How I Made $120,000 My FIRST YEAR In Real Estate

How I Made $120,000 My FIRST YEAR In Real Estate

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  • I’m starting real estate 2018 and I’m terrified! I’ve been on sales for 6 years and so good and negotiating I guess I’m scared to try something new but my goal will be 100k gotta set the bars high! Thanks a lot you motivated me so much!

  • thank you for this, I'm kind of young.. starting to become an adult and I want to find ways to make money, and I watched this full video, and I wanna become a real estate. you really gave me enough information to do this. my goals for the future is HIGH STAT.
    thank you for this.

  • Whats up man, thanks for the content! I'm following you from my friend Matt Davies' recommendation in SD. I've been running my own personal training biz for a bit over 2 years & decided to get my RE license, just passed a few weeks ago & looking to scale out of PT. Keep up the great work!
    My goals are to make over 100k in RE this first year, create a website for online PT (to scale out of in person PT), & create new meaningful relationships with top producers around the world, specifically here in California. Cheers!

  • Hi Brian! I appreciate every bit of knowledge you share with us! I am a bit confused by the multi dialer system you mentioned in this video. What happens if two people answer at once? Do you place one on hold? Lol, please let us know how that works!

  • I am from OC. Currently working toward getting my real estate license. Want to work in the area of Irvine and Newport. : )

  • I’m literally obsessed with your videos and learning so much!! Omw think I should start my very own YouTube channel hahahaha confidence is key thanks for all the info!! I would religiously watch your videos and make notes this is amazing….. thanks Bryan

  • Went to an open house my future brokerage was hosting for some recon, i was suprised how passive the realtor was and honestly just wondered arou d waiting for her to approach me. After a while i picked her brain to get a feel for it and was suprised how unaccomidating it felt. She also spoke in all the realtor terminology i was barely familiar with and mentioned that on the comment card. She seemed nervous, but was nice. Just downloaded Mike Ferrys scripts yo pdf. Thanks again Bryan, i owe you a coke! 👌

  • In this video you say “master your craft and your scripts” but in your other ones you tell us to stop overthinking and we’re just procrastinating by trying to master door knocking essentials. Just pointing it out, you’re the man!

  • Hi man. I'm new your channel. I'm a wannabe realtor from Mississippi. Lol. Thanks for the awesome videos man. You're a great communicator and you seem to be a really nice person.

  • I'm a fan of your video. I have 5 years of experiences in Furniture industry, thinking to switch out to Real Estate. I am currently working in Walnut, California area, where your office is. It might be crazy for me to say this, but I am willing to quit my job right now and work for you for free. I personally think whatever you are mentioning in your speeches is priceless and I would love to be around to learn more. You can make people believe what you believe, which to me it is so powerful.

  • Thanks for the content, you are just like my mentor. Looking forward to executing a successful business

  • video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

  • Great video! Let me go ahead and get you set up with a pair of glasses that have a blue blocking filter without the yellowing of the lens. That way you can wear them and also look better while you are in front of a client 😃 I’m currently an optician but looking into being an agent in the future. Love your videos.

  • I started 3 months ago. So far got 3 deals which are about to sell which will make me about 30k. The average salary on my area is 24k a year so I'm already pretty happy.

  • Do you know of a system that can collect info at the door? Also, I have a difficult time talking to ppl that I know … even if I know them fairly well. So what do you say on your monthly calls?

  • I just started taking classes online and I know it's hard work and I'm ready but I need a mentor? And suggestion! I've asked some I k ow that does real estate work and she keeps brush oj ng me off

  • Hey Bryan, I've been watching your videos like crazy man!
    Is it possible to be an agent that specializes in working with investors?
    If yes, what's lists would you get to start calling from day 1?
    Thanks man!

  • No joke. This is the most helpful, perspective building video I have watched from you so far….thank you so much. I am about to switch to a different office, but all of the advice that I have gathered from your channel has been invaluable to me. I will need to put in my first two years of being forged into the agent I want to become. !

  • I'm from Vegas. Just getting into this. I'm about to take my test and all. Just wanna know more what to do and expect. This video is very inspiring and I'm very pump to get into this! Many thx

  • Hi Bryan I’m real estate agent in Hawaii. I wanna thank you for the videos I learned a lot from you. My carrier just started but I’m inspired by you. Door knocking baby!!!! Feel free to get touch with me: [email protected] I will definitely gonna referral you to my friends.

  • Love the info! Not sure if you’ve made a video on it yet but I’m curious in CA about the tax on commission/fees on that $120k

  • Im considering going to real estate school. But idk a thing about the business. Im about to be 21. I feel like no one will take me seriously. Do i need to know anything before starting school? So i dont seem like a complete dumbass

  • If you have a list of homeowners contact but you do not know them personally. What would you do to connect to them? Jack

  • I'm a new agent in Phoenix, AZ (about 2 1/2 months in). I joined a top producing team at Keller Williams and I have the Mike Ferry Scripts. I have an awesome mentor who has already done over 70 deals this year and I still find myself getting discouraged that I haven't gotten anything yet.

