Arma 3 – Community Guide: Snipers & Launchers

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  • Kind of surprised he didn't explain laser designation. That's probably more of a topic for recon, scouting, uav, and/or general support video though.

  • Last time i checked, the "camper" doesn't exist in the arma-verse 😉
    It's more likely a defender or a "tactical pause" or whatever you want to call it.

    Let campers do their job in arcade shooters 😉

  • we already have 3D optics!
    Maybe what OP is refering to is dual-rendered optics ? (only the part inside the scope is zoomed, the rest isn't) ?

  • Wrong.
    ArmA is a middle ground between accessibility and simulation for most of its aspects.

    For anything else, BIs is trying (as always did) to keep it accessible while still making it seem realistic enough (see jets, helicopters, etc.)

  • Sure, but it's by far more correct than saying "It's a military arcade game".

    Ghost recon, is a military arcade game (at least the very first version and maybe the second), Call of Duty is a military arcade, Battlefield, is a military arcade.

    ArmA is not.
    As simple as it is.

  • There are alot of things that should be in this game but can easily be modded into the game because of experience from previous games. Alot of things like working bipods and the ability to change your weapon on the move as another.

  • In all fairness, if you add weapons like LMG and sniper rifles, a working bipod is a must have. Leaving this to modders is laziness, nothing else.

  • The reality is, not one program that touts itself as a "simulation" technically simulates every single nuance of physics that exists.

    FSX for example can't produce "the bell" effect on a plane unless it is modded or added into a plane add on.

    The Arma 3 series is the closest…off the shelf…tactical shooter that exists. And, considering the US Army uses the militarized version (VBS) to train troops using virtual systems, Arma 3 is as close to a tactical simulator as you can get. Period.

  • Tanks, SPGs, and a lot more is avaliable, if you opted for Dev Build (daily updates for testing). You can enable it via Properties -> Beta in Steam libary.
    Otherwise, you'll have to wait till game's officially out.

  • BI I'm freaking out because there haven't been fixed wing aircraft added to the dev branch yet! About a week or two ago you said that they were in progress but now that that info is gone, im not seeing them in the game! Is this the end for fixed wings in the arma world? Or are you just not telling us something?

  • There is a single fixed-wing. Go into the editor, and make a unit. Select Indepedent (Green faction, Greenfor, whatever it is) and then go down to Air. The buzzards are there; you just have to find them.

  • I'm in two minds as to ether get Arma 3 or BF4. The problem is I don't have masses of free time to devote to a game as real life takes a lot of my free time. Arma 3 required a lot of time to go deep to really enjoy the game, but BF4 is casualized, band seems to be is more CoD with vehicles, and is semi arcady, and I want big teams in big battles on a landscape to really feel like I'm in a campaign, and not just a team on a restricted map.

  • BF4 is really great, but ArmA can be fooled around with to pretty much emulate what BF4 is capable of. Also, you won't just get a few maps at launch and then need to pay for extra DLCs to get new content and modes. ArmA is modder-friendly, and people really utilize it.

  • Yeah, I know modders can work on Arma, and some bright sparks have now managed to transplant the lovely Beloruse into Arma 3 with BO's blessing. But as I said, my main restriction is time. I don't have enough of it to devote to getting deep into Arma. Plus when I tried Arma 2, I found a lot of the servers were private, and that pissed me off, and the servers I got into seemed to be full of CoD retards who didn't want to play Arma as it should be played.

  • Of course that's in cooperation with BI. Cause noone tells that it's not possible to mistake ghillie suit for a bush when looking from a distance. There's no grass from a distance and all bushes are much larger than ghillie suit.

    That said, game is great. Just don't quite like that one thing.

  • Get both man, really. Play BF4 when you are back from work on weekdays and just want some fun.
    ArmA 3 when you have more time and the mood to devote yourself into it on the weekend. You will find the balance eventually. Plus you get to learn things in ArmA 3

  • Yeah I can understand that but the way people have been playing is just running people over with cars, screaming rushing into bases thinking they can take everyone out. Its easy to spot COD and BF players.

  • I could, the cost doesn't bother me, and that goes for the BF4 dlc as well. As for the time element, I'm a full time carer for my 94 yo Dad, so I work from home, and don't really have enough free time to devote to two games. An alternative is I buy BF4 first, and then like I did when I had BC2 [PC] after I'd unlocked all the weapons and found it was to much samey, and rinse and repeat with just the ranks to unlock-I quit at the 50% mark, get rid of BF4 and buy Arma 3 and stick with it.

  • Well if they didn't notice him doing it, they don't deserve to be one.

    As the most important part of being a sniper is being aware of your surroundings and what is happening in your view.

