tube tying). But even the concept of ANY form of contraception is taboo in many societies in the belief of the old bible quote "be fruitful and multiply". Well, with over 7 1/2 BILLION people in the world today, we've certainly been fruitful enough and we should let the fields lie fallow for a while

    In conclusion, let me say that Incest should NOT have the same stigma about it that rape has if it is consensual in nature.Forced incest however IS annd should ALWAYS be a crime. No means no people

  • For every person who joins an organization, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people who sympathize with that organization. And a football stadium full of potential mass shooters doesn't exactly soothe my concerns.

  • There are some 24 million Americans who openly have white nationalist beliefs … good luck fitting all of them racists into a stadium.

  • Okay, so, I hear you on the armoured truck, but let’s be honest: It was going to go to far worse things if the bank got to spend it on investing in private military contractors and propaganda-spouting oil companies. 👀

  • Even if you could fit all the white supremacists in the US into a football stadium, wouldn't it still be a major problem? Less than 1/10 of 1% of Muslims are terrorists (by the rather restrictive definition of terrorism that Mother Tucker applies to white supremacist terror). Are we really going to say that Islamic terrorism isn't an issue?
    As for Congressman King: in his defense, he's undoubtedly a product of incest himself. I mean, come on… look at him!
    The "blame the video games" thing really confuses me. Isn't an essential element of Trump's base bitter, misogynistic gamers? Has anyone checked in on them? Are they burning their Chinese-made MAGA hats?

  • I used to want to live in America. Growing up, America always seemed like a land of opportunity, where everyone is welcome and anyone can succeed. But either I’ve grown up and become more aware, or America has lost what made it feel so magical to me. I really don’t like how America is treating its poorest and sick.

  • So if Shell paid those employees to support Trump during a campaign rally, doesn't that count as a campaign contribution?

  • Ha ha ha ha. Omg, I was just gonna comment "bump" for the algos, but then you called Cooch a bucket of shit and I cracked up. Amen.

  • More Americans are shot to death by toddlers than by terrorists, I think you should look at banning toddlers.

  • Do you know what it is about this video series up bugs me, not that I'm going to stop watching it.
    It's the fact that this video series has a new episode every week, or every other week.
    If there was a top 10 of terrible things every other month or less than that, I'd probably be able to shrug it off, every president ever known has negative acts in the public eyes.
    But the fact is that this count up is so regular disturbs me the most.

  • Hi Steve, I agree with everything that you brought up but I do have to say that guns don't make people go out and shoot up other people and places. A gun is just the weapon of choice for a disturbed mind. The major cause of these shooting is when you have a person of influence telling these disturbed people that there is a group out there that are murderers, rapists, thieves, pedophiles, etc…. and this group should be gotten rid of before they destroy our country. So we have these people that hang on Trumps every word and they hear him say that this group should be gotten rid of. As an example at the Trump rally in Florida when Trump was talking about immigrants someone yelled out "Shoot Them" and Trump laughed and made a joke about it. He never told the audience that wasn't and shouldn't be an option. From January 2010 to August 2013 there were 22 mass shootings during Obama's Presidency. So far since Trump took office there have been 52. That is 30 more in the same amount of time.

  • i bet every kkk & neo nazie voted for the orange rump and will do so in 2020, its has nothing to do with economics for these morons its all about hate and trump is their new c manson, david koresh, jim jones all rolled up into 1 disgusting thing called rump.

  • The rape thing is not only super gross, it's fundamentally flawed because it assumes that the women who became pregnant because of a rape would not have become pregnant otherwise. When in fact, of course, throughout most of history, women generally continued to have children until they either reached menopause or died (not infrequently in childbirth).

    In fact, it's reasonable to assume that there were at least some women who became pregnant via rape before they were married, and who were then unable to find a husband due to the stigma of being an unmarried mother. These women, who might otherwise have gone on to have multiple children survive to adulthood and have children of their own, instead had only the one. These cases (as well as cases where the trauma of the rape drove women to suicide), actually result in fewer births than if the rapes hadn't happened.

    Also, his argument is super gross.

  • As for 'violent video games'. Your society glorifies violence, in movies and tv and music, and also in the huge 'fuck yeah' military cult movement. Violence is okay, apparently, so long as its not in video games.

    Ignore the fact most mass shooters aren't gamers, and mass shootings started before video games were readily available… And you're a fucking moron. Because that proves video games don't cause violence, let alone mass shootings.

    So fuck Walmart. You literally had a mass shooting in your store, where you can buy more guns, and you do NOTHING? Fuck you, you clearly want more death and suffering, you fucked up fascists. How the fuck do people like that even exist? If I was a scumfuck like that I'd shoot myself.

  • Oh, and fascist love to claim they 'save money'. They LOVE that. What they don't love is people pointing out they waste more then that save, and that they only choose in invest in bad things like weapons and pollution for their own short term gains. All old people as well, minus a few token 'young people' who already look like old men despite the fact they are only in their 30's. Its gross and transparent, yet the general public are… okay with this? What the FUCK is wrong with people?

