God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

Family, I have an announcement. After 15 years of playing pro ball,
I’ve decided to hang up my cleats. Go bring
your rusty butt on back here, then. -I am. We’re moving back to Columbus.
-[gasps] My baby! God has answered my prayer! Won’t he do it! Won’t he do it! [laughs] [yells playfully] We think that Columbus is
a wonderful place to raise our children. Remember, church starts at 8:00 a.m. We don’t go to church. -Dad says we belong to bedside Baptist.
-Uh… Somebody better start praying
before I forget I know Jesus! Preach. -Let us have it.
-We’re awful parents. -[yelling]
-[glass breaks] I wouldn’t say awful. Look at your child. Not to your face, anyway. [Cocoa] Ever since we moved here, your mother’s been trying to tell me
how to raise my kids, how to cook my food, and even how to dress. Proverbs 14:30. Don’t hate, please. ♪ We gon’ be alright ♪ I know you kids think I’m strict
with all the rules, and the chores, and Bible school, but these are the things
that prepare you for life. Hallelujah! When a loved one goes astray,
God can get him home again. ♪ We gon’ be alright, we gon’ be alright ♪ I’ve come to realize that the path to God
is full of ups, downs, starts, stops, twists, turns. Girl, are you talking about a divine walk
or a ride at Six Flags? [laughter]

100 thoughts on “God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

  • Lame, sterotypical nonsense. A bi-racial/light skinned wife of a pro athlete (big surprise..yawn). Meddling, know it all in-laws/extended family, "black church"/god fairytales, annoying ass kids. How incredibly unoriginal… I'll pass

  • Remember TV show my wife and kids they got rid of the dark skin black girl to put a mix girl in place where is the black girl to this day I'm sorry I just can't support this show and I support all my black-shows but I'm tired of the rhetoric

  • Loretta Devine was in the Carmichael show good show however Keisha's character played by Tiffany haddish never got praised by her in-laws but the half-breed girl who's not even married and shacking up with their son got all the praises she was told how pretty she was how good she looks all of that but the black daughter-in-law who is married to the son was looked down upon if you have not watched the Carmichael show watch it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

  • All of you morons are concerned about the color of the kids.. stop with the colorism! I’m more concern with the content of our black shows ..,this shit is ridiculous

  • For all those who keep asking the questions about the light skin factors,  please research the writers of the show, peep their resume; and then you will know why. My question is: Since when were black people not funny? I fell asleep just by looking at the trailer. Shout out to my man Richard Roundtree, nothing but respect for him.

  • This show is making me miss Family Matter. It was corny too, but still watchable. This show…I dunno. They tried.

  • I get what everyone is saying for the obvious. But that doesn't mean not support us. I mean dang if we wont then nobody else will.

  • I respect all the actors, but i’m not gonna lie… this looks like trash. I’d love for netflix to revive the Carmichael Show… it was so good.

  • Yup! I see the trailer and I see alot of racial complaints for African Americans 🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️ NOT AGAIN NOT THIS YEAR!

  • Im sorry but wasnt even focused on their color i was focused on the plot. So i just think some of yall going way to deep into this. In the show you see the daughter being told she wasnt black enough and the sons and father being harassed by the police. There focusing on problem we face as black people as whole
    We need to stand together and stop segregating are own race
    – to my black community

  • This shit is mad corny and the themes are tired but so are so many “white” shows. It ain’t about telling Oscar worthy stories. It’s about pumping out content. Get. That. Coin and merrily, merrily eat off these streams.

  • Why is the oldest daughter wearing a wig? It's so dam distracting, especially when they braided it. Nothing about it is natural! The show is ok.

  • Queen Sugar, The Chi, Snow Fall, Power, Insecure, green leaf, she's gotta have it, love is, the Paynes, ambition. These are all black shows that have dark skin women as either the lead or really important characters. And all of these shows are currently on tv. Not only are they currently on tv they are all on major networks. I bet most of the people complaining do not even support what they want more of SMDH.

  • Love the show and cast.I laugh so much that I have fun. Can't wait for part 2 of season 1. My new favorite show and cast on Netflix.

  • This show is garbage. It's not innovative. The writing is stale and the acting is uninspiring. Black people love television, film, comedy, drama, etc. and it should be ok for us to acknowledge if someone misses the mark.

  • Why is everyone so focused on who is light skinned and who is not? Can't we just be happy that there is another positive show with black actors of all hues being represented!! We really need to get past this whole colorism issue, and being so sensitive about it!! It is only hurting all of us and making other people think even less of us!! GET OVER IT!!!

  • I love this show Loretta is one of my favorite actress, she remind me of my mom mixed with one of my great aunts. Most of my family is from Georgia I know exactly where Columbus, GA is . The only thing I dont like on the show is the spoiled kids.

  • Why the hell they put that cheap synthetic underneath the bathroom counter wig on that white girl and tried to say she light skinneded? Let me guess she gets her bad hair from her daddy side of the family😂 I don’t care if Tia momma white her daddy is dark she should have more color she is not albino🙄🙄and that little asian girl don’t look like their daughter either lol I can’t believe Mrs Loretta went for this. It’s the same boring casting

  • The sitcom Marlon is better this Family Reunion sitcom is not even funny. Please stop casting the Mowry sisters and Essence Atkins in anything they are so tired and boring to look at.