    If they didn't see that and need to have it literally pushed in their face, if they didn't watch, asses, and adapt, why do they think they'll qualify as snipers?
    When they can't see what's literally in front of their noses?

    Sorry for the rant, I didn't mean you, but rather a certain kind of "gamer".

  • If you meant in BC2, I had unlocked all the weapons, and was *slowly* creeping up the ranks, but as the matches became more rinse and repeats then fun, I got bored, and decided to quit when I reached the midway rank.

  • I absolutely agree with you.

    It's just that Arma's gameplay isn't smooth enough to fully get what BF offers.

    I love both series though so there's no competition in my eyes, bf is arcade while Arma III is more of a sim.

  • this is awesome but its still kinda of dumb when u hit a helicopter with anti air and all it does is freeze and fall straight toward the ground.

  • Many AA missiles are not necessarily designed to make impact…they are designed to explode when they're close. If missiles exploded on contact a good many would miss completely due to countermeasures, aircraft evasive maneuvers, etc. However, by exploding due to proximity they will more than likely damage or destroy key systems like engines, fuel lines, rotors, elevators, or ailerons. This may not result in a catastrophic kill, but the aircraft will be disabled; the ground will do the rest.

  • Would be nice if the ghilli suit would actually make you harder to see for AI.

    I was prone 1000 meters away from the enemy at night time looking at them through scope. AI turned his head, fired one time and one shot me.
    Tired of AI super eye sight, it ruins tactics.

  • 1 thing I dont like about the sniper. Take the 12.7 high powered rifle. ( it is about 12-15 kg I think. And a Sniper(person cant stand and fire that high powered rifle. Most likely cant sitt and fire with it either. You should make a bipod for this weapon that can be atached when sitting f.eks. You have a bipod on some weapon, but for some reason we cant use them.
    And for the reloade of AA/AT is very unreal. Since you cant see the Rocket that he reloade! Hope you guys update this!

  • When i play ArmA 3 it happens a bug all randomly, my weapon and whole carachter goes all white wich is very annoying! Please fix this bug!

  • Is there anyway to engage the targets with the missiles going up and down? Just like the javelin missiles?

    I can see a "TOP" button which is always disabled on the Titan, I'm not sure if that button can do that.

  • vanila arma 3 still use the same 100m scale zeroing to adjust zeroable weapons which isn't enough satisfying in term of realism.

    only the ACE 3 mod will allow realistic zeroing using MOA system and range tables.

  • опять хуева туча лагов будет!!! побью нахуй разработчиков!!

  • You can't unfortunately. Closest way of achieving it is either locking it and then firing up a little, or firing up and leading down without locking. These work best at longer ranges where the missile has time to adjust direction.

  • What maps were you using?
    On desert maps you will hardly see this, but on some maps where grass is taller you can see them going prone and disappear…
    Take closer look at 2:49 in this video and watch hiss legs

    Also try looking at 1500meters+ and set object detail to very-high
    Terrain detail sets how far the grass render around player and
    Object detail is how far the objects render around player!

    Some hills may not have objects at far distance when on high.
    On very-High you will see them

  • Also some people tend to get shot in the grass or behind bushes, the key is to roll over and change position because AI tend to shoot at the last position they spotted you…same thing as human player, when you see somebody run in to a bush you shoot blindly through it.

    Lots of time i see bullets going past me in the grass when i roll to the right or left…
    Same thing works for thin wooden fences, you can shoot enemy trough it and they can some times shoot you blindly 😉

  • I have a windows 8 OS and I was wondering if I could play games that are recommended for windows 7 all my other specs are fine but its just the OS I'm wondering about any help would be cool thanks 😀

  • So do the chopper blades actually just Stop like that?
    in Arma 2 CO when a chopper was hit by an AA Missile the Rotor didn't just suddenly stop.

    For me i was able to make most landing via the auto rotation or what ever its called.

  • i know the formula for ranging with mil dots for arma 2 and it could possibly work in arma 3. The average height of a person in arma is 1.8 meters. Multilply that by 1000 so you have 1800. Divide 1800 by the height in mil dots of the target. There should be a good rough estimate. 

  • want some extremely realistic and authentic long range shooting/sniping gameplay? There's a mod called "Advanced Ballistics" which simulates all the physics of long range shooting (real Ballistics Coefficient, dynamic Muzzle Velocity, dynamic Air Density/Atmospheric condition, inclination angle effect, Spin drift & Coriolis effect, Uprange & Downrange Wind, and even Mirage). Download it here:

  • Dsly is a Pro, but did a mistake: when enganging helicopters the best ways is from the tail or from the nose, (12, 6 o clock) never from sides (3 or 9) specially vs Jets. 
    U want the missile to took the most straight path, like when u snipe, u dislike moving targets (lateral displacement) 

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