DNA ancestry results of famous black Jewish & north African Jews

DNA ancestry results of famous black Jewish & north African Jews

It’s not every day I get my DNA results, especially when they say where I come from enjoy DNA Results 55% of Spanish Jewry, Jewish Diaspora Spanish Middle East. But wait. Did you think you will not be Spanish I’m surprised that it’s just that … .. It really is probably what I am. Middle East 24% It’s fit me. 15% of Israel’s land area Belongs to the people of Israel In the deepest sense of the word and the farthest of the word. 18% Europe not Jewish, Wow 6% North Africa (Region Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia). It is fits perfectly It means I understand the Moroccan groove even in the bones Not just in the head. I feel it completely. Moroccan starts, I straight up dance These DNA results are the playlist of “Teapacks” band. please DNA results, Arie Makhlouf Deri Jewish Diaspora, Spain Jewry, 77 percent criticism on “Shas” Political Party over the years was on this definition, “Sefaradim observant of the Torah”. Sorry you they said, what you call yourself a “Torah-observant Sephardic”?(spain) You’re not Spanish I think the ‘Sefaradim’ definition of this Spanish Jewish culture Spain Culture The glorious, Maimonides, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi .. Mizrhi (Oriental) In my opinion, this is more an ​​Israeli concept in The country, in the struggle of the immigration, the injustice, of the discrimination .. This combination, in my opinion, of the Mizrahi leaning on the Spanish , the Spanish legacy, It in my opinion the classic thing non Jewish Europe, 13 percent? -Yes South West Europe … Your guys are laughing here. -Yes good. Southwest … they thought I must be more. What happens with Morocco? North Africa, 5 percent. This North Africa, Morocco. – Morocco, yes. So you have 5 percent of the Moroccan. To avoid any misunderstanding, let go of testing Testing I am Moroccan, yes? I was born in Morocco, grew up in Morocco And I’m proud of Moroccan Jewry And one more thing to learn from all these things … – Yes. That will not help anyone anything, all disputes, disagreements and all, At the end, in the genes and DNA, are all Jews. Obviously my closeness to the Jews of the Soviet Union Is much greater in my proximity to my neighbor Morocco, he is not a Jew, Surprisingly, these things, The sacrifice is so deep between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews, are backing up in the DNA research People who identify themselves as Jewish communities from North Africa More similar genetically to Ashkenazi Jews originating from Europe. This is, in fact, a mainstay of understanding that Jews have One common source What about the Ethiopians, I forgot, well … Rabbi Ovadia is right? in Research standpoint Rabbi Ovadia’s ruling will not stand. Researchers say: “No way
…” -what Researches “? Researchers from what ethnic origin? you Do not have to do in-depth research to know the DNA of our culture There is still racism Who paved the way bringing of Ethiopian Jews to Israel Was mainly Rabbi Ovadia Yosef that ruled definitely: they are Jewish However, a lot of questioning, rabbis and scholars Claimed that Ethiopian immigrants are not Jewish Skin color Certainly played a major role here To Tell us, you are not Jewish enough? So what you’re saying, that Moses is not Jewish enough? it’s written that Moshe Rabbeinu(“Moses our Teacher”)
, who were unable to distinguish him from the Egyptians, They were dark skinned And could not distinguish him, After all, if he was a white Jew as everyone claimed, Were unable to distinguish and were paying attention, Hey, there’s something unusual But he was dark-skinned We were skinned. -All children of Israel? -All children of Israel were dark-skinned. our test to one Ethiopian maiden, So proud and so damaged, Who will give the answers? I’m not in the right color! Is of course meaningless scientifically and statistically But still, an important dimension of emotion. shame on you! -shame on you! Please, here’s your test. – Let’s see the results. Results: Africa, 56 percent. West Middle East, 13 percent of which means Land of Israel, North Africa Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, 9 percent. completely Cool What figure,for you, the most significant? The 13 percent of the land of Israel. This is something that accumulates more More evidence and more proof And other evidence, Just what’s cool, if you have this connection, So how do you take a guy and tell him, Hey, you do not like what I look like.

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  • I really like the truth this morrocans and Algerian and Tunisia And mauritanians and egyptions and too many Sudanese are white very white very highly white and trouble maker to any country and begers and liers and want everything in the world I'm in Qatar and this people are white even they go to be blonde and blue eyes and they are in Israel and Qatar and us and Europe they are like black people only they have black influence and in Israel many times they say we are heavily morrocan and north African Arab or Berber but they are actually white people especially the moslem and Jews I'm dying man it's true they south Europeans

  • It is very difficult to listen to that phegmy "kh" sound. Substitute a softer "ch" or "h" sound when you speak. So many people are turned off hearing it. Can't you hear how awful it sounds? It's painful. You can do it. Just pay attention when you speak. It will take about a week.

