Hurricane Dorian survivor describes making heartbreaking discovery

100 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian survivor describes making heartbreaking discovery

  • It's an island full of Blackfolks, of course the Chump gov't isn't going out of it's way to help them get to safety here in the US!

  • And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. ( Matthew 24:6-8) The time is near. Jesus died for you even though he did not know you!! What will you do?

  • Why is it USA that is responsible for the aftermath after all of the worlds natural disasters? The Bahamas is surrounded by countries, why not go to Cuba or Turks or Dominican? I don’t get it. We can send aid but that’s not good enough? We now have to absorb another country’s population ?

  • I feel for these people I really do. I do wonder how they will spin this to make it about trump though. Cnn really loves him

  • The Bahamas is a British Commonwealth , CNN report on that. Queen Elizabeth is the head of State. Go figure you bleeding heart Liberals.

  • I hate how CNN loves to show the oppressed like that, they don’t care about the people only the story. I pray these people are safe with family and the Bahamas make a full recovery. CNN why not show us the people getting all the support from around the world why not show us the strength of a people unwilling to give up. Give us the stories of survival

  • Just fudging be ready on their arrival and issue temp visas once registered… How hard can it be to keep a strict border control?

  • This is horrible, how could they turn those families away to certain death? This is heartbreaking. Trump and his administration are so cruel. God bless you all at this heartbreaking time. RIP to the deceased and I hope the injured can get the medical help they need….as long as Trump gets his border wall at all cost nothing or no one else matters. Maybe Trump can draw them some planes with his sharpie, wtf is wrong with that low life?

  • While dump brags about his sewer rat dynasty, and now denying bahamians entry BECAUSE OF A HURRICANE PIG! DUMP IS AN ALL TIME SEWER RAT LOSER. IMPEACH AND PRISON!!!

  • Just bulldoze everything into the ocean and start with fresh land. Live in tents and slowly build new houses shaped like domes.

  • Media: "President Trump ordered the military to make a hurricane cuz he hates black people"

    America : 😒🤦🏾‍♂️…Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • Our time will came when all of the usa is destroyed and we wont be anle to go anywhere if we dont have a passport or what ever is needed to get in somewhere else….smh what a sad time it is for them rn and then they cant even get help due to no visa…..smh can only imagine tthe level of frustration one must have rn

  • Hey Trump– this quote is for you .
    "Mark my words; someday — you'll get what's coming to you. Karma's a bigger bitch than you.”
    ― Kathleen Brooks

  • Heartbreaking 😢. It could happen to anyone at anytime, be it hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or man made destruction. No one asks for bad things to happen to them. We have to be more compassionate to each other.

  • This is my people and the government need stop damn lying. Shame on them. They don't stop they will see what God will do. Fear God or suffer the consequences.

  • CNN loves…..Death and to Hate Conservative Americans…..people wouldn't watch if they didn't rant about one or the other.

  • vou ora pra voces porque aqui no brasil ta muito ruim metade dos brasileiros se encontra desempregados passado fome miseria totalizando milhoes sen emprego pasando fome doente turbeculose hn1 epatite a.b.c derame mal de ozaine cequera surdes baixas enmunidades fraco mais nao cai

  • There have been enough category fives in the last several years for rulers of North American countries to have plenty of knowledge of them. That doesn't require rocket science but what does is how we cope with these monster storms

  • Fox News interviewed two Border Control officers and they said that they didn't know why they were told to get off the ferry.

  • They should go to the surrounding Islands and be with their own people.
    Usa can't take them. sadly.
    And the ones in the rubble will be eaten by the birds.

  • You can’t imagine it unless you live through one of these disasters, you are weak, weary, hot, tired, hungry, thirsty and desperate. It is very, extra hard on babies and old folk. Please help the Bahamas and the people of Bahamas. Just think of yourself in the Abaco where all was destroyed and you survived, it could happen to any of us. If not by storm or water, by fire, by tornado, by earthquake, a disaster is just that disaster and people need help.

