Government Awards Trump’s Brother’s Company $33 Million Contract

Government Awards Trump’s Brother’s Company $33 Million Contract

For those of you who may not be familiar with
the Trump family tree, as I apparently was not Donald Trump actually hasn’t brother. He has a brother by the name of Robert Trump. And Robert Trump, uh, is the president of
a group called Trump management, which is also listed on Donald Trump’s financial disclosure
form. Now the reason that is important, even though
it’s not technically part of this story, is that it shows that the president and his brother
Robert Trump are in business together. And Robert Trump is also a heavy investor
in a company called Serta path. Now, Serita path provides private security
for federal courthouses in the United States. And recently the Trump administration awarded
Serita path. And by extension, Robert Trump, a $33 million
federal contract to provide security services at courthouses. $33 million from Donald Trump’s administration
to Robert Trump’s company. And now there are at least two different lawsuits
against the federal government for enriching the Trump family by giving this $33 million
contract to little Robbie Trump from Donnie Trump. So here’s the thing, folks. Typically here in the United States, in terms
of security at courthouses, that role is fulfilled by local police officers or us marshals or
in some bigger case with higher profile clients by groups like the FBI, they will go in and
provide security. But the Trump administration wants to change
all that. Let’s prioritize everything. Republicans tell us, privatized, privatized,
privatized, uh, private sector can do it much better than the federal government ever could,
which is the biggest lie the Republicans have ever sold the country other than trickle-down
economics. But this story is obviously particularly disgusting
because this administration came from the Trump administration or this contract, excuse
me, came from the Trump administration and it’s going straight to Trump’s brother. He may not be the president of that company. He may not be the owner of that company. But as an investor, he gets a share of that
$33 million. And as I mentioned at the beginning, considering
the fact that he is the president of Trump management company, which is a company that
Donald Trump also profits from, these two are in cahoots. So I’m glad that other bitters on this project
are suing the federal government over this. This is the kind of thing that needs to be
fleshed out a little bit more, right? We need to understand why the president’s
brother is going to be receiving millions of dollars to provide security at courthouses
across the United States. And hopefully during this process, we’ll also
find out why we’re starting to prioritize security at courthouses all across this United
States. That’s not something that needed to be done. It’s not something that was a problem the
way it had been running, but instead, like so many other issues, we’re going to go with
a private company. We are going to pay a heck of a lot more money. And in this particular instance, that money
is going to go to the president’s little brother.

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  • Wrong Cous…
    That Contract in so far as Federal Court Houses or any Federal Building is Controlled by GSA. Security is Performed by Federal Protection Services. Court Security Officers perform in Court Security w/ Support from U.S. Marshals. Exterior security is Performed by Private Security Officers in conjunction with Federal Protection Services Officers. . 24/7
    There Never was nor Do Federal Police ever Exist.
    Federal Agents : Yes
    Federal Police: No

  • I'd call Donald Dumbass the Swamp Thing; but then I'd be insulting the character of Swamp Thing…who has actually done more to clean up the swamp than Chump has ever done. And Swamp Thing is a fictional character.

  • But Hunter Biden gets a job and Republican's scream he's a criminal 🙄 Trumpians will be the downfall of this country.

  • Socialist south American and middle eastern countries should declare Trump an illegitimate president and recognise someone else as the real legitimate president. What? They can't do that? But the world capitalist mafia does it all the time!!

  • Here we go again!!!! And America let’s it happen! You know, in the end: Fuck You! You deserve this orange dogshit! 4 years of the same daily nightmarish news!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 it’s beyond insane!!!!!!!

  • Trump is not nor never has been a billionaire. He is deeply in debt and does not own most of the places with his name. He made money by selling the name without building. He wanted to be Prez to bilk the taxpayers, or federal coffers. Be very ashamed if you still support this con artist, liar and sociopath. Pay your taxes, but know he and his family will pocket it while he accuses everyone else of doing that. Projection is in the top five of symptoms of his mental illness. It’s why he does it every day.


  • Mr tangerine man is open pusious ulcer on the American people maybe its time to think about looking into the whole intire family seems to be one part of the swamp no one has tried to drain the legacy of trump is not a good look by any standards i wonder how much tax payers money is getting to his boss putin .just an idea he probably owes him a shit load for pulling his businesses out of the proverbial shit

  • This turkey is taking you guys for a ride, The world will not stand by idly and allow the U.S to undermine legacy and integrity of fallen ones!