  • They are Jewish like this because they have component s of all the places they have been remember they where away for a long time in diaspora

  • J1c3d is dna of abraham child the jew who came on haplotype E not jew by blood at all. the semetic haplotype only j1 and j2

    Haplotype E from africa and not decendent from 12 tribea of jew

    The kohen jew which they aron decendent their haplotype j1

    How come the jew who came from africa on haplotype E become jew

  • ?Jewish? that is a religion unless its to say spacificaly the tribe of Judah who were Hebrew speaking middle eastern , further more When the word Judaism was born, there was no longer a Hebrew-'Israelite' state. The people who embraced the creed of Judaism were already mixed of many races and strains; and this diversification was rapidly growing… Bottom line Jewish is not an ethnicity to say one on part Jew is to say one is part Muslim or Christian. You are part middel eastern not part geneticaly part of a religion that is diverse non descript genetic group of middel eastern peoples.

  • shes gonna deny that Bantu Percentage Heritage right there… and embrace the 13% someone screwed my great ancestor and we converted, so she is a JEW… LOL
    Ohh Spainish Mexicans show 16%… so Oops Lowest %
    BTW a percent doesnt make one a Race… it proves the lieing dunghut theory…
    she is reduced to : anythingbut strait dunghut… 54% that dont mean Sheeeiiit ize gots 13% a Caucasian in mines…

  • avraham yehuda ..N hebrew.

    let me corecct you-INBAR BOGALE:56% east african jewish diaspora,22% East Middle East jewish diaspora (iraq,iran,syria>not in south east like you sayd..)

    in the full movie you can see the khazar(ashkenazi) former chif rabbi have a non jewish roots

    ?"many rabbis"
    i think you mean many rabbits

    no rabbi will dare to be against the tora and the halakha.every ashkenazi rabbi know who are the ethiopian jews

  • למה שמישהו ירצה להחשב יהודי?
    ועוד יותר, למה שמישהי תרצה להיות יהודיה?

  • So fake ass Jews that don't have any links to the region came and occupied a country and its people based on fake agenda's mmmmm nice

  • There are no such think as Jewish DNA , do Jews have DNA of Abraham , Issac , so how will they know if they have the orginal DNA in the first place . What they have done is colect DNA of European Jews and anyone who matches those DNA are European Jews , similarly they have collected DNAs of Middle Eastern/Spanish Jews and who ever matches those DNA are of course Sherpadic Jews . It like tracing your ancestory to Adam when you dont know his DNA at all or he even existed

  • Jews are one people. Differences between Ashkenazim and Sephardim are minimal and can be overlooked when compared with non-Jews. When the Roman's took our land, some went to North Africa, some went to Europe. We remained in our own communities and so we are one people.

    The Beta Israel (Ethiopians) left Israel around the time our kingdom split. Conversion and intermarriage was more common in ancient Ethiopia. That's why Ethiopians look African, but a substantial part of their ancestry is Hebrew, and they are our people. Anyone who discriminates against them is evil.

  • Fake political correct video with genetic results that contradict all other genetic results.
    Genetics is written on our faces and anyone in his right mind would know that a red headed Ashkenazi isn't related to Falasha, Mitzrahi or Sephardic Jews.
    This is just a propaganda video to create fake sense of genetic Israeli nationalism.
    Personally I think the true legacy of ancient Israelites runs in the veins of the indigenous Palestinian people who have been robbed of their historic homeland by people who have nothing in common with people of the middle east.
    Zionists think they have to right to steal Palestine because their grandfathers converted to Judaism…….That's the same as saying that Malay, African or Russian Muslims have the right to steal Mecca.
    The crusaders took Palestine during to middle ages for over 2 centuries but the day came when they had to leave and I am sure the same will happen to the Israeli usurpers

  • West Middle east percentage doesnt mean only Palestine (Israel ) , the results always gives you a whole from Iran down to Yemen . Some East African Jews ,Muslims and christians have Middle east /Arab DNA . North Africa is just Arabs ( both Jews and Muslims migrated to that region from the Middle east . All the Sepahdi Mizrahi crap is a big lie. Every single Arab Muslims has N African and west Middle east including Palestine ( now Israel ). MOses and the Israelites never stepped a foot in Russia or Poland but were in Africa .

