Joe: Kellyanne Conway Would’ve Been Fired On Spot By Other Administrations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Kellyanne Conway Would’ve Been Fired On Spot By Other Administrations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe: Kellyanne Conway Would’ve Been Fired On Spot By Other Administrations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Ever notice the little statue on horseback in the Oval Office? It is a little statue of a little man, namely, Andrew Jackson, our seventh president, who was a racist and, effectively, a murderer of some four thousand Native Americans of the Cherokee Nation, whom he marched out west on the infamous "Trail of Tears" in the dead of winter. His little statue is in the office of another little man, who reveres Jackson as his hero. (Jackson, at least, did NOT have "bone spurs".)

  • If you believe anything joe and mika, oops I mean Jim and Tammyfae Baker say you must be sick individuals. They make a nice pair don't they.

  • Wtf. If someone is born in eg. The United States, they are originally from The United States. Their parents, grandparents or further distanced ancestors may have originated from some other country – but you did not.

    It's all but impossible to know/trace someone's ancestors "were originally from", because humans have migrated and copulated with non-full-brothers-and-sisters for many, many millennia, and there's no agreed upon cut-off. At best we can sorta map out some genetic traces. It's really easy to map where you are originally from though. Where your birth certificate was issued.

  • Wow nice to see an honest woman stating it like it is. Kelly Conway rules. I would swim across a river of crocodiles to save a woman like her. So nice to hear straight talk instead of the manipulative con artists from the zionist controlled main stream media like the blonde bimbo above and her sidekick whoever they are.

  • These Freshman Democrats are the modern Democratic Party, it's their ideas that will shape the future.

    So it's good that Nancy Pelosi is finally standing up for them and showing some spine, let's hope she keeps this up and remembers the Republicans and their policies are the enemy, not those of the progressives of her own party!

  • Am I the only Republican who left his party because of Trump? How can anyone not see what the incumbent is doing? We have camps for "Illegals" that would have made Hitler proud had they been filled with Jews instead. How can any Republican who isn't blind or moronic NOT oppose what Trump stands for.

  • Let's not hold Ronald Reagan up as a paragon. He kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where the civil rights workers had been murdered.

  • When jerky trump is dumped out of office,deranged Conway will suffer a complete mental breakdown!Karma is fast approaching!

  • Ms KC’s rock is waiting …when she crawls under it, it will be removed and she’ll be exposed to the elements

  • Conway hates Trump, yet she is still his shill. Cray cray. George Conway deserves a wife who can keep her stories straight.

  • 7:05 You cannot become French in France??? You can become a French citizen in 5 years, 2 years in certain cases or immediately if you serve in the French army or have a refugee status. The fee for naturalisation is €55 (wikipedia).

  • There's nothing Trump said was racist. You all should go back from where you came and solve issues there. That I said that does not make me a racist. Now if I called you rag head or other name doesn't make me a racist it's derogatory.

  • I will never understand how Kelleyanne can continue working for the president after he publicly disrespecting her husband. She is setting a bad example for young women .

  • i love george conway's tweets. but feel sorry for him that he has to wake up next to kellyanne conjob every morning. poor guy.

  • Lol… Wait for it, I'm a person of color too…white ! Even better my wife is L.A., Ca., Mexicans background . America your true colors are showing ! Remove trump !

  • You have all missed the point,A jew has no honer that's why they say am a jew, but he should say what nationality they are not religious sec they belong to.

  • Respect our troops! Let's see the vets off the street and properly compensated for their sacrifices if not shout up kelly ann.

  • Im not a Republican…but u lose me when u guys are supposed to be news…not giving a emotionally involved opinion

  • If Americans Repiblicans Became Fadcist ..Trump is one of Them..than .

  • Who ever work for Trump, you all will get caught in Trump mess, he need to be kick out of the White House, and be in jail, I forgot the KKK and the rifle associate and Russia has something to do with the voted, investigate the entire White House, she need to be fired on the spot, let it be different race, they would had been gone, (Racists) and the wife of trump she along with him also, you don't know if his wife is a spy, she from Russian

  • He's not going to lose any supporters. Trump could literally go out in the street and shoot someone and he would not lose any votes.

  • You democrats are not seeing bravery and sane new members telling you why your losing the patience of the people. If I thought this would help you see the truth I might not say it because you are so corrupt you cannot see your part of the problem. Not the solution that requires an overhaul of your two party system of governing and selling out the poor to the pockets of cash the rich are enticing you with to keep the status quo stagnation in government alive and your against new blood in your rotten bribery system.These new members are telling you what the pulse of the people really is and its not for Joe Biden chuck schemer and Nancy Pelosi. Selling out to the same oligarchs bribing the GOP TEE party taken over by anti science, non genius, pathological lying president Donald Trump.

