Do I Want Kids, My Childhood, Ethnicity + | Personal Q&A Pt1

Do I Want Kids, My Childhood, Ethnicity + | Personal Q&A Pt1

It’s time to screw the formalities, bring in the Ooby Get read for a Bite Size Vegan Q&A! And this time…it’s personal. Hi, It’s Emily and Ooby from Bite Size Vegan
and welcome to a personal Q and A. So, I am going to just get right to it because there’s
a lot of questions and I know I’m not going to reach everybody’s so, I am going to do
my best. And this actually ended up being long anyways
so I’ve decided to split this into two videos with the second half airing next Friday, so
stay tuned for even more personal stuff. And our faces look awesome in this freezeframe. Q: So, of the basic questions I got were – My
age? A: I have answered this before but it has
probably changed, I am 31 years old. Q: My height? A: Since I am a ‘bite sized’ vegan. I am
5 foot 1 inch, sometimes 1 and a half, very exciting. Q: As far as my vegan story “Why and when
I went vegan?” A: I’ve talked about this in several videos.
I am going to link to one of them at least up there, there will be links down below to
the others so you can check those out and I also think I am going to have a new video
coming out that’s more creative on that topic… so stay tuned. O.K. so getting to some of the serious ones, Q: Do I want children? A: I don’t, I don’t want kids. I am not going
to have kids for sure. I’ve never had the desire to birth children. People sometimes
think that means I don’t like kids. That is absolutely not true. I love kids and I make videos for kids because I think kids are phenomenal people and are very underestimated
in their abilities. But, I am personally not going to have children. If I ever were to have children it would be through adoption. That kind of links to one question; Q: Do I have siblings? A: I have one sister she is older, she is almost two years older but I grew up with a lot of foster brothers and sisters so throughout my childhood there were probably about 30 kids in and out of my house and you know they would stay with us while their parents were either going through parenting school because
they were abusive or unfit or they were awaiting adoption and so they would live with us and so I, you know, learned how to feed preemie babies when I was a kid and we had, you know, kids from all different areas, backgrounds, from really heart breaking stories but, you
know, it was also really– you know, they were my family, as soon as they were in our home
they were our family. We get to still keep in touch with a couple of them. Two of them in particular I have two little brothers that are actually, they’re full grown now which
is crazy. One of them is married and has a baby which is insane! But yeah, so that is kind of how I grew up with a lot of different brothers and sisters. Q: missnectarina asked “How was your childhood,
what was your favorite memory from it?” A: A couple of you actually asked how my childhood was. It was not very good. As far as my favorite memory… [Ooby snooring] Well, this doesn’t look too good. Oh! O.K., I thought of one. I went to Nature Camp in North Carolina and we basically lived out in huts and then in the woods for weeks and I loved that. So that’s a good childhood memory there you go. Took me a second. Q: What do I do for fun or in my free time? A: (Chuckles) At this point I don’t have
free time. I work all day every day on ‘Bite Size Vegan’. I have probably gotten to the point now of working over 100 hours a week most of the time, probably all of the time, if I am going to be honest. I mean for some videos I work over 100 hours in 5 days. so right now that’s what I do for fun, is this. Q: That actually kind of links to a question
looney vee asked “If you have been banging out videos non-stop for a very long time and I guess that’s limiting your free time a bit do you plan to keep going or do you have a
plan to sort of dilute the work load you end up with every week?” A: It’s a good question. I really don’t know
at this point. Something eventually is going to have to change because I literally have time for nothing but this. I have been meaning to put up E-Courses for about a year and my video production schedule is so tight that I don’t even have the time for that. Q: She also asked something a couple of you asked, actually: “Would I consider realeasing a book in the future.” A: Absolutely! I’ve always wanted to write and be published and I have written and I have theses that have been published from my academic time but I’ve always wanted to write books, like I’d love to write a memoir, There’s so many topics I’d love to write on, obviously on veganism as well. It’s just finding the time and right now I don’t have the time and what that would have to be would be me cutting down on the channel at some point which I don’t like to do cause I want to keep creating free content for everybody. Eventually I’ll have to figure something out, you know or get to a point where I can hire help, to some degree but I still don’t know how that would work because I need to make the videos. Q: I got a couple questions about my heritage because in the one video I said I don’t identify as white. And in specifically– A: So my background is a bit of a ‘Mutt” as many Americans tend to be. My Mother’s side is Cajun so they’re French and Cherokee Indian. So, she is from Slidell, Louisiana right outside New Orleans. So, she grew up going to school with no shoes on in the Bayou, those kind of things very, very, very poor. My Father’s side is Hillbilly but originally from, we think, Irish and English probably a mixture of Irish and English but basically Hillbilly by the time he got here. So, my mother and my sister have kind of the olive skin tone of the Cherokee side and my sister got the Cherokee skin tone and the Irish features. I got the Cherokee features and the Irish skin so I am like, blindingly white. Q: I was asked “Given my heritage, do people
treat me differently around Thanksgiving or treat Thanksgiving differently because of
that and because of me being vegan?” A: Not really. No. Because most people don’t really know my heritage because you can’t really tell by looking at me. A lot of people think I am Eastern European though so, that happens. Q: GlitterGeez asked a number of things but one was “Are you as sarcastic in real life as you are in some of your videos?” A: I am actually more sarcastic in real life
than I am in my videos. And I cuss a lot. Q: oceanz4 asked “If you could have any superpower
what would it be and why excluding making people vegan?” A: So, If my superpower wasn’t making people
vegan, which I tried in that video, I would probably– I mean there’s so many cool super powers but I would probably want to be able to be invisible. Because then I could get
into factory farms, get into animal testing facilities and not only document what was
going on but I could get the animals out of there without being detected. It would just look like they were floating away which would be pretty hilarious. That would be a great superpower cause I could do direct action all over the place and successfully. Cause one of the greatest risks, obviously, of direct action is arrest which is not to say that that is like worrying for me but the problem with it is then you can’t be effective when you are in prison, so, being invisible would be, I’d go for that. I’d go liberate the crap out of animals. I just want to thank each and every one of
you for watching, for supporting me, for liking, commenting, subscribing, any of those things to help me get the vegan message out to the best of my abilities. I really want to thank my patrons over on Patreon who are making it possible for me to continue this work. Because since I do work over 100 hours a week I have no ability to do anything else for
income. So, you guys literally make this possible. If you like the video do give it a like and
if you’re not subscribed I don’t know why you watched this because you have no idea
of who I am. But, I would love for you to subscribe if you want to get to know me more
and actually get more education about veganisim, I don’t talk about my business very much.
Stay tuned to the channel for more Q&As and other helpful things. Now go live vegan and I’ll see you soon. You guys are awesome! I love each and every one of you, not in a creepy way… Maybe a little bit creepy. Subtitles by the community