  • Aren’t casino owners/ property developers , their families and associates, honest model citizens full of integrity ? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


    And let me guess… If we object, the Foxpatriots will respond that
    WE'RE JUST JEALOUS, right?

  • It’s the business magnates like Gates and Trump who have powerful influence in the world today. Then they go and invest in companies like Amazon, Citadel LLC or Winvest Infinity Fund. Everybody wonders where the money comes from? Or to? ☝🏼🤔

  • I demand the Congress to investigate this matter.

    This Trump family are a bunch of MONEY WHORES.

    Take this crap to COURT.

    This criminal family is all about themselves.

    This is a conflict of interest.
    Trump is probably stealing taxpayer's monies and Mulvaney and Mnuchin.

    This administration are a bunch of stone core

    Trump's brother getting that security contract shows there is impropriety going on.

    Trump and his family are looting the United States of America.

    Who was the person who allowed Trump's brother to get this contract?

    What other persons bided for this security contract?

    Trump and his criminal crime enterprise are taking over our government and trashing our Constitution and Laws.

    Trump and Pence must GO!

  • Investigate the finances of Trump's brother and see if he has had any bankruptcies or criminal activities in his life and work history.

  • The Godfather 2019. In this episode, Don "Cheeto Face" Trump awards a contract to his brother and tells him "Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me." Next week, Nancy Pelosi finds a horse's head in her bed.

  • The question is, why wasn't this stopped in the tracks? It's situations like this that prove to trump that he indeed can get away with anything.

  • The sad part is I'm 100 percent positive that the security officers who will be working in the court houses will be making 10 or 12 dollars an hour tops to provide the security. Meanwhile his brother will be making millions, and what about the police officers will they no longer have a job or what?

  • He's gonna have someone PAY his DEBT to RUSSIA and CRIMEA! This is TAXPAYERS money being ABUSED by these CROOKS! Can't wait to SEE the LOOK on his idiot SUPPORTERS faces when THEY SINK AMERICA! NEPOTISM, NEPOTISM, NEPOTISM never STOPS with this CROOK! He will FUNNEL PUTIN'S MONEY one way or another!

  • When america is tired of getting raped by this serial rapist, then it will end. Sorry for the hard analogy, but this is what being done to our country and lots of people are letting it happen

  • It's time people realize that he's gonna do whatever he wants to do, while he's in office!! Even if it means possibly doing or enacting some law, to give him extra time in office. We know what the constitution says, but both he and his supporters are clueless to that information!!

  • Courthouse security. Yeah we got people on that. They're called cops. They're assigned to the courthouse. They're already there.

  • trump has a brother :/ Is Robert trump as corrupt as the main man trump? Maybe better way to ask is, is there a trump that isn't corrupt?

  • No surprise there? His sister was a federal appellate judge who was under investigation for tax fraud but she retired causing the investigation to be dropped due to no longer being a judge. Investigation into her conduct was no longer a problem due to her retirement. Which is total b.s. The family has a long history of corruption, smh.

  • So what about Biden's son getting all that money from Ukraine and China but that's different isn't it you cocksuki g sob

  • America America
    Tramp finds a way

    He awards his brother
    Robert tramp the two-year old man child occupying the oval office tramp gives
    a government $33million contract . Brother security company, to provide security for courthouses instead of local police

    tramp is an investor in his brothers .company so tramp gets a % of that $33 million dollars government contract in his pockets
    Once again tramp crosses the line enriching himself with US taxpayers money.
    The crook and con Tramp never stops. He gets away with every crime and the republicans keep looking the other way.
    If any of us did one of the crimes tramp has committed we would be under the jail.
    So tramp is above the law
    Is he really?

  • Of course they do… I thought it wasn't allowed to provide contracts to family members of the government people?
    I am not American, so i am not an expert on American laws. But even i know that this is a conflict of interest and violation of the constitution.

