Hilton: We now have a booming economy, but a broken society

Hilton: We now have a booming economy, but a broken society

100 thoughts on “Hilton: We now have a booming economy, but a broken society

  • You are wrong, sir. Trump supporters will not get behind him if he attempts to take away our God-given right to protect ourselves from these lunatics. Punishing all law-abiding citizens by infringing on their right to self protection is not how you stop criminals from killing us. I guess since Leftists create violence and try to shut down free speech we should outlaw conservative speech to fix that problem too. I'm all in favor of an actual solution, but caving in to the gun-grabbers is not one. Any law that impedes law abiding citizens in the least little way from exorcising their rights…not a valid answer. We are not the problem!

  • In order to change the tone of hatred you need the major media networks to stop inciting it. Stop giving them the press they feed from which includes this video. I agree with the position here but it keeps them in the forefront. Choke them and silence them.

  • Christ Almighty. America is helmed by a mind that had no place in higher forms of government. In fact, his type of thinking isn't appropriate even in the tiniest municipality or town hall. That message becomes clearer nearly every damned day.

  • Notice no one cared about white supremacists violence while they were only lynching African Americans. All of a sudden they’re killing everyone equally including you white men and now they’re public enemy numero uno. I shake my head at you America as you did not listen to Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, MLK, The Most Honorable Elijah Mohammad, Khalid Mohammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan when the spoke of these predators and described them as the devil the Bible speaks of. Even Obama did everything he possibly could to ward off the white supremacist threat, but as Trump got into the WH he rolled all those measures back. Now look at that Trump running around like a chicken without a head trying to find a solution for a problem that should have been solved 100 yrs ago.

  • Don't be alarmed that Fox has turned off comments on some of their videos. Like their sister station, CNN, they don't want us to know each other's reactions because it might steer the narrative…their narrative.


  • New Assault on White Supremacy! I give up. "Reverse Discrimination" has been the long standing problem and it is Whites who are targets of Minority Revenge via EO and Affirmative Action for things this generation did not do. No Wall. No Spending Cuts. Endless War. And Now, 'Nacht und Nebel" Gun Control? Liberals Always Win! "NYC Values" as Ted Cruz said. Trust my instincts? No! I voted for Trump. I give up voting. There is only one political party with a very convincing floor show, but its old.

  • Hilton is an unbelievable moron. There is no white supremacy movement, you tool. It's a fairy tale conjured up by the left because they desperately need a boogeyman.

  • How cares of the NRA. Gun Owners of America! Red flag laws sound good but bad written will just be used against law abiding people.

  • Thanks for some positive thoughts! We need that so much! The democrats are pushing us down so much! We can become depressed just listening to them!

  • Lol! So this fool said he wants to try and talk about hope, and soon as he opens his mouth, he blames Democrats🤣🤣 these right wing fools never seize to amaze me for once.

  • Not only are Dems filled with hate but they constantly complain and do nothing about the situations they complain about. They are like kids throwing a tantrum

  • We know the truth about Epstein and trump. Blocking comments wont help..

    Trump is a pedophile. And Deplorables ignore it. But if it was Obama they would be crying out like beeeitches 🙄😑😑

  • We can thank Trump for our incredible economy, while the looney liberals are clearly responsible for the destruction of our society. They won't be happy until we're at the level of that liberal, socialist, utopia Venezuela.

  • No, when Trump makes every person that supports borders sound like a "white supremacist", HE'S smearing the people that put him in office.. I'm so done with this.

  • Booming, "Shillton"?
    Not if you´re a farmer…
    Not if you´re a Miner…
    Not if you´re a minority…
    Not if you need medicine…

  • I’m afraid if we stop fighting back then only the left’s narrative will be heard by our youth, insuring we will go down the Marxist Socialism trail in the future.

  • We do not have "machine guns"… Semi auto rifles are not machine guns; banning them would strip the 2nd amendment of its intended use. Fix American society by ending the welfare state and abortion, not disarming citizens. The governments job is not to prevent consequences for bad life choices…

  • If I was a betting man the whole Epstein case will just go away!! to many Big time Washington politicians {Pedophiles} involved in child trafficking for many many years!!

  • I'm white. I'm poor. I've never once in my 52 years seen or heard people that think there white supremist. If you think I'm supreme just because I'm white well, thank you but I just don't feel supreme nor do any of my friends. 52 years, you'd figure I would have at least run in to one. I've been looking too. I love every one of every color and have every color of the rainbow in my family. This stuff is just made up. Sorry to burst you bubble. It's just not true and your moving forward a lie.

  • There are no machine guns on the streets, halfwit. The 2nd Amendment protects Americans from government. It is not going to change.

  • Preserving our Constitutional rights is more important than quelling fear based public responses to tragedy. Safety cannot be guaranteed but liberty must be.

  • You really want to do something take the gmo foods out of our diets that minsontos designed its destroyibgcthe x y genes

  • Do you mean a booming economy like when W was in office I think we know how that ended up keep drinking the kool- aid

  • Not since the Civil War has the nation been so divided and threatened. Rabid Green-Leftists went off the Toon-Town rails. Toot-Toot!

  • The left will never cheer Trump on. Not even if he resurrected John Lennon.

    You fail to see that this is their one-and-only shot to remake the world as their hearts' desire. There are people who began planning this over 55 years ago. They are too invested.

    Now more than ever the 2A needs protected. "Shall not be infringed".

