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  • The main ArmA "issue" (read workload) is due to AI units, that's probably the reason you get such high fps: wasteland has no AI (atleast last time i checked) and custom made missions generally aren't as extensively using AIs as a persistent MP scenario.

    Report back, i'm curious to know the outcome of the test!
    It MAY be helpful to pinpoint some performance issues on different setups.

  • Yeah wasteland hasn't any AI.

    I use mainly AI units in my missions, but i haven't build a real scenario mission for Altis, yet.

    Sorry, haven't understood that last part.

  • The result of the test i suggested, may help to find new issues within the game engine (that may get the game working better on some pc, even if lower specs than another)

  • You mean the dxdiag? Where should i put the text file I get out of it to help on finding the issues? btw: Sorry for my English

  • I know, it's why I like it, sadly, people don't understand, but hey, why would I care, it's not like they're the targeted audience.

  • I have got FX 6200, 8 GB RAM, GTX 560 (non-ti) and i can run Arma on mid/high settings with anti-aliasing on (on some bigger multiplayer scenarios i turn it off).

  • Despite its flaws, I like Arma 3. Unfortunately I can't play it, as I get headaches playing at 20 FPS in multiplayer, at best, no matter what settings I choose. 🙁

  • Can we stop this useless OT ?
    I know perfectly what ACE is and how it's composed. I don't need someone else to tell me what it is.

    Now back on topic, please.

  • Yeah the dxdiag thing. The txt, you can upload it somewhere like dropbox or something similar, then just PM me the link! 🙂

  • Yep, it tells something when it lags even in this video..

    inb4 youtube only runs 30fps max or it is the capture program.

    yeah I know that already. i can see clearly lag and it is not caused by 30fps limit or capture program.

  • It my sounds stupid but, what is the difference between the soundengine in A2 and A3?
    I know that A2 already has the thing that if there is an explosion far away, you first see it, and you hear it delayed.

  • Even me that has to play BF3 at low + 720p (yeah bad PC) can play A3.
    Not really smooth but for my its playable most of the time.

  • So the naval options in Arma 3 is still minimal, effectively worthless. Is it too much to get a functioning warship in a game? I want one with missiles, guns, radar, and countermeasures, but I'd settle for one that isn't outclassed by a guy hiding in grass with a rifle.

  • Someone is trolling you. The largest map in BF3 was the desert map in the AK expansion. It was terrible, and sniping with a high powered rifle at 1k range felt like firing a catapult. The gameplay was crap, and everyone stayed in their tanks because the idea of going on foot more than 30 meters in a BF game without a vehicle is absurd. BF games are about quick arcade action, not tactical, methodical action. Large maps don't get played.

  • The basic game has terrible AI for civilians… but just from messing with them a bit, I can see them being used in a scripted form with good results. Running a bunch of civilian AI bogs down the game too much, but a year from now I expect this to be very streamlined and run properly. Skyscraper as in over 50 floors? For what? You can play Hostile Takeover's king of the hill maps for something close, to that, but its gimmicky and only campers tend to use them for sniping.

  • I think BF3/4's sound is rich… it fills your ears with an orchestra of input that reflects the general chaos of a BF game. Just like the visuals in BF are more intense and filled with information (so many neon HUD indicators!) the sound matches that. Arma is slower paced, but if you find yourself in the middle of an intense urban firefight with rockets and tanks dueling while helos race overhead, you'll appreciate the the work that went into armas sound-scape.

  • I spent the first week messing around with the editor, and produced maps that were unplayable because of ambitious use of AI. Running on my own PC with 100 or so civilians and 30 OPFOR I got terrible frame drops. Yeah, I've messed with it and I now just use it for training purposes until I get something that allows me to use ArmA for more than mindless AI murder in abandoned towns. Really looking forward to the SP content so I can see how the Devs make use of the assets in the engine.

  • The editor is great fun to mess with, and fairly easy to get into the basic stuff, but there's still no manual or documentation on scripting that walks people through its many parts. For a game that depends on users making the content for the player base, I'd think that BI would put more work into making the editor accessible to newcomers to the series.

  • Exactly. All of my friends would like to play Arma but they simply can't cause of FPS issues. And it's not like they have some 10 years old PC's, they actually got some modern ones. It is still laggy for them, though.

