California Probate Sale Overbid Process

You want to buy a property that’s a probate property but you just found out that there’s an accepted offer and you’d like to know if in California there is a process for over bidding. Well yes there is and that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. Hi my name is Linda Urbick […]

Finance & Investment Tips : What Is the Probate Process?

This is financial advisor Patrick Munro discussing what is the probate process. Probate is a process where by an individual who passes away without a will, has to go through municipal court process and his estate or assets can be charged by the local municipality and they’ll essentially have them tied up until a certain […]

Family Secrets Revealed: So Much I Didn’t Know!

– He was in it. I might start to cry. (both laugh) Hey friends, and welcome back to my channel. I’m AmandaMuse, and today I have a question for you. So, raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about where you come from. I’ve teamed up with Ancestry, who is sponsoring today’s […]

ONCE®, The Replacement Parts Cataloguing Solution We know that data drives the replacement parts market And Elcome has been at the forefront of both technology and innovation in this industry for over 18 years. Our knowledge and experience has led us to develop ONCE We appreciate the amount of data you need to process is vast and multifaceted. Coming in […]

Finding repositories for probate records

Probate documents can be goldmines for genealogical research, but few documents are both digitized and digitally indexed, so expect to put in some real effort to find these. In this video, I’ll cover the prep work you’ll need to do to find a repository for probate records. I’ll cover finding documents in a second video. […]

Non-Probate Transfers in California Estate Planning – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

Hi everybody! It’s Andy and welcome again to my office in Modesto, California. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York. In this video, I’m going to go over a California estate law planning technique called a Non-Probate Transfer. Specifically, I’m going to talk about a non-probate transfer called […]

Far from Home: Bringing Archaeological Collections & Tribal Ancestors Home to Alaska

Good afternoon. My name is Diana Warring and I’m the Director of the Interior Museum, and it is my pleasure to welcome you here today for our lunchtime lecture series. Each month we focus on one of our various bureaus or our partners or the ways that our bureaus interconnect on a various number of […]

Siulipta Paitaat- Our Ancestors Heritage

[Orchestral music] NARRATOR: Thousands of years ago, in a series of ice ages when glaciers covered much of North America, Northern Europe and Siberia, low sea levels exposed a vast land now called Beringia that extended hundreds of miles northward and southward from the present-day Bering Strait. It was a bridge connecting Asia and the […]

Smithsonian Open Access Launch Event

– [Announcer] Please welcome to the stage Cooper Hewitt interim director, John Davis. (audience applauding) – Good evening. (audience applauding) When most people think about the Smithsonian, they think of our iconic museums here on the National Mall. Such as this one, the National Museum of American History. And we are so delighted to be […]