    The same rabidly criminal people bribing your news stations in government. The same bribers behind the fanatical homophobic dishonest running mate Vice president Mike Pence. And President Trumps personal obeying yes man servant William Barr. Most Americans still see you as the lessor evil and you will never win an election with that strategy again because a vote for either party is a vote for more bribery and influence peddling and more wars even a war against unions, free speech, free press , whistle blowers and legal protests by minorities and the abused poor at the bottom of society. . .

  • It's imperative that Trump wins 2020! Democrats have no chance to win. Trump 4EVA!! No socialism in America!!

  • How has Kellyanne lasted so long. Is she about the last person left who entered the White House with Trump? What does she even do but speak a bunch lies and racist comments?

  • vile woman, I thought she might be the one leaking information from this administration, but now she clearly is showing her true colors.

  • Because you say it, we are suppose to believe it, Conway was telling the truth and we the people see through your crap.

  • Good on McConnel if he married an immigrant – if he would only embrace it openly. But I guess It's not pompous enough to refer to a still-living first generation immigrant, when you're representing the heart and mind of the Republican Party. Better go with the "more than a quarter century old family of immigrants" to prop yourself up. Well, times are a-changing and a fierce wind blowing. He should learn how to bend and pickup on emerging trends.

  • The Fox & friends and the white nationalist or Neo Nazi or kkk whatever you wanna call it have highjack the Republican Party.

  • I think Joe and the others don't realize how much Pelosi and the dem establishment have angered the base that has supported them for years. It's not worth finding a middle ground with the Trump party (whose policy lines mostly with libertarians now instead of conservative) when it is the opposite of what the dems want. The people who have been backing dems for years want medicare for all, want college tuition to be addressed, and want much needed radical climate change policy. They don't want a compromise with people who are trying to dismantle the government.

  • The very first minute I saw KAC I didn’t like her. She came across as a big phony. Now I’d like to say something mean about her but I don’t have to, it’s written all over her face.

  • Lying Beotch-mouth ignored a subpoena and she is now a felon- GOOD! Join the others, when they hang like Mussolini

  • Trump is a Draft Dogger he can't talk about anyone until he or one of his children serve the US Military honorably. A Draft Dogger!!!!

  • You call Conway a liar. What on earth do you call Hilary Clinton? The whole Clinton cabal are proven liars…’I did not have sexual relations with that woman’….what a bunch of hypocrites!

  • This is the "TWIGHT ZONE" OMG and Kellyanne Is the star/ there is no question IF CLOWN#!1 gets a second chance Iwill leave this hellhole for 2 years. And hope i can return after 2 yrs. to a NORMAL WORLD. Whatever that is???

  • Pelosi & Co should be using the squad for so much more than she is. Their momentum is incredible and seems like she doesn’t know how to lead them in that.

  • I don't understand the problem here? She said nothing badly. She asked the reporter where he is from because Trump said if someone doesn't want to live in the US he can go where his origin is. I'm not even pro US and not even from the US. But this is just nonesense.

  • You ideologues that slather after Joey and his vapid bride are embarrassing. I am no proponent of the administration, but this feigned outrage is comical

  • It must be horrible for someone like Conway who has to iron her own face two or three times a day before appearing in public 🤔

  • For crying out loud! My ethnicity is southern Greek, which is a mixture of Macedonian, Phoenician, North African, Roman, Norse, then you add in that I'm also English, German, Jewish, etc.. So what's the hubbub? I'M AN AMERICAN AND PROUD OF IT!

  • Wake up America! Stand up for your rights!
    We have to rise up all over the nation like folks did in Puerto Rico to kick trump out of the white house! We must reject tyranny before it is too late!
    trump is a racist like hitler: We are going to have to fight to keep our freedom!

  • Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Omar is openly racist and sexist against white men. You ignore that while fabricating nonexistent racism. Asking somebody where they came from is not racist. You people are crazy

  • You people are rediculous! I watched that entire press gaggle and Kelly Ann was completely respectful! Y'all are taking bits and pieces of what she said/asked and twisting it around to best fit your narrative!
    Get a life, get a clue, find something or someone else to hate and give that man a break.

  • A fantastic American, doing a great job. It is so sad that the fake news media pushes their agenda of hate and discontent before the election of the great Donald trump to present!!! I love Donald trump and all that he is doing especially in the area of angering the pansy liberals keep up the good work president trump in getting rid of the illegal scum and let's build the wall and on to 2020 and kick some liberal butt

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