  • Oh, and fuck Shell. I used to work for them in a petrol station. They accused me of stealing, docked most of my wages and fired me – based on no evidence. The manager clearly stole from me. But that's beside the point, its just showcasing how shitty the company is from the bottom upwards. Fuck Shell, they hate freedom of speech.

  • please mention this on your broadcast — Since Sandy Hook – 2012 – USA have experienced 2191 mass shootings – just so you know the facts:-/ Information from an article in Vox Aug. 11- 2019-by German Lopez and Kavya Sukumar- apparently this is including public gang shootings, too – what some regard as something else that mass shootings – to my surprice :-/

  • so with the revision of the poem, trump and republicans don't want people yearning to breathe free to become americans anymore? is freedom not important to republicans?

  • Sigh….I love this country…deeply, and i will admit I think that a lot of the critism that the current regi- I mean..administration gets is a bit biased. BUT, I can't believe how a person so..base, ignorant and completely lacking of moral and any tack could have gotten elected…

  • Usually I watch Steve because of the Star Trek stuff, but I also like his political takes a lot. In the age of Trump we need to hear intelligent and loud liberal/ left/ progressive voices like his. I'm not American, but what I hear from the US under Trump is worrisome. People like Steve show us (the rest of the world) that all hope is not lost. Keep it up, Steve!!!

  • Wow I think think I could be shocked by Trump anymore but this shit takes the cake. That hospital and shell thing is crazy.

  • Ever notice how people feel shame at being called racist or a white supremacist? I saw on guy call himself a white nationalist, but not a white supremacist. Like why do you care what other people think, If you are right then you should be proud.

  • On Steve King-1. Rape happens to a human life. So that life must suffer to protect another human ‘
    2. If the survival of humanity is dependent upon rape and incest then I think we should rethink the necessity of our existence.
    3. There was a Kentucky legislator who didn’t want to vote for a child marriage bill, because his wife’s mother was 13 when she got married, and 14 when she had his wife, so a child marriage gave him his wonderful wife. Yeah,,,,,😔

  • No no no no.. Look, all you have to do to undo any white supremacistic statement you happen to let slip in public is follow it up with the three magic syllables disavow. It's a lot like Jesus shouldering your sins, but you don't actually have to believe it for it to work.

  • Thank you for not including audio of trump saying racist things, but rather simply captioning it. It is far more effective to hear it in your own voice as you read then to give the words power by having them said with emotion by the orange emperor with no clothes.

  • 5:34 – Was he drunk? Or has his senility finally gotten the better of him? Seriously, how did he think saying that was going to go over?

  • re: The idiot 'Steve King (R-IA)' assertion: in #2
    It happened/happens (which is BAD and should be avoided or stopped, DUH) but a whole bunch of people being born over generations thereafter does NOT mean that every one of them are, directly, a 'product of rape and/or incest'.
    His stupid "what if" scenario is suggesting that a whole lot of other people – considering that it can and does happen in multiple instances, later generations, merged genealogies, etc. – are grouped ("pulled out") with those who have suffered in such a way simply because they are related by lineage no matter how distant – and that is a logical fallacy.
    And it's completely missing the point. o.0

  • 8:07 – There really is no discussion to have. There was a whole bunch of research done back in the early 2000’s when gun violence was on the rise and we sure what the effects of violent video games were. The conclusion was that people who played violent video games were no more or less likely to commit violent acts than those who didn’t.

    Trump blaming video games is just one of those “back in the good ol’ days” responses. In this case “back in the good ol’ days when we could blame mass shootings on video games. You know, back before that pesky ol’ science-y doo-dah proved us wrong.”

  • These videos are like Cliff’s Notes for “Why I Drink Vehemently.” But keep doing them. It’s important to know what’s going on.

  • Steve you could give 100 things the so called man has done or in some cases not done and the Following will still not be a complete list.

  • "If you can't understand that, you're probably an asshole and we can't be friends". I've said that often myself, on the other side of the Atlantic. Empathy is empathy, all over the world. Thanks for your videos.

  • Thank you, Steve! Here in germany Donald Trump and his followers are more prominent than the part of the US population that is against hin. This is so sad, so please continue your good and important work!

  • I found your economics of Star trek video, watched that and the follow up, then checked out your channel and found this.


  • It’s astounding the American appetite for pure shit.

    No matter what egregious, nonsensical shit our president shovels out, the people praise him. No matter what he does, he’s given a clean slate, over and over again. Despite how clearly he’s shown to be utterly irresponsible, inappropriate in the extreme and incapable of leading a nation, he’ll get re-elected. So, who’s irresponsible or incapable or inappropriate in this equation, Trump, or the American people? Seems to me, based on vivid observation, they deserve each other.

  • Figures that King would support population growth though rape and incest, at least if it's WHITE population growth, because it's IN THE BIBLE!

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