  • Jeff Bezo where are you? You're worth 160 Billion and you can't help out! I hope everyone is paying attention! Mark Zuckerburg where are you? What a disgrace

  • My fucking country's population is less than 100,000 with ALL 700 islands and cays COMBINED. Do you know how small Abaco and Grand Bahama's population is compared to the number of people added to New York every year? Two islands of people with no criminal record don't even break 50,000 people. Spread them out to different states, a few thousand people whose home is now an off the grid island will not tank the US economy. People on those islands have literally went back to what we were before civilization just with cars and barely working cellphones 🤦🏾‍♀️ they need help. We were born here and not everyone can leave if you won't even allow us.

  • Queen Elizabeth Royal pain in the a** and the old stinky soiled dyper wearing woman stuck her own family who had mental illness in a place where they were being abused to think she help out the people in the Bahamas is ridiculous maybe she tose them her left overs but she wont do much.

  • Trump pushed his immigration agenda again! He tried his best to make his saying that Immigration is bad and anyone who isn't American is bad subtle but it failed. Why is now really the time! Good luck to all those in the Bahamas as a fellow Commonwealth realm we hope you are able to recover.

  • May God bless all the suffering families and rest in peace the deceased people of Hurricane DORIAN Bahamas category 5, 185 Miles Per hour winds,

  • Very important to following the rules if you expect to grow and learn and development, I am praying for you to be blessed by God! ❤️ amen ❤️

  • blame the bahamian government, the country is so flat and rich completely open to hurricanes those people should had all had visas,..Lousy government, they didnt even set up a fortified location for the people in case of something like this

  • Let this sink in 5 years ago hurricane Sandy hit NJ and as of today houses are still being built from the storm at a Cat 2

  • Oh, it America’s fault, and American’s need to pay to make it all better! Come on, make them a state so they can also get free stuff 🤣🤣🤣

  • Now is the time for the Hollywood elites to send their private jets and super yachts to pick up these people, and bring them to the US to live in their luxury mansions and beach houses for free.

  • Always wondered how an Island Nation with an average hotel rate of $480/night and 20% tax on imports has such poor people and no plans to help its people.

  • How is America supposed to keep violent Bahamian criminals looking to flee the Island from getting into our country without a Visa check? Nobody is being denied a Visa they just need to apply to get screened.

  • I wonder if these two reporters would like the Haitian criminals to come in undocumented and rob and murder their loved ones, I doubt it. instead they are trying to instigate hate against president Trump for protecting the interests of his country and his people . what double standards .

  • For all the selfish hateful commentors, just wait until the next cat 5 hits Florida and the east coast of the USA or the gulf coast and it will hit oh it's coming…. We're still in hurricane season it's not over yet we got two months to go so stop acting like this is the last hurricane… OF THIS YEAR! Don't forget there is next year and the year after that and so on…

  • When did the World, just stop talking about the facts?

    They lie about everything……..

    "The entire Island is dead… "….. "There are no survivors"…. "No one is helping, because so few survived and there aren't any means, for those who survived, to help."

    It is complete and total devastation….

    Yet another thing I hate about the 'New World' of things……. No actual Reporting…… Just people who don't want to do their job, but want to get paid……

    I mean, the Media could be used to eliminate Crime, Corruption, Drugs, Violence, to compensate those for losses, be it money, possessions, life, etc….. Instead….. all of the 'possibilities', the World gets this crap………. Not a fan of the Media…………

  • my heart goes out to my people of the Bahamas Island I'm from or was of the settlement of 8mile rock Pinedale Grand Bahamas Island I'm now a citizen of the USA. I have family in the west end part of grand Bahama I have not heard much about that side of the island yet. can someone tell me if they know anything yet

  • My heart hurts when I see this beautiful beautiful place destroyed just like that 😔😔😔🕊🌱🕊❤️🌎❤️🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼

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