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  • I'm getting no problems at all in Arma 3 on two 7870 cards and an 8 core. What issues are you running into, exactly? Oftentimes it's just a simple optimization fix in the launch options that can improve performance dramatically.

  • I gave up Arma 3 after the final version is out. Altis kills my PC. I can run all the next-gen games with no problems or performance issues. Shame, because Arma is a good series.

  • "I'm getting no problems at all in Arma 3 on two 7870 cards and an 8 core". Well that's no surprise, the system requirements are well below those specs. But many people who meet the system requirements are having problems, especially in multi-player, which is pretty much unplayable for many of us.

  • Just because you have a mediocre graphics card, it doesn't mean that this game has bad performance in general. Considering the realism of the graphics, and they are quite real, the game runs reasonably well. Not great, but well.

  • no hes right, I can play BF3 for example on ultra 1080p at 75fps while i can only play this at like 30 on mulitplayer, it is just a badly optimized game.

  • It's not the game's fault if multiplayer missions is badly coded/scripted(especially Wasteland)… Have you tried Official MP missions in a low ping/high broadband server?…

  • please stop talking about the BF3, BF4 and BF20 …. are two different worlds, not really necessary to make comparisons.

  • First off, great video. Nice way to teach new players what to and what not to etc.

    Second, all these retarded a## comments are just tedious. To explain to all COD / MH and BF fanboys, this game is a military SIMULATOR. While the prior mentioned are "Arcade Games" (Dont know what these words mean, find a dictionary)
    Third, the issues people are having with FPS and what not, are both dependant on the server it self, and keep in mind, if you want the full immersion of a mission, try the official.

  • Not to mention the other performance issues people are having, i have no idea why, sure my "NASA" rig runs it like a kitten with 60fps stable on localhost and most dedicated servers. But in all honesty, if you play this game at ultra settings with a medicore rig and think its gonna run it smooth, think again 😉

  • let me stop you right there, you want to transition weapons whilst running and seamlessly, on the move… in an Arma game. Methinks cod and BF3 have divorced you from reality.

  • I don't get your point man…
    Graphics are just great in A3, large scale battles, pretty good fps (with an appropriate pc ofcourse) and limitless possibilities due to editor and mods..

  • Too bad there are only wasteland and Altis life servers. A big thanks to the shitty community for ruining a beautiful online experience. Morons

  • There is nothing that can even remotely compete with the Arma 3 engine. Battlefield's Frostbite 3.0 looks nice, but its no sandbox and has TINY maps compared to Arma 3.

  • It has to be something like that, I'm running an excellent CPU and barely supported GPU and the game runs really great. Enjoyed this community guide especially the mention of not creating missions that give one support asset all the big targets – its plainly not fun unless you can work as a team to complete things.

  • ArmA has to track thousands of things at once, from each bullet to the day/night cycle. BF3 has hitscan weapons, no AI in multiplayer, and limited air'vehicle assets, there's just way fewer things for the game to think about in Battlefield, that's why ArmA is a simulation game and Battlefield isn't.

  • All other shooters have a lot less features and are a lot less demanding than Arma. If you are not pleased with Arma performance don't play it, but stop comparing completely different games from a technical point of view. It's not good to complain that Crysis lags with your PC at the same time Pacman runs great.

  • Frostbite 3.0 (more like Frostbite though) has nothing to rave about, but thanks to EA's massive HYPETRAIN budget, it has the be the most over rated game engine ever made. "Scripstruction" is a joke. Any engine can do that.

  • On top of that a game shouldn't be judged solely by its multiplayer. The editor is fantastic, it's easy to learn and has a wide variety of options to make your own missions however you want, plus there's the added benefit of the workshop to easily release your mission to the public that alone is worth the money I paid for the game.

  • *correction, I heard they call it "LEVOLUTION" these days. Putting new numbers behind "DESTRUCTION" probably wasn't enough. But the engine still has no procedural damage built into it, only scripted disappearing walls, same as Arma, but with fancier particle effects.