  • There's something that I want in these kind of nowdays black family sitcoms: deep and important black story references.
    Like in the Prince of Bel Air, where there's this class about Black History; where Harriet Tubman and and the ghospel songs are mentioned

  • Realmente deberían revisar el contenido no es para niños!! +7???! Tienen escenas de alta sensualidad, blasfeman contra Cristo, el Espíritu Santo y la Fe, intentan hacer creer que cualquier ideología está bien, como ser la induista, budista , yoga?? Hay contenido de ideologia de género y feminismo!!! lleno de Anti valores

  • Not sure why the eldest daughter was wearing a wig for half the episodes. Then all of a sudden they decided to let out her beautiful curly locks. This show needs a lot of werk.
    The beauty pageant episode was so unbelievable and insulting to black women everywhere

  • We just never seem to get into outer space, dive into paranormal realms, fight ancient mystical wars or do anything extraordinary 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤚🏾🤚🏾🤚🏾 I'm over it keep feeding us this shit. I get it.

  • Maybe being black and living in the UK has a very different outlook but i love this show even more than blackish

  • Like seriously??? Who the help does the hair of these lady's? The daughter has always horrible hairstyles and the mom sometimes too… worst hair ever!!! And why is everyone so light, some more dark actors should represent more equality

  • This is absolutely PITIFUL. the laugh track, the white daughter's wig, no darkskin children, HORRIBLE acting, the stereotypical black guy with the overalls, the stereotypes overall. it's really sad and i LOVE me some tia mowry but the show does her no justice absolutely despicable. i honestly hope the show ends, extremely cringy

  • Netflix, what the hell man? I cannot support this. I’m here because I TIRED to watch, but I honestly couldn’t even get through the first episode. There are too many things wrong with what’s going on here. For starters, the level of corny is unbearable. Second, was the budget for this show shaken out of somebody’s couch?!… cause that damn wig! Like seriously? Third, why a live audience?!… is this Disney channel? Fourth, black actors need to come to the realization that they CAN say NO!… for goodness sakes. STOP letting this foolishness fly. NO, I’m not wearing that trash ass wig so please do better. NO, I’m not going to ACT out all of this stereotypical behaviour because not only is it not all the way REAL, but it also almost NEVER translates as even remotely organic to the audience. Theses complaints don’t even begin to scratch the surface, because the real problem here is the lack of representation. Netflix, why not “represent” a black family with an ALL THE WAY BLACK cast. I’m annoyed AND at a crossroad… do I leave this rubbish in the bin? Or do I continue to watch so that I can support these black actors? KMT

  • Damn okay all y’all talkin about is the skin color just reply to each other so I can see sum diff in the comments😤😤

  • I know this show is colorist but it’s taught me black cultures I never knew about and people I never heard of that helps black people stand that school doesn’t teach but it’s my opinion

  • Hey Netflix and Meg (if you read this by any chance)…I like the whole family members with their own characteristics, but can we see Grandpa more? He disappeared and then came back almost at the end of the season. Would love to see more of him with the whole family.

  • just watched the first three episodes of this show and wow i must say this was totally a miss for such a great cast smh it’s sad actually that this is the best they could come up with i wouldn’t be surprised if the writers for this show were white very very forced and fake

  • I'm wondering how many MOLES are planted on here to incite DIVISION. Give the writers a chance flex. Many white shows are corny as all get out… but they don't stone their own (publicly) like WE do. Come out come out where ever you are you MOLE. If ANY TV Show or Film has LESS than 2 people of color in it. I'm not giving them my ratings.

  • I hated the last episode involving the racist cop.
    He made them decide to move back home.
    It broke my heart badly how it still happens even in real life.

  • Okay everyone is saying there no kids that aren’t lightskinned but shauka isn’t mixed he’s brownskin fully black

  • damn y’all complaining to much 95 % of the comments “ why is the mom always lightskin why are the kids mixed “ it’s not that deep maybe they couldn’t find good actors that where completely black and not mixed how bout y’all write and produce y’all own black show i bet it would be horrible so stop complaining it’s annoying just stop in my opinion this show is really amazing i love it can’t wait for season 1 part 2 🥳 .

  • Omg I just got done watching the whole season and I loved it! Even though some of the jokes and stuff were corny it still made me laugh and the cast looked like they were really having fun. I came to youtube to see what other people thought and i regret that. XD I'm glad I watched this show i thought it was really cute <3 <3 I hope there is a season two because it got really real at the end!

  • Idk why everyone it hating on this show, i basically think it’s a good show and it’s funny for me, so I know it’s your opinion but i don’t like the « Mixed kids as actors in a ‘ black’ show » types of comments. It’s MY opinion, so plz don’t attack me 🙏🏽❤️

  • I’m am so tired over these light skin vs dark skin comments we all come in different shades there is no need to get mad at the color of the cast skin it’s ridiculous

  • Please allow Tia and the oldest daughter to wear their own natural hair! Why do they wear wigs and weave? Get some hair stylists who know how to style their hair. Emulate what they are doing on Blackish.

  • It's so funny that I looked at the comments section for the trailer of Netflix's new show "Mr. Inglesias" which is very similar in style to this one except with a predominately latino cast and everybody is PRAISING it: "Oooh can't wait to watch!" "OOhh bringing back 90s sitcom!" "OOOhh! Looks so funny!" and you get here and it's nothing but black people turning their nose up at something again, complaining how it's not this, that and the other enough!!

  • A I Luv Dis Show When I a1st Saw A Glimpse Of It When I Was Recently Hospitalized Cool Dat Lil Baby Red Gurl Could Play A Gurl I Knew Name Kisha Best Childhood Crush In My Future Real Life Story Movie Probly By My 40's🎆🌎🥞🍔🎧📱💻🖥🎼🎵🗽🌀🌡🎄😎💎🏀⚽️

  • I'm 15 yrs old I'm aspiring my dreams to become an actress I can do it very very well if you guys see this hit me up

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