FWFG KULA – A Community of the Heart

Hey, what’s up? everyone Adrienne here And I hope this video message finds you well I’m coming at you with a quick Invitation just something that we’ve been nurturing and growing together as a community for quite some time but maybe not everyone knows about it, so I’m here to invite you to the Fwf […]

Capitalizing on the Collectivist Culture of Deaf Community | Fred Weiner | TEDxGallaudet

Just a few years ago one evening I was on H street with a friend of mine dining at a bar, at a restaurant and talking about a whole host of issues, politics and so forth. We started talking about the American system of capitalism and rugged individualism. My companion that evening told me that […]

RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 3: It’s Brawl in the Family | Rooster Teeth

♫Maybe red’s like roses♫ ♫Maybe it’s the pool of blood♫ ♫the innocents will lay in♫ ♫when in the end you’ve failed to save them♫ ♫Their dying eyes♫ ♫are wide and white like snow♫ ♫and now they know♫ ♫the cost of trusting you’s obliteration♫ ♫Mirrors will shatter♫ ♫crushed by the weight of the world♫ ♫The pillars […]

Candy Craftsmanship: Korea’s First Family of a Classic Confection

(energetic instrumental music) – [Narrator] In Chungju, South Korea, there is a family carrying on a generations-long tradition of making yeot, an old school Korean treat that is still popular today. (speaks in foreign language) – [Narrator] Yeot dates back more than 1,000 years to the Goryeo Dynasty. (speaks in foreign language) (playful instrumental music) […]

Why artists are responsible for moving society forward

Brief But Spectacular JUDY WOODRUFF: Next, we turn to another episode of our weekly Brief But Spectacular series, where we ask people about their passions. Tonight, composer and artist Samora Abayomi Pinderhughes. He has performed everywhere, from the White House to Carnegie Hall. His latest project is called The Transformations Suite. SAMORA ABAYOMI PINDERHUGHES, Artist: […]

Royal Society of Canada: Eleanor Ty

I’m Eleanor Ty and I’m a professor of English at Wilfrid Laurier University. I have the great privilege of teaching and doing research on Asian North Americans. I’m arguing for the inclusion of Asian Canadians in history in literature and in our curriculum. I’m very fortunate to work at Wilfrid Laurier University because it’s given […]

Game of Thrones Histories and Lore – War of the Ninepenny Kings by Brother Ray

BROTHER RAY: The War of the Ninepenny Kings, they called it. -But l never saw a king, or earned a penny. -(HORSE WHlNNYlNG) After the war ended, l heard it all started when an exiled royal bastard raised an army of sellswords, and the rightful king sent his own army to stop an invasion. Sounds […]

The 3 Histories of the International Red Aid [EN/FR/DE]

The Belgian Red Aid Presents The 3 histories of the International Red Aid The first International Red Aid, 1922 Soviet Russia, December 29, 1922 the idea of a solidarity association for revolutionaries exposed to repression is launched. Soon, this idea was taken over by the Communist Internationale. At its first conference, the Red Aid defines […]

Creating with Common Sense: YouTube Community Guidelines

If you create content for YouTube it’s important to understand our Community Guidelines. Common-sense rules that anyone using YouTube needs to follow to keep their videos and account in good standing. If these aren’t followed, content may be flagged by the community and after review, could be removed, age-gated or possibly have features restricted on […]

Build Relationships with Community

[Intro music] Jack: There are a lot of Aboriginal people in your local community. What a lot of schools do is they’ll make contact with one and then the following year it’s somebody else coming in so then it’s not a familiar face; nobody can actually build a bigger and better relationship. It’s the constant […]