Dungeons & Dragons Factions – The Emerald Enclave

Dungeons & Dragons Factions – The Emerald Enclave

Hello everybody Jorphdan here the PH is silent. Let’s continue with our faction videos. Today we’re discussing the Emerald Enclave,
which my Adventure League group has dubbed the hippie commune. The Emerald Enclave is a group of Druids and
Rangers that aim to protect the balance between nature and civilization. They believe that the natural order must be
respected and preserved. Thus they are against people, monsters, or
organizations that upset the natural balance. Undead fall into this category and thus necromancers
are considered enemies of the Emerald Enclave. Nature is difficult, it’s harsh, and it’s
savage. The Enclave strives to help other survive
it. They will train and aid others to survive
a harsh winter, or long treks through the jungle. They’ll offer their support and knowledge
in hunting to those people that deserve their help. One of their main goals is to help others
survive the many perils of the wild. This extends to civilization too. The Emerald Enclave has been known to fight
against encroaching Orc tribes that threaten nearby villages. One might think that being one with nature
they are opposed to civilization, but they are not. Their goal is to preserve a balance between
the two. They also wished to keep elemental forces
in check. Keeping the powers of the elemental chaos
from devouring Faerun. All part of their plan to prevent the wilderness
and civilization from wiping out one another. The organization is spread across Faerun. Founded in 374 DR on the island of Ilighon
by a group of rangers and druids. This particular island is one of two that
make up the “Eyes of Silvanus” which lie in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The other being the island of Wavecrest. There are reefs and also magic that protects
the island, magic from the Emerald Enclave. This protects the islands from pirates. Geographically these islands are more central Faerun,
away from the Sword Coast. The Sea of Fallen Stars is also known as the
inner sea and is the largest inland body of water in Faerun. Now the Emerald Enclave originally stayed
on their island, preserving nature and doing good. After a while though they began to concern
themselves with the preservation of nature throughout all of Faerun. To facilitate this they started smaller groups
of the Emerald Enclave and spread them out across Faerun. They went to specific areas that the Enclave
felt may become threatened, such as the High Forest, Cormanthor, and Wealdath. When I say smaller groups I do mean only a
few people who were sent to keep an eye on those particular areas. Then the spellplague hit. The druids did not know how to interact with
this oddly changing world of spellscars and blue fire. The sea of fallen stars shrunk, it retreated
into the underdark and the small island of Ilighon was now part of the mainland Turmish. Turmish is a nation of mercantile cities ruled
by an organization known as the Assembly of Stars. The Emerald Enclave helped the Turmish and
have taken credit for the rebirth of Turmishan agriculture. From the 4th edition Campaign Guide “As
years became decades, their original mission slowly perverted from one of respect for guardianship
of nature to a vain struggle against forces far beyond their control.” The Enclave attempted to aid the world by
sending agents to the plaguelands. To stop the spell scarred, and the blue fire
ripping the world apart. This had little effect on the spellplague
as a whole, it was just too powerful and misunderstood. Still the Enclave held a burning hatred of
the spellplague and the spellscarred. Then in 1486DR the enclave was revitalized! The great rains that happened during the Sundering
refilled the Sea of Fallen Stars. Ilighon was an island once more. The Emerald Enclave organized themselves,
and joined other factions, to put a stop to some evil threats to Faerun. Specifically the Cult of the Dragon. Many of the Emerald Enclave members follow
good aligned deities. Nature deities, such as Eldath, Mielikki,
and Silvanus. Although to join the Enclave you are required
to serve neither good nor evil. If you have a neutral character the Emerald
Enclave is for them. They strive to preserve the balance, rather
than outright stop evil. Their actions can be seen as good because
they do detest evil like undeath. But overall the Enclave tries to preserve
the balance. In order to become a part of the Emerald Enclave
you must perform at least one act that benefited nature in the Vihon Reach area. This is the area containing the island Ilighon. Which this must have changed since the early
days of D&D. Because with Adventure League I’m pretty
sure you can just join the Emerald Enclave, as long as your motivations sync up. So perhaps this is an old requirement, or
we just assume new recruits have already done this good dead in Vihon Reach already. To outsiders the Emerald Enclave looks like
a druid circle. But really it’s more of a loose confederation
of circles and their allies. It’s members include druids, rangers, barbarians,
and others who live in the wilderness, respecting it’s ways. You know someone from the Emerald Enclave
by the emerald green clothing they wear. This could be anything but represents the
enclave and openly displays their membership. Druids in the north often ally with the Harpers,
which is an odd exception but the Harpers are a larger influence in the North. The Emerald Enclave and the Harpers get along
for the most part, but there are some in the enclave that dislike the Harpers. Saying their meddling threatens the natural
balance of things, almost as much as the evils they fight against. I think you could be a nature cleric that
follows the Emerald Enclave. As well as a totem barbarian. Really cool roleplay potential with this faction. That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed
this look at the Emerald Enclave. I’ll be back next week with another faction. Please hit like if you enjoyed this video,
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27 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons Factions – The Emerald Enclave

  • So thats three for three factions my great old one warlock would not get along with. Great video though 🙂

  • I feel like I need to run a campaign in this area in the center of Faerun, I have already spent a ton of time on the Sword Coast.

  • All Kobold player characters in Adventurers League are required to be Emerald Enclave; fyi. Firbolgs, Goliaths, and Orcs all have Emerald Enclave as one of their choices for their faction membership requirement.

  • Adventurers League player/DM here! My Death Domain Cleric actually serves the Emerald Enclave. As a devote follower of Kelemvore, it is his duty to vanquish the undead, which lines his motives up with the Enclave. His knowledge on undead creatures (represented in his domain features) also proved to be of great help for the Enclave 😛

  • This took me in an off-topic direction, possible vid or SMD&D Show? I think it was 2nd edition, to become Archdruid you had fight and kill the reigning AD. Would be an interesting twist for a high level campaign. Keyleth's story on Critical Role would have had a much different feel. 😉

  • … I know the PH is silent but had no idea the L was silent. Is this really the was to pronounce Vilhon reach?

  • Faerun History also did a video on the hierarchy of the Emerald Enclave, which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h7bilUo7K8

  • I play in Adventurer's League and no, you don't have to be neutral. In fact they are implied to be a good aligned faction. The True Neutral thing is an artifact from earlier editions.

  • I have a Way of the Long Death Monk who had to join a faction. Being a character who views death as the ultimate gift one can give to another and being dedicated to studying the state of death the one closest to his goal was the emerald enclave but he doesn’t care about them he just does mission for them so he can see more death.

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