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  • Oh my god, i’m sorry but that dog looks horrible.
    Not in any way your fault. But I couldn’t listen to him breathe all day.
    I can’t believe there are assholes still breeding these dogs

  • Regarding freeing up time, I suggest you make contact or watch videos by Sean Lee from Minimal Pro. He is a vegan. He pays some virtual assistant about $20 per video or so to do all his video editing for him. This means he just records himself and sends the videos to the VA and it is done. Best to just outsource it if you got the money. Sean earns over $30k per month as a vegan digital nomad, so he can afford it.

  • Everyone loves children at certain point 🙂 Not everyone wants one & thats ok. Cause we all were in a state of child. If not – it's genetic error IMHO 🙂

  • Hi +Bite Size Vegan, your videos are awesome. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

    This is kind of irrelevant to this video but I am vegan and I have been trying to raise awareness, and have been sharing information and videos for people so that they can see.
    I was telling a friend about the harming effects of dairy and meat but he talks about the east African tribes that are known to drink cow milk and have blood and meat during special festivals. I haven't found much information on that so I was wondering if you know anything about it.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • thanks for everything, you lift me up, make me smile, make the end to animal cruelty attainable, you are just a joy, your humor and delivery is so much fun… you are a rockstar… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!! all the best success to you… and bless that companion canine snoring… makes me laugh hysterically… love your pup pal 🙂

  • Lots of vegan youtubers don't want kids or don't have them…I'm interested what the main connection is besides veganism. Freelees, Vegan Gains, Durianrider and many other who just don't have kids like Gary and off course the younger ones passion and fruit , unnatural vegan etc… Just interested is it an ethical thing c=?