  • Sefaradim doesn't mean Spanish, it means the Jews who were living in the Iberia and Andalusia during the Muslim period, just like Rambam Moshe Ben Maimon…

  • Let’s try the other way around ; My beta brother now let’s reverse what they are doing . Let’s go to Norway and claim that we are the real white people , I hope they will take ya seriously. ואפילו שזה לא הגיוני, בשביל אנשים אחרים האלה, הן מטורפות מי היו האנשים האלה אין לנו תיעוד כתוב. "היינו כאן לפניך ואהיה לנו כאן אחריך" אנחנו שחורים אנחנו צריכים להפסיק לקנות את השקר שהתמונות האלו מספרות לנו.

  • The reason why Sephardic jews look alot similar to Ashkenazim is because they lived in spain until the Spanish inquisition, and didn't mix that gradually with Moroccans and other north african. populations.

  • This is a pointless comparison, because everyone knows that Ethiopian Jews are more closely related to Yemenite Jews, than they are to Moroccan Jews. They should have done a comparison on them both, and it would have been more similar. Moroccan Jews are more closely related to Turkish/Greek/Bosnian Jews so that comparison would have been better to watch.

  • with all these black American dna results, showing that they are not native, but Africans,then the so called black hebrew israelites are false ones, unless they are bantu!

  • So as i understood, the last girl is'nt jew. That's what the test says. Maybe coz of the luck of information in the date base in that area.but the her results they say clearly that she is not a jew

  • Sidonian Canaanite DNA:

    “Zalloua and Wells (2004), under the auspices of a grant from National Geographic Magazine, examined the origins of the Canaanite Phoenicians. The debate between Wells and Zalloua was whether haplogroup J2 (M172) should be identified as that of the Phoenicians or that of its "parent" haplogroup M89 on the YDNA phylogenetic tree.[24] Initial consensus suggested that J2 be identified with the Canaanite-Phoenician (Northwest Semitic) population, with avenues open for future research.[25] As Wells commented, "The Phoenicianswere the Canaanites"[26] It was reported in the PBS description of the National Geographic TV Special on this study entitled "Quest for the Phoenicians" that ancient DNA was included in this study as extracted from the tooth of a 2500-year-old Phoenician mummy.[27]”

    “Wells identified the haplogroup of the Canaanites as haplogroup J2 which originated in northern Mesopotamia.[28] The National Geographic Genographic Project linked haplogroup J2 to the site of Jericho, Tel el-Sultan, ca. 8500 BCE and indicated that in modern populations, haplogroup J2 is found primarily in the Middle East, but also along the coasts of North Africa and Southern Europe, with especially high distribution among present-day Jewish populations (30%), Southern Italians (20%), and lower frequencies in Southern Spain (10%).[29]”

    National Geographic Magazine, October 2004. Available online: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/features/world/asia/lebanon/phoenicians-text/1; and http://www.independent.com.mt/news.asp?newsitemid=57215 [accessed: March 10, 2008]

    ^ "Who Were the Phoenicians? – National Geographic Magazine". Ngm.nationalgeographic.com. Retrieved 2014-06-30.
    ^ "National Geographic Special 'Quest for the Phoenicians'". PBS. 2004. Archived from the original on 2004-09-23.
    ^ and http://www.independent.com.mt/news.asp?newsitemid=57215 [Accessed April 11, 2008[dead link]
    ^ The Atlas of the Human Journey-Genetic Markers-Haplogroup J2 (M172): "Archived copy". Archived from the original on 2008-04-05. Retrieved 2013-03-26. [Accessed April 11, 2008]

  • These results are always so vague, limited and contradictory. "Sefardic Jew" is already a mix. The mix should be further analysed for primary ingredients. I think they leave things open for interpretation on purpose.

  • Stop claiming Y DNA J as Shem, it is not. Canaanites are Y DNA J, Kushites are Y DNA J, Hebrews are Y DNA E1b1

  • Amos 9:7
    7 Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the Lord. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?

    ( Ethiopians are black, where these fake Jewish people from) lol

    Deuteronomy 23:7-8 (KJV)
    7 Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land.
    8 The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the Lord in their third generation.

    ( This means that if you did mix then the first 2 generations of that mix wouldn’t be classed as Israelites or be aloud into the congregation to declare their pedigree)?

    Numbers 1:18 (KJV)
    18 And they assembled all the congregation together on the first day of the second month, and they declared their pedigrees after their families, by the house of their fathers, according to the number of the names, from twenty years old and upward, by their polls.

    ( pedigrees after their families, would mean that both parents would have to be Israelites)?

    ( the Original Israelites are black sane like the Egyptian so stop spreading lies… )

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