Cockatile Sunconure Chicks Releasing At Tame Birds Farm Colony / How To Hand Feed Baby Birds Tips.

Cockatile Sunconure Chicks Releasing At Tame Birds Farm Colony /  How To Hand Feed Baby Birds Tips.

it’s very calm & cool it behaves so nicely that I become a fan of it I like the African Gray as well they’re making fun it would stay here for a week in a little cage release it with’em their hand feeding is done after feeding them for a long time when sifting them in my farm, it’s sorrowful for her but they should be one & half month 2/3 times a day they’re fed & grown up it’s painful to shift’em they’ll be found in my farm by tomorrow it’s heart breaking ok.. another’ll come to in place of them they’ll be fed again finally, we’ve reached Hi Friends! Good morning & you’re watching my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar. I cordially invite you all to my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” one & half month ago i took two sun conure chicks from my farm & two cocktail chicks to my home for hand feeding & fed them for one & half month Chandra fed them, & i helped her 2/3 times a day they’re fed carefully the chicks’ve grown up it’s time to send them back to the farm, so, last time they’ll be fed by Chandra then they’ll be shifted they now become self eater they can crack gram seeds can eat themselves, yet before shifting they’ll be fed for the last time they ate of their own at the same time Chandra hand fed two/ three times a day i gonna share an experience with you when we start hand feeding of a chicks and a stage comes when they become self eating at that stage neither they take hand feed nor eat of their own then we become worried, whether any complication arises or not but not that many comments found regarding this matter viewers frequently ask a question that my bird suddenly eats less so you worry not within ten days they’ll start eating again as before we they start eating of their own, they won’t take hand feed nor take food from out side it lingers for 4,5,6,7 days & after that , they’ll eat again not hand feed but eat out side food one thing more you remember when they eat out side food, don’t stop hand feed let them eat from out side as much as they can and gradually feed them less as you feed them thrice a day & when they eat themselves, feed them twice morning & evening only after few days more only feed them in the morning and in evening check whether it finished all food given & gradually stop them hand feeding let’s watch the last hand feeding by Chandra then to my farm this is the place with all items micro oven for making water hot she is preparing food all birds’re fed with A_19 it’s highly fat contained less fatty is A-21 A-19 that is A-21 you can go for 21 this is neopeptine i try it always when i take chicks home then i initially use it with food for 5/6 day with A-19 or A-21 i mix it few drops 3/4 drops for a bird first their parents feed them when they take out side food to avoid indigestion i use it with hand feeding formula now they don’t need it they’re habituated with this & can digest it easily one important thing , when you make hand feed formula mix it with warm water i’ve little space in my home so that’s how they’re kept they can fly as well these two sun chicks & two cocktails it’s winter now so cover the cage all around in the night though wind does not come here yet, protect’em from winter so i cover the whole cage they’re now more than one & half month two months cocktails’re too as i told you when you feed them check their throat to ensure how much they’re fed ensure the right amount it should be soft not much tight if they fed less no complication arises but over feeding is harmful so less feed always or feed them light no problem at all but heavy feed is not desirable be careful about it if we compare them sun is more naughtier than cocktails cocktails is very cool hand feed is complete now bring them back to the farm they’re fed properly i’ve taken two buckets to carry them i do it when i shift the birds it’s rather safe finally we’ve reached in front of farm there’s a bundle of sugarcane everyday i give them sugar cane Chandra has come my aunt bucket of chicks this is the bundle of sugarcane it’s left here it costs Rs- 230/ only i paid 230/ it’s very good for all parrots it’s juice is very sweet & they like it & they also fulfil their chewing tendency i advise you to give sugarcane to your parrots i make them free where i keep all my tame birds but now keep’em in side a cage in that colony keep them for a week then i release them with the others initially they may fight they do not habituated to live with many so after 3/4 day i’ll release them together all parrot type birds hand fed by me like gray, macaw cocktails, sun, monk but among them cocktail is very calm & cool it’s tamed nicely it has eaten gram just now i’ve become a fan of it i like african gray too after feeding it can fully fly it’s so cool well behaved the most adorable among all we’re inside the cage leave them here after a week now put them in this little cage leave them after 3/4 days they’ll live here temporarily in this little cage cage inside the colony then i’ll let them free with others all tame birds’re here the assume to see the new guests now i’m watching from far for some times to feel if they have any problem if the video delights you, friends, please, do like ,share with your friends if you watch for the first time, do subscribe & press the Bell button by it so that new video notification will appear on you mobile or desktop no more friends, see you soon with new topic , new show

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