  • i'd like to say, imho, that the fact that high-end pcs can't handle arma 3 on high settings with even average view distances, is an awesome thing!!

    think about it, it guarantees as technology improves and you're still playing this game in 5 years, it will look better and better. not many developers design a game with that kind of longevity preplanned. its not that its lagging on your machine, you've just got it turned up too high (~millions of objects)

  • I think the scariest part of the game are the eyes of the soldiers, I mean those are reptilian eyes! Please change it!

  • A3's main features compared to A2 when it comes to pure sound engine are dynamic sound occlusion (sound being "masched" by structures or terrain such as a hill) and dynamically calculated sound travel times (in A2 it was managed with static values for different distances)

  • The problem about multiplayer is that you have a shitload of scripts on wasteland or domination and that is what can cause a lag.

  • The FPS isn't down to them, its server side. You just have to find a good server. As for having little out of the box, erm…no…not at all. The editor, is all I personally need and takes about twenty minutes to get the hang off, and a day to learn fully. its a game that asks you to put effort in, to learn how it works and once that is done, it is rewarding. the campaign is fucking brilliant (Switch to dev build) and one of my favourite campaigns ever as well…

  • I just got the Alpha version for test, and my specs are:
    Ram: 2GB Processor: Intel Duo Dual-Core 2.90 GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT520 1GB.
    Of course, I had to drop my grapichs to Low-Standard, but that's working at about 30 – 40 FPS (Of course, I have to upgrade my PC, I can't play with these graphics).
    It's pretty weird that you cannot run it without lag.

  • ARMA is in my opinion the BEST game in the whole franchise since Cold War Crisis.

    Unfortunately, it was a HUGE mistake to release it without campaign. A3 also got bad Reviews because of that. =/

  • So is lag in multiplayer ever going to be fixed? I can max out single player in any ission at 40 fps. But i get 18 fps in multiplayer whether it's on ultra or ultra-low. It's unplayable and I'm extremely disappointed.

  • hahahahah man you are the best hahah,My friends and I quit playing because the poor performance and headaches. You need to buy a $2k pc to play this game. i already bought it :(( im disappointed.

  • I call Bullshit on that !
    My PC costs about 780 €uros (1080$) and i can play every single Mission with 60+ FPS only Servers with more than the max of 32 Players beginn to lagg because the Admins are to dump to understand that their servers wont handle 80 Players…
    ArmA needs A better, resource-saving Code ! Thats all

    Peace <3

  • The problem is the gfx drivers. i can run BF 3 at max settings without lags with a Radeon. And in Arma i gets 20-40 fps. ArmA 3 is optimized for Geforce like many other games, therefore the lags. Plus, AMD is damn slow to update there gfx sofware, sadly.

    FX 8 core, 4 Ghz
    16 gigs vengage 1800 Mhz
    Radeon 7850

  • Find a better server then. MP FPS issues are most common for people playing poorly coded missions, like some Wasteland ones, on overloaded servers that can't keep up.

    The only Wasteland missions/servers I've found that have acceptable performance are the Sa-Matra branch and they're quite popular thanks to that.

  • I'm going to miss arma 2, and the good old days of war. Now it looks way 2 futuristic for my opinion, and why the greece?

  • i get from 50-30fps, what are your specs and internet speeds? also did you try a few different servers? some are incredibly laggy

  • You know other then running his community Shack-Tactical his actual job is working for Bohemia as the community leader and tester.He talked about this in a video on his channel before.

  • Both! You can't compare the 2 games. BF4 is a nice action shooter with teamplay when you're lucky enough to find a nice squad (unless you play with friends). Can be very good fun!
    ArmA 3 is a simulator. Slower, more carefull and a lot less forgiving. It features just about every type of weapon and vehicle a real world military has and requires actual team members to operate. For instance, a tank may require 3 people: commander, driver and gunner.

    Both look good and both have good MP.

  • Don't know about you but I never bothered much with the ArmA 2 campaign. Online costum missions is where the fun is at.

    I applaud the developer for just releasing the game and making the campaign a free DLC. There are plenty of other people capable of creating fun missions and scenario's until the official campaign is released.