  • Bryan, huge fan of your channel. I’m currently a full-time portrait and headshot photographer and I have found your coaching to be exceptionally helpful. I’m 47 years old, and I’ve had a secret dream to be in real estate since I was a young kid growing up in Beverly Hills. I’ve had all kinds of life experiences, from being very well off to being flat broke, from being an actor, to working in medicine. I’ve had a lot of career changes and now I’m really going to go for my hearts desire. Selling homes! I have a goal to get my license next year and begin. My goal is to make 100,000 a year before I’m 50. I know this might sound like a silly question, but am I too old to get into real estate? I can’t stop thinking about it, and I’m determined. Will I be at a disadvantage going into this game in my late 40s? Any advice for someone looking to switch into this career? Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • I'm studying to take my exam. My goal for the first year is 50k. I told myself if I can do that, then I know I'll be able to do this as a full-time career! 🙂

  • Great content! I love your videos. I am brand new to the industry and super excited to hit the ground running. I start training next week. Your videos have given me some great baseline knowledge and tips and I really appreciate them. Just out of curiosity what did you do before real estate?

  • All I wanna say is great job on the offered informations! Not like most of othet videos that are nothing more than motivational videos without any info of how to get there, you base yours on real life info and instructions, very helpfull ! 👍
    Keep up the good work,
    Ps: I'm about to get my licence 🤘

  • Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.

  • Have you ever mentored anyone who worked a full time job? if so What was the best strategy for them to become successful agents with a full time job ?

  • Can't you get all those leads from the MLS instead of needing to subscribe to RedX? Is there a cheaper dialer you would recommend ? I don't have the budget for $103.00/month for a dialer.

  • Thanks for the advice and tips I’m from the Boston area just started taking my classes to obtain my license and I find the vids informative looking forward to checking out the other ones you have up

  • I'm thinking of joining Keller Williams or Century 21 pretty soon here when my license arrives, thanks for this video and the others. Very helpful wisdom. I wish you all the best, to all of you in your individual businesses may they prosper and grow. God bless. Peace 🙏

  • Hola Bryan, interesantes videos, buen feeling. Te aconsejo que hagas videos para el mercado hispano, aumentaría tu audencia. Saludos

  • I understand it takes lots of dedication, motivation & perseverance. But do you feel because of your passion and drive that these challenges were fun? Like the cold calling and door to door. I ask because I feel I will enjoy the hands on, getten in the middle of things until I too have “mastered my own craft” is it presumptuous to think it will be fun!?! 😎
    Not sure I worded this right 🤔🤔🤔🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

  • Hi Thankyou.i live in Brisbane Australia and have my second interview next week. Two people in the agency i applied for made over 200k in there first year so for me thats the bar. Thankyou for your help ive been watching your videos for one week and already have 5 lines of scripts sorted from watching your cold call video lol….just wanted to say Hi…wish me luck and wil continue watching aaaayyyy👐 subscribed x

  • I’m 25 from Fresno California. Decided I’m going to get my real estate license for sure 100% this morning. I did have a question about taxes. When you make so much, don’t you have to give back like half of it when taxes come around??

  • 17 year old here looking to get into real estate here on van isle Canada. Subbed liked and belled thanks for the great advice

  • Thanks for the video! I'm in the process of getting licensed! Its my 3rd day in class. What I am doing is trying to gain as much knowledge about real estate as possible before I get licensed! As you were saying, its good to get knowledge before getting licensed so you know the dialogue! Thanks for you video, it gave me boost in confidence

  • Funny you mention those people who tell you lower your expectation; my inner circle said "You probably will only sell 1 house your first year." Yes, those same people worked mediocre jobs and had mediocre lives and lacked any ambition

  • If you talked to 50 people per day every 5-7 days a week then you talked to about 250-350 people per week? or 13,000 – 18,200 people per year? You made 15 deals in your first year? Then out of everyone you talked to, all of your business/deals were from about 0.082% to 0.115% of them (around 1/10th of 1%)? Not hating, I love your videos, I'm just wanting to ask and gage and get a rough number so that I'd know not to get discouraged from hundreds, if not 1,499 people saying "no". If I'm misunderstanding something that's cool just wanted to clarify.

  • Great Video BC –
    I did over 50 deals turns out to be a little over quarter million in the first year
    No Advertising
    Lots of networking & social media(Youtube)
    been following you from the day I start my real estate exams – so thank you so much for all great content & motivation

  • Just got my license! So excited to start when I get hired by a brokerage! Already applied to two, now working on applying to EXP

  • Hey Bryan! Love your videos, packed with useful information all the time, love the positivity and the energy! Keep it up 👌 I’m 21 years old and currently halfway through my license in Windsor! So stoked to get started!

  • That's not big money. Considering you have to pay taxes .
    A truck driver makes more without the stress of having to talk to 50 persons a day .
    I thought that a Real Estate Agent was making at least half a million a year before taxes .

  • I don't get it btw. I make excellent money but I would never publicize it on YouTube.
    I tell lies in order to protect what I have achieved.
    You don't want to let people know and hop in your same field .
    You want to be among very few .
    I don't get it.

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