  • To bad AI don't even get affected by suppressive fire. They don't find cover, they dont take any special action, they just keep shooting untill they are dead or you are.
    AI still have super powers. They can see through buildings, tall grass and way to far.
    Kinda throws off a lot of tactical aspects when AI have super eye sight and can one shot you from 950 meters in the dark without looking.

    Also hard to get friendly ai to do what you want, they don't do formations correctly still.

  • I think people significantly overrate the Frostbite engine. Yes it is pretty, but it is nowhere close to the scale and complexity you see in Arma 3. The simulation of separate parts in vehicles, accurate rendering of night/IR vision, accurate weapon performance, mass AI in completely unpredictable terrain with so many different kinds of threats and soooo much more.

    Frostbite has more advanced graphics and animations… Arma has pretty everything else related to realism. The stuff that matters..

  • I've been a premium member on BF3 since it pretty much started but i've played these sims since the op flashpoint days……
    Theres no comparison simple as that…..The only people you get jumping on comparing them are little BF3/COD fan boys that no nothing else other than the so called 'Big titles',,,give them time, they'll learn.

    And like i mentioned,, i've been playing bf3 since its birth and have decided EA won't be getting my money for this bf3 expansion, oh no i mean bf4.

  • In a laptop i5 4GB AMD6470M Windows7 64 bit it runs fine but just in basic missions, not in global battle (in this way it has a lot of lag), but i like the single missions as well, there's no problem about it, i have some addons: switching weapons while walking or running, JSRSsounds, units(usa, spetnaz, sweeden, french, etc.), and more and it give me a good experience in video gaming combat 😉 i wish for the future an Arma 4 some kind of BF4 graphics and the GTA V realistic animations and AI 🙂

  • It's an awesome game but it DOES have some severe performance issues.
    Most of the issues however come from shitty servers running poorly coded missions so all those jumping on some e.g. 404games Wasteland servers and then bitching and blaming the game for their 20 FPS should try something else for once.

  • However don't compare the scope of this game to Battlefield 3. Battlefield is an arcade style shooter in the middle between Arma(More simulation) and Call of Duty(Run n Gun). These games aren't anywhere close to being the same game, other than that they all 3 are shooters.

  • 'Ultra' on ArmA 3 can be much higher detailed then 'Ultra' on Battlefield 3, it's like saying I get 290fps on Gary's Mod on maximum graphics…

  • It isn't badly optimized, it's just an outdated engine.
    The RV engine has been around since 2001 and been updated for ArmA 1, 2, 3Take OnDayZ VBSetc, to get the engine to work properly with modern technology would require the engine to be pretty much entirely re-written.
    It isn't something that can be fixed with a simple patch – ArmA 3 pushes the RV engine to it's limits.

    Hopefully ArmA 4 will have a new engine.

  • I know, i want gtx 780 but it is 600€ in my country. Most of performance issues comes from shitty servers, i have no problem in single player(Showcases,editor,..) As far as i know for Wasteland Sa-matra servers are the best.

  • Why is he a liar ? Are you fucking retarded ? Gtx 780 is the best single GPU card on a market right now, so of course he has no performance issues. So if he can afford Gtx 780 he probably has a beastly CPU like i7 4770K or i5 4670K.

  • Actually no, you said "Battlefield wishes it looked this good and had this high draw distance and map sizes" The performance is due to the game size, but you never made that point. Battlefield is again an arcade style shooter with smaller maps to induce more action.

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  • You must read the whole Arma manual, play a lot of single player (training and missions) and then, after some dozens of hours, you can enter the multiplayer arena. Servers have notes that explain many features of the MP modes, read them. Also read some encyclopedias and books about military guns, vehicles, tactics etc., it will help you a lot. You are a complete beginner, don't wait for the Holy Ghost to enlighten you.