  • Sure, but Campaign it's a great way to get a hand on the gameplay, options and all. In other word, it's a great tutorial. So when you begin to play online, you wont mess everything on your squad! 🙂

  • I'm not saying there's not other way to do it. Just saying it's a good way to do it, since you are actually "playing".

    Showcases are in fact better in "tutorial" mode, since they force you to do something specific.

  • The lowest settings are not always the best for frame rate. You really have to tweak it. Most frame drops are due to lacking performance of servers. You should try playing on high quality servers.

  • I believe the FPS problem can happen for a few different reasons but setting launch parameters could help. you could try using "-high" in your parameters, that's suppose to set arma as a high priority for resources depending on what operating system you're using(windows7). there are more launch command prompts you can use. heres how I have mine setup: -nologs-cpuCount=2-maxMem=6144-high do NOT use a command prompt unless you know what it does. I don't hav enough commenting space to explain all

  • Intel Core i7-4770K (3,4 GHz Boosted up to 3,9).
    EVGA Geforce GTX 770 (1.536 Shader-rate / Chiprate 1.111 MHz / 2048 MB GDDR5 (Chip from Nvidia) ).
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance.
    I hope this will 'help' you

  • Intel Core i7-4770K (3,4 GHz Boosted up to 3,9).
    EVGA Geforce GTX 770 (1.536 Shader-rate / Chiprate 1.111 MHz / 2048 MB GDDR5 (Chip from Nvidia) ).
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance.
    Bittesehr ^^

  • I believe you guys are referring to an earlier patch… If you have a steam client of the game then you go to properties and Set Launch Options and type "-noSplash -cpuCount=4 -high" no more head aches for my $800 computer

  • I believe you guys are referring to an earlier patch… If you have a steam client of the game then you go to properties and Set Launch Options and type "-noSplash -cpuCount=4 -high" no more head aches for my $800 computer

  • oh shutup.. we've all head that before…… any person can get a PC like his or mine that can handle arma 3 at 60+ fps.. they cost as much as a laptop if you build it yourself

  • my friend bought for $800… and he gets 40+ fps on stratis, altis is like 30fps… unless your pc is absolute shit idk why you cant play it

  • $1000 isn't bad for a pc, that's about the average amount for a decent laptop now anyways, but these can be way better, desktops atleast

  • So I would rather say you are too dumb to write in fluent english! Do you even know how hard it is to run a big server? Please dont accuse people of beeing while writing like this!

  • Oh i see, another Internet Gangster…
    Look, im from Germany, in Germany we speak German, English is just my 2nd Language, so its okay if i do some mistakes !
    29+ People understand me…
    So would u mind to shut ur `mouth ?
    And about the server i work as a IT-spec at the 'Fregatte Hamburg' i own a ArmA Server by myself so hell yeah i know what it is like to run a Server !
    Instead of flaming ramdom ppl on the Internet u should get a Job and move out of ur parents house !

  • Arma 3: Bohemia interactives next gen game.
    Real Virtuality: The 12 year old engine that Arma 3 uses.
    Conclusion: Bullshit.

  • BI is fail when it comes to multiplayer missions. They need to just take notes from Bobby Digital's KoH mission and call it a fucking day.

  • BIS is one of last game companies sticking to their original concepts cooperating on development with fans and modding community, i play this since good old ,,Operation flashpoint,,.. that was my favourite game since then, then Arma came up..
    Dont allow ARMA become crazy FPS like battlefield nowadays is!!!! A3 is damn big step forward in development 🙂 keep up the fire! Love you guys!

  • Damn I wish arma 3 had a mission wizard like arma 2.

    SP is so lame and dead compared to arma 2 , in arma 2 there were totally random events on the map (inavasions,defences missions) and civilian life, none of that is in arma 3 sadly.

  • a couple wishlist things….I wish that enemy AI could say… storm a building and do a room by room search for you…..I still feel buildings are safe havens.
    and I think a autopopulate town/city ability would be nice so towns and citys dont seem so sterile and empty. I understand about the frame rate thing as more characters are on the screen, but I wish something could be it seems more immersible even if they have to create lower polygon or whatever for the civilians.

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