  • Emily, just wanted to send you some good vegan news. In the UK they have just aired a new TV ad Vodafone Christmas Advert 2015 – #TerryTheTurkey. My jaw dropped, you need to see this!

  • Thanks for sharing Emily, and thanks for all your tireless hard work! Now I feel more comfortable throwing out cuss words and being my sarcastic self, sweet!

  • Love your "sarcasm" it has been entertaining from the beginning. ~ Do hope you will consider being selfish… taking more time for yourself!

  • try to get at least 8+hours a sleep a night, it will help you feel better emotionally and physically and help you have more energy be more focused and alert to get more done and be more efficient and productive during the day, its very important. u must take care of yourself to be able to take care of others. ask for help, there are probably many that are willing to put in a little time and effort, if all of your audience put in a little time and effort toward a goal or making a certain type of video or finding certain information, it can add to a lot. u can request your viewers find you whatever info your looking for. tell others to give u whatever help u need, many will probably gladly help.

  • Excellent. Yet another vegan that will not procreate. Seems all you vegans are afflicted with the same latent self-loathing personality disorder. Way to perpetuate the stereotype.

  • Good job! I liked your idea for wanting to be invisible. I love your channel and know how seriously you take it, but girl!!! You need a vacation! We, your subscribers WANT you to take a vacation! We don't want you getting exhausted or sick from overwork. If you took a vacation, I bet you could brainstorm all kinds of cool, fresh ideas, and come back to us with even more amazing content and a more powerful message. It would be good for your channel, and good for you! Because no one can go non stop all the time. So go on a vacay!

  • I thought you were Polish/German 🙂 so there goes Eastern European assumption of some people 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of this Emily. Really exciting to learn what a crazy mixture of various ethnicities it took to make an amazing specimen of a human being that you are! Love your work!

  • I was thinking you may be interested in having a teammate or three, who also want to spread the vegan message and want to help you (for free of course, as part of your team) with your videos and other things. If you were interested, they may synchronistically turn up for you or something…?

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  • So she's Irish/English/French with a little bit of native American and she claims not to be white? What the fuck…..? May someone please explain this logic to me?

  • I too am childfree by choice with similar views with regards to having kids and in my 40's have never regretted it. But that aside I really enjoy your videos and thank you for sharing something a little personal of yourself.

  • how about this superpower: talk to animals; if we could actually communicate with them, they could tell us what happened to them; imagine if you could interview a cow…. i know this sounds insane, but they must have memories, they must be able to tell us something, if we only could find a way to talk to them.

  • I was wondering if you had any tips for someone who has a background of compulsive eating, but want to be vegan? (The person being me, of course.) So I really, really want to be vegan, and am working on transitioning. I have filled my brain with so much knowledge about veganism of health, how meat affects the planet, and animal cruelty. Yet I still break down, and eat like some sort of animal products sometimes. I almost don't even realize I'm doing it, until I eat almost all of it. It's really frustrating problem I've dealt with my whole life, and now that I'm going vegan it's even slightly more frustrating. One time I had oatmeal with fruit and cane sugar for breakfast, baked potato for lunch, butternut squash ravioli for dinner, and fruits for snacks. I constantly had enough food in my belly the whole day, I binged eat on cheesy garlic bread and some people say that lack of nutrients is one reason for compulsive eating (or binging), but it's not that. Sorry if it was so long winded, I tend to do that.

  • as a mixed native American/European woman as well, I get the "you look Russian" thing too. it's because native Siberians are very ethnically similar to Native Americans. 🙂

  • Are you sure you're not an extraterrestrial sugar plum space love walker…? You and that epic snoring beast… very Men In Black <3 xoxo

  • Plastic bags = animal fat
    Tires = animal-based stearic acid.
    Violins and Pianos = animal glue
    Fireworks = animal-based stearic acid
    Biofuels = chicken and beef (not always, but often)
    Fabric Softener = byproduct of the cattle, sheep, and horse industries
    Shampoo and Conditioner = often more than 20 components come from animals
    Toothpaste = glycerine from animals
    Brown and White Sugar = animal bones

    So I guess your plan to live without exploiting the lives animals isn't working out so well. …

  • I think reasonable and fair child rearing is a means of keeping the progressives ei better health care and not having as in Canada foreign labour brought in despite a long term trend of less public health care and phoney pro migration arguments that is rising poverty and various compensation cuts explain why some evil low paying boss acting like a child wanting candy bar bugs politician on labour shortage common in Canadian meat & fish.coruption in high places in western nations gives me the desire to ask God for the power of an angel to end it but growing dishonesty is what pushes the judgement day coming anyway.