  • Stevey boy here seems to be totally lost as to what's really going on.. thinking he/we can fix it all with hugs and kisses shows just how (dangerously) out of touch this guy is..

  • Since you seem to be Clueless Hilton…We already had a Broken Society…And it wasnt White Supremacy that was the problem..If you hadnt noticed…The Left is allowed to be Extreme Bigots against Whites….this has been going on for decades…La Raza..NAACP….BET…Black Caucus…Hispanic Caucus…Protecting certain favored groups based on skin color..Affirmative Action..Government Racism for the world to see ..on and on…
    Its the Progs that are RACIST!..White Nationalism is nothing but a smoke screen to Cow Whites so the Fascist DemonRats can seize power without a fight…Aint Happenin’..

  • The economy bubble will break sooner or later, and Trump's method to deal with the debt: Print more money! This according to a book by Woodward. Woodward wrote that Cohn (eco. advicer) then went on to explain how printing more money is thought to lead to inflation and could be catastrophic for the fiscal health of the U.S. And lately we have the business genius' tariffs paid by the american people…

  • Ah it’s another “I’ve a British accent so I’m smart” Fox News host to join Varney. Why are people still duped by it?

  • Even fox is trying to put Trump with Epstein. We all know the truth. And so do the right people. And I'm talking about it here because they will not let you post on the videos of Epstein. Who are they protecting???

  • They want all President Trump supporters to raise the temperature, so they can use that to turn the voting public against him.

  • Are you kidding me? Drump-head only knows hate and division. He is nothing more than a NY thug. He inherited the strongest economy ever, you are nuts! Lies, lies, lies

  • The broken society only exists in the big cities, where it has always existed. Small town USA is still as idyllic as ever, well, apart from the south where small towns are now full of aliens…

  • We were broken as a society by eight years of fawning by pandering press and Obama; completely out of touch with Christian founded America. You don't HAVE to be Christian to know right from Democrat!

  • The only way to protect the second amendment is to protect it. Destroying parts of it destroys it. The only legitimate way to limit gun ownership is to offer an amendment to the people. It is OURS to decide that, not Congress' or the courts'

  • You say, you want to mend the US. You don't have the balls to do what needs to be done. Repeal the 19th Amendment.

  • Mericans are suffering from amnesia, like a husband or wife who’s unfaithful and constantly lie, and the partner still accepts it, because they don’t want to believe the alternative….

  • I can't say that a broken society is going to be turned around in the same way that the economy was straightened up. A broken society comes from having lots of broken people. That won't change in a week or a year. The insanity of gun control is a knee-jerk reaction. The measures under consideration will not fix our problem with violence. In so doing, Trump plays into the hands of the marxist leftists, whose stated goal is to disarm Americans and retire the Constitution so that marxist totalitarian government can succeed over freedom. I thought he was smarter than that.

  • Maybe so, but the truth is, we've had a broken society for decades. It's a direct result of the lax immigration system introduced by the Johnson administration during the mid 1960s and the subsequent colonial ideology of the left.

  • I don’t know…I hope I’m wrong…but I feel that if they keep this assault up on the 2nd Amendment…someday…it will lead to a civil war…again…I hope I’m wrong…

  • Whites should be supreme in their own countries. Every race is supreme in their own countries. But for some reason (racism), whites are not allowed that privilege.

  • Neo-Nazis from Austrailia, Now? Trumpsky/PUTIN 20/20
    Booming economy? How many more trillion $ in debt? Get back 'Down Under' skin head!

  • Ben Carson & Steve Hilton are so correct, we need to and can turn the negativity of the left around but we need to be serious about it, change our ways to a higher way & resist attacks especially when the left persists.

  • We already had a booming economy. Growth slowed when Trump took office, The GDP has not matched Obama years levels and new jobs are short over a million under Trump compared to Obama. The paranoid lunatic guntoter issues have been with us for far longer than Obama and Trump.

  • We don't have machine guns on the street.. This guy is dead wrong. Shall not be infringed.. Trump will lose in 2020 if he touches guns. Mark my words.

  • Fox News…..allowing commenting functions on certain videos but not others. I seem to remember a certain State run media that does something similar 'cough' RUSSIA 'cough'

  • The fact is Trump and the republicans have just set a record with a 867 billion dollar fiscal deficit Trump has bankrupted everything he's ever gotten his hands on. And I do mean everything. An airline, a beverage company, a casino which before Trump came along was considered a can't lose industry, a magazine, a mortgage company, a board game, a travel site, a online university, and a vodka company. And now he's got his hands on a country.

  • The economy isn't that good and there are lots of warning signs. I wish Trump wouldn't be so difficult with allies. We won't have any soon.

  • you need to cut full time to 20 hours and create twice as many jobs but leave the wage the same. Better than doubling the wage. More jobs. Then offer an incentive to employers that if they invest 50 percent of their income into employees they get a double tax deduction. Then create HMOs for the least wage earners that includes dental. Standardize physician hours and wage at some cost 250 thousand or so. You have to get medical and dental to the underclass.

  • FOX News is nothing but a spokesperson for Donald Trump. FOX will support everything Trump and has absolutely no backbone to actually criticize Trump. FOX is actually worse than CNN, and that's saying a lot.

  • Machine Guns have been ILLEGAL for years. Red Flag laws could so easily be abused. "I don't like him, so I am gonna say they are mentally ill." Then you have to PROVE that you are able to have a gun? Even then, it takes a year…

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