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  • Or because they dont have a computer good enough to run games like this or they like faster paced games that require you to think and act fast

  • Don't say BF4 isn't gonna be a 'real' game. It's a different genre which people like to play. My only problem is with the publishers, EA. The way they try to make their game better by adding content isn't fair. When i buy a game, i expect a game with all the features i paid for. Unfortunately, EA can't deliver…

  • Also the community. You can't deny battlefield players are actual pussies who can't do anything but whining about something being overpowered. I swear that if I'll ever upgrade my pc, the first game I'm going to buy will be arma 3.

  • You don't actually, the game is very well optimized, so even a mediocre computer can run it pretty well on low-ish settings (which still look great btw)

  • Wrong. I play it smoothly using a 2 year old rig that can best be described as "mid-range" in terms of a gaming machine.

    Arma 3's optimisation is already far superior to Arma 2's and it's still only in Beta.

  • I have a middle of the road gaming PC (i5-2500, 8GB ram, 550 ti graphics) and it runs just fine , the people who claim it needs a super computer either are running it on a 15 year old laptop or they are being somewhat less than truthful.

  • Just to let you know, my friend, I have a nearly 6 years old "gaming pc". I could afford an upgrade but I think it's pretty useless, since my priorities have changed…

  • this is how games should be..not the repetitive overpriced games that are out and for some reason more well known/liked than this..sad really

  • Watching this video feels like they have hit a bullseye on EA/DICE's strategy with BF4… Battlefield is an expensive franchise and they would do everything in their power to milk every investment they make.

    I'll buy this soon. It appears that the game is getting more expensive. Early adopters are rewarded. I'l buy BF4 when it comes out because it has a greater player base. I'll never get tired of playing with bots ever since BF removed them from their new games.

  • And unfortunately there are some even greater dumbasses who bought ArmA3 and now are playing it like some casual first person shooter 🙁

  • There's nothing more annoying and immature than the CoD vs Battlefield and Battlefield vs Arma wars. They are video games, and anybody who flame wars about that shit should eat some shit.

  • Well, i think arma 3 will own every piece of FPS game out there… if the engine was recoded OR the got another one… Like frostbite or something! I mean, arma is the best game ever, but imagine it with the BF4 engine or anything near that… :O

  • That's true,and in real life you have regenerating health and you can get shoot in your legs and arms and you can still shoot, and sprint like nothing has happened to you. Also in real life you just need one soldier to drive, shoot and command a tank and also you have unlimited shells and bullets. That's realistic.

  • With a 1000$ PC you'll be able to play it on full, i've got a 600$ laptop and can still play it with medium settings. You don't need 1000$ PC to be able to play it.

  • If Battefield 3 had mod support, there could have been a Project Reality mod for it, making it similar to Arma. But EA decided to sell DLC's just like Activision.

  • means "realistic" as in realistic physics (e.g. bullet drop, collisions, etc), coz Battlefield looks amazing, but it's not as realistic as ArmA

  • I don't really mind if they like to play BF or COD better than arma, but what really makes me angry is when they call them military simulators or the most realistic shooters ever created, when they're not.

  • I'm a fan of Battlefield, but ARMA 3 is not shit, he has impressive graphics, maps immense, thousands of vehicles, various characters, weapons, you can customizing your weapon and do a thousand other things like Battlefield.
    In my opinion ARMA 3 is a spectacular game.

  • hi. i want to buy this game. can i play single and multi player at once from the cd? iv heared on different reviews that you can play singleplayer. whats the deal? is the multiplayer like co-op missions? is the grafics on multi still good like on this video?

  • I don't understand – per the video it would make me think its "real" teams vs AI teams.  Is that it??….playing against real people is key in my enjoyment of a game.  Which is it – or both?

  • The environments look great, but how does the lack of cinematic special effects and sounds affect the immersion factor? Are they considered realistic? The character models look good, but they move funny.  Nonetheless, I am seriously considering getting this game during a Steam sale so I can play it alongside Battlefield 4.  Now that would be a mix! The visuals and sounds of Battlefield 4 with the expanse and professionalism of Arma would make the perfect military sim.

  • Sin ánimos de ofender a los lavadores de perros: Comparar Watch Dogs, con esto, es como comparar un trencito de juguete con un MAGLEV real… Por muchos gráficos que tenga, no se mide la calidad y potencia de un auto por su pintura o su chasis, o si?.. Arma 3 es todo un mundo militar virtual (en toda la extensión de la palabra) a tu disposición,..

  • When i played the Arma lll alpha i was chocked by the size and detail of the Stratis map and the when i played the final built of the game and saw Altis and her city's and villages i… (not any word can tell how amazed i was) and not just the detail but also the layout it's really amusing to explore the gigantic map. l just find one little thing annoying its that when you play as ZEUS the AI doesn't really listen to your commands and the helicopters can't drop of troops by landing or (i don't know how to it) do but that make it harder for the player as Zeus to make it epic. and just one more thing: The AAF faction is my favorite there helicopters look awesome but suck in combat they don't have artillery nor any AA so that's sad, would be so nice to have. But any way i think Arma 3 saved the human race from extinction and take your time and make your future games as awesome as this and never quit making Arma games. Forgive my english maybe a bit hard to understand but i think you get my point.

  • Didn't the situation at 0:38 just happen more recently during the day with you in the front getting shredded? Same building and entry it seems but someone else was recording from this perspective.

  • Do you know how do get top frame rate in arma 3 on line because all i get on line is about 9 to 20 frames a second 

  • There should be a game in ARMA where you have weapons and limited ammo and a pistol and you have to survive waves of like zombies

  • and then came helicopter dlc and karts dlc 🙁

    Still love the game. but the game is 30 euro and then you have to buy dlc

  • please help us by pushing this skin its from our 27.06.2015 Died Teammate he Loved Arma and we hope for the Whole community support

  • Also, you dont have to buy a dlc to just have a chance to use close quarters or use armor more
    Cough cough Battlefield cough cough

  • Dslyecxi your narration and description is just awesome! I've been watching your videos regularly and have to tell you they are par excellent. A small question though – in this video you have mentioned that Arma focuses on combined arms capability and hence is not too specific and compromises a little compared to specific sims like flight simulators. In your opinion is there any simulator other than ARMA or its varied mods that can surpass the the level of detail and realism that ARMA provides for infantry (excluding VBS 1 and 2 of course)?

  • I had no idea you could use the stars to move around in Arma,thats pretty cool though!
    Though I got to learn how to use the stars to move around though…

  • That was very well of what describes this game. You can literally do anything that you want. If you want you can even get into scripting and learning to mod and make content of your own

  • I wish SOMEONE would add a detailed explanation of what Teamspeak is, and how to properly configure the settings, in order to use a headset with a microphone! As well as, how to find a server, that is using audio, and not text to talk. I spent a lot of money, on ARMA3, and a headset, and it seems like a waste of my money at the moment!

  • for arma 3 what computer should i buy…not some computer to 4000or some shit just about 800-1000 is good

  • hey my armaholics I found this server and have been playing it for a week now there is awesome admins very friendly staff,
    It is an RP Arma 3 Life server playing on the new map Malden.
    I hope to see people in-game.

  • 4:35 Also, you dont have to buy a dlc to just have a chance to use close quarters or use armor more
    cough cough Tank DLC cough cough

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