  • Battlefield maps are ten times more smaller than Arma 3 maps. Altis is probably like 15 Battlefield 3 maps on one map. So comparing the 2 games makes absolutely no sense

  • The only problem about all of this in the video is that it requires that people to actually work as a team. And in my experience of a online gamer for the past 10 years is that hardly anyone will work as a team. Especially like what was shown in the video, only way to have a team like that in the video is to have a large group of friends that you can actually trust or a clan. Other then that, going into a game with nothing but randoms and trying to do what was in the video is impossible.

  • On most servers with no problem +30fps. The problem are bad servers that have around 60 players. And yes it's because you play only Wasteland, if that's so than i reccomend playing on Wasteland Sa-matra servers.
    And btw that link that you send does not exist anymore.

  • Lazy devs ? This is not shitty EA. BIS is quite a small team compared to other game companies. And no our clan is playing on servers that have at least 40 players or more. And yes you should try sometimes 10 players coop missions rather than 24/7 PVP gamemods. "You could have so much more fps" did you ever consider that such thing is not even possible ? Real Virtuality is quite an old engine, they improve it a lot from Arma 2 but still engine is showing it's age.

  • I cannot wait for ACE 3, this game will be amazing when that's released. Although it does beg the question, why didn't the developers take all the features from ACE 2 and put them in ARMA 3?

  • All of the guns have so much recoil way more than a real gun and the weapon sway is retarded. i wish i got arma 2 instead cuz right now arma 3 is unplayable.

  • I got 10-15 average fps 'playing' multi. Helicopters are impossible to fly with kb/mouse now. Many other totally stupid changes to make game worse and harder to control. I also love the COD arcade grenades style ha ha … Arma3 is unplayable now, i already miss the 34.99 euro i gave to buy this crap.

  • Updated comment … Multiplayer performance is nice at some servers, most of the time. I had some issues the first time i installed the game, next time 2-3 days later it was fine. Also helicopter keys can be reassigned, so no problem too. I just was angry before.

  • Join Shacktac, UO, any groups or any friends you find serious and nice to play with. Your skill is only useful when working with people that are really cooperating. Otherwise you can't get anything if the "pilots" don't listen to you

  • Hey guys, did they cancel the VTOL Plane the…V-22 Osprey?
    And the submarine from those screenshots?? (not talking about the SDV)

  • Air lift vehicles with a chopper is only possible in Wasteland mission. View distance depends on what hardware you have(set view distance on 2000 meters) it's enough. Command bar only shows your squad if you are a squad leader. You can set waypoints by holding shift and click anywhere on a map. And you actually thought that you can repair whole vehicle as a engineer lol !? I do understand that a lot of noobs came from COD and BF3 buy anyway here is your answer.

  • This is a very concerning bug for me!! I cant change ANY of my graphics settings and my gamma is somehow not changing! If i change anything (graphics) the whole ArmA 3 game crashes, and if i change my gamma no gamma is changed still… This means im loosing 30fps (dont ask me how) and the fps goes down from 60fps (the one before the bug) to max 30fps (now) and minimum is about 1fps, averge is now on 20fps… And i can't change anything as i said before so 1st; the game looks not the best and i

  • Optimization is poor on this game. Also a friend of mine, have Arma 3 on an SSD and for some reasons the FPS drops has been reduced around or inside villages. Just saying this in case someone wants to give this a shot.

  • I would like to buy the game but i am not that good a shooting and such im very casual
    and i dont want to be the dummy in a squad that fails the plan so shouldi buy it or not any feedback is welcome

  • Get it! The Arma Community is very open and friendly. But playing Arma only Single Player is only a third of the Game. If you do buy it you should consider playing online, and that with someone to point you in the right direction, like a goup or clan. Check out Folk ARPS, very good community.

  • You say "bad servers" and "around 60 players." I'm going to have to disagree. Having hosted servers for clan events I can say that performance really drops at the 35-40 person mark. Also, these are not "bad" quality servers and this issue is not with just running wasteland. Arma 2 and 3 are both limited by their design and coding, which in my opinion is pretty poor for such a modern game.

  • I play ar 2 on high settings but for decent frams have to play arma 3 on low is it having problems at the moment, will it be updated or should I just get a gtx780

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