  • The irony is that a country like Sweden like most countries in Europe are social democracies, that some people here (read Republicans) are calling "communists" – Yet they have far more options for public utilities than what we have here in the U.S. In Sweden they have much better competition for Broadband Internet and most people even have Fiber with FAR faster speeds & much cheaper Internet than what we have. They also have more competition and far cheaper mobile phone services. They have a free market for choosing Electricity unlike most of us who only have literally ONE option. Don't get tricked by the American right-wingers trying to spread Misinformation & FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

  • This is what the psychopaths do. They take money away from programs that are needed for the people to fill their friends and their own pockets while they can.

  • Idiots acting like presidents dont always do this. Newsflash, you ignorant fucktards, its been happening since the country was created.

  • Despicable. The Trump's are taking hard working tax payers money to line their own pockets. This is so dangerous ,especially how Trump keeps slandering the Federal people in our country. It looks like treason and criminals taking over our government and criminals slithering into destroying "We the people ". Are there enough righteous good people still in our government to put a stop to this ????? Trump removed all the safety locks we put in place.

  • Why are people surprised!! This is the way it works everywhere in the world in all
    Business!!!! If I know someone on the inside that makes decisions the Job goes to me!!!! That’s the benefit of knowing people and the privilege that comes along with it!!! And there’s nothing wrong with that!!!! You don’t like it , too bad!!!! Fuck you expect !! If my bro works as a construction manager at some big firm you best believe I’m getting the window job or whatebr

  • Omg this man does every thing that is illegal or a conflict of interest and gets away with it. WHY WHY WHY.Are the democrats such weaklings that they are unable to do anything.He is using this presidency to further enrich himself , his family and his rich cronies. Democrats sit with their tails between their legs and do NOTHING.SHAME ON THEM.

  • Again I ask how and why is delusional Donnie still breathing? Put them on one of Elon musks prototype rockets one way trip to Mars

  • This is not new .
    The privatization of any major block of govt services goes to friends .fuck look at charter schools .student debt collection licences to friendly collection firms .legal cannabis production licences. Painting roads .fuck you name it .building was papa trumps cash cow from ww2 …its crony capitalism. This is what trump I'd their for . Not just himself those massive tax breaks for billionaires was his first priority . 80 billion a year extra in military number 2 .120 billion to Saudi in arms sakes to do isreal and oil companies proxy wars …ivanka getting a 100 million kick back from Saudi govt to her " empowering women'" agenda . All I have seen of that is a once a month luncheon of connected rich white cunts lunching at the white house on the tax payer . Fuck Obama opened th floodgates on charter schools dropped billions on the drone project .deported an average of 300000 back to Latin America. Their every movement by bus plane every meal every detention centre all private…..the entyre apparatus of politics is just theatre.
    The peasants have only had 4 chances to change their lot
    The French revolution .
    The Russian revolution
    The unionization of workers in the 20s.
    The rich coseeded concessions with unions but hated them.Vietnam nailed their resolve yo turn back time . The masses g ad got to start . They had developed critical thinking skills .
    To say we see the results of their efforts . Open racism . Blaming the poor. anti immigration.anti lgbt . Fear of progressive policies .convincing the new generation that a 6 month open contract is best ad ht allows them the freedom to move around therefore no rmpliter commitment . You are disposable…..fir your own good
    No pension no benefits.
    The billionaire class now runs it all .we need a new revolution but they using fb and social media fave care sure the masses will never unite. Fuck the phone geeps everyone their own world feeding themselves tgeir own beliefs 24/7 .all done my data mining

  • Trump has 3 siblings including an older sister who looks just like him. Only Donald inherited the family real estate dynasty although I have my suspicions that he was the very child who was not worthy of such an inherentance.

  • What a skank! Remember
    When Drumpf was running for office and he said " I love the uneducated,oh how I love
    the uneducated!" Those
    Are his maggot supporters . But as stupid as Drumpf lets on to be he
    Knows what to do about money and manipulating
    People. When is that Republican administration going to
    Wake up? They are just as
    Corrupt as he is!

  • That doesn't really explain why trump still looks like a shit stained garden gnome and his brother doesn't. Thought it might've been genetic but I guess not.

  • OK let’s see daughter works in the White House, so.
    Son In law works in the White House and now brother gets money from the White House.

  • If I could I would grab that orange hair SOB and kick his ass right out the white house and lock him. Taking our tax dollars.

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