  • I think your amazing dedication, compassion and humor is more inspiring to people and more likely to influence people to go vegan than anything except the videos and graphic imagery. I think people really need to see with their own eyes what is going on or it's just words. I've been a vegan for years (after seeing Meet your Meat and other videos) I still haven't seen Earthlings (scared) and I have certain images in my mind forever which will allways keep me vegan.

  • Emily- you're amazing. Thank you for mentioning adoption- I wish you could raise every kid on the planet so they'd turn into rad adults like yourself. I'm sorry your childhood was shitty =( I really hope you can hire an intern and go have a lot of fun. <3

  • you are amazing. I feel like you are my role model even though I'm older than you. keep doing what you do!

  • The subject of children drives me crazy. One minute I'll see a kid yelling in the grocery store and it will anger me to the point of feeling like it's my job to shut the kid up because their parents suck, and the next minute my boyfriend and I will be discussing our future children and I'm so happy with the kids I see in my head. I think I'm nervous that my kids won't listen to me well, and now that I'm vegan I am super nervous about raising my children in a world where they will be surrounded by animal products everywhere they go without me, and I'm so scared that I'll fail as a vegan mentor for them.

  • Dear Emily,Your videos are very very interesting!!!!!!!But I reallly really  wonder what your opinion is on these topics:-What do you think about guide dogs, which are trained to help people with disabilities (blindness, autism paralysis) in their daily life? -What do you think about animals, mice, (almost equal genetically), which are used in  a labs for experiment and for testing new midicines against rare diseases. What if these experiments had been approved to be tested on animals and the donnot feel any pain nor they are cooped  in anything??-Would you eat eg. milk chocolate, pudding or any dairy product which you might had eaten  and might have had a pleasant experience with before you went vegan ,  IF  they would be able to use the CLONING techniques, instead taking it out of an animal  .-When children are very small , they get their vaccinations but I have heard that vegans are AGAINST those because it contains anything from an animal? Is this true?If so, would you give it to your kids to protect them?

  • 31? She looks like she's 47. Of course you don't want kids, you need a MATE in order to do that. OF COURSE she wouldn't identify as white, that would just be the worst thing in the world. Sincerely someone who is ACTUALLY not white.

  • I like your videos plus you're funny. Also, what's up with your dog, it sounded like he was snoring with his eyes open during the video?

  • Wait in your August 2016 video you said you're almost 30, in this Nov 2015 you said you're 31. Either way we are close in age.

  • Adopting older, abused kids through the foster system good, but don't ever adopt an infant (non abused/non drug born and even then if the extended family is incompetent) or an overseas child. I have 15 years of research and experience on corruption in the adoption industry, human trafficking, and the severe lack of rights of adopted people. This is why I'd love to know how you make excellent videos so that when I'm ready I can make excellent videos too on something I am passionate about.

  • Did you know closed adoptees are denied their heritage? It was Bennett Greenspan who started the first ancestry DNA, as a big FU to state governments for denying adoptees their heritage.

  • I could totally tell you have Native American in you because of your strong jawline/strong cheekbones. No, you don't look Slavic.

  • Birthed one and adopted the other one. So glad to hear you being open to adoption as the way to share life with another. 💜

  • Thank you for voicing your decision to not birthing your own kids and preferring adoption, if the desire arises. This decision is often met with retorts of "you'll change your mind" or "but having kids changes you" which leaves me feeling disrespected. It's inspiring (for me) to hear another woman vocalize their decision on not having kids on YouTube.

  • I about lost it when you paused so long thinking of your favorite memory with that pup snoring up a storm. You are so funny. Thank you for being so honest and open with us!

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