Kellyanne Conway to Reporter: What’s Your Ethnicity?

Kellyanne Conway to Reporter: What’s Your Ethnicity?

Okay, it’s time for a fire. My favorite story, segue, hey, this is kind
of weird. Trump’s White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway,
who just recently you might know or have heard, she recently ignored a request to appear before
lawmakers to answer serious questions about her hatch act violations. Kellyanne Conway asked a reporter who happens
to be Jewish ethnically, what his ethnicity is. When he asked a question of Kellyanne Conway
about Donald Trump’s recent comments that some congress women who are ethnic minorities
should return to their quote original countries. The reporter is Andrew Feinberg, who again,
but by his name, my belief is that he is ethnically Oscan, Ozzy Jewish. Uh, he was at, he asked if the president was
not telling those four congress women to return to their supposed countries of origin to which
countries was he referring? It’s a good question. And Kellyanne Conway, uh, apparently didn’t
like it. We’ll pick it up there. All right. Speaking of, I just fall away following up. Can we following up on the previous question,
if the president was not telling, uh, these, these for congresswoman to return to their
suppose in countries of origin to which countries was he referring, what’s your ethnicity? Uh, why is that relevant to this number? I’m asking the question. My F my, my Ireland, Hillary, my, my own ethnicity
is not relevant to the question I’m asking you that I am asking you. You said originally, no, no, I’m, I am. I am asking you to, which is, which. So are you, are you saying that the president
was telling, uh, the Palestinian American to go back to you? I just love the pause when she asks, what’s
your ethnicity? The reporter Andrew Feinberg in stunned into
silence. Literally now, immediately lots of people
online started saying, is this antisemitic? Because Kellyanne Conway presumably knowing
that Andrew Feinberg’s ethnicity, not race, notably his ethnicity is Ashkenazi Jewish. To the extent that we differentiate between
race and ethnicity. And it’s all sort of a question at this point. Um, I actually don’t think she’s that clever
to be totally honest. I don’t think that this was antisemitic. I think it was mind numbingly stupid. Now I’m certainly open to the idea that she
did this to an ethnically Jewish reporter. I just have not seen any evidence of that
so far. She wasn’t, uh, you know, checking to see
why he’s not wearing his yellow star that he’s supposed to be wearing or something like
that. I think she’s just a moron. And this is potentially even a plan distraction
because if I were trying to prove how not racist I was and how not racist my boss was,
I don’t know that I’d start asking reporters to list their ethnicities when they ask questions. Now I hate to do this, but I feel almost like
I have to. When I saw Kelly say, what’s your ethnicity? My mind went to when cultural critic Dave
Ruben did stand up comedy and asked audience members their sexual orientation. Remember when this went down? Hot Gay comics live for television. Uh, by a show of hands, how many of you have
televisions? You have a pretty good. Okay. And how many of you have the here network? Oh, okay. We’ve got some work to do, but we’re very
good. So do we have all gay people? Is Everyone here gay? You’re gay. Very good. Very good. Do we have some lots of discussion? Like did some of you just come out right then? Yeah, just always ask anyone you’re talking
to ethnicity and sexual orientation please. Just so that you know, and you know how to
contextualize the conversation. So anyway, this is shaping up to be a very,
very xenophobic and racist election cycle. And I hope everybody’s buckled in for it. Uh, is this, I mean, maybe I’m wrong. Should this be, uh, a strategy I adopt when
I do interviews on the show where I ask for ethnicity out. Joining me today is Richard Wolf economist,
my former professor at the University of Massachusetts, uh, Professor Wolf. Before we get started, what is your ethnicity,
just so we understand? Oh, Ashkenazi Jewish. Got It. All right, well, let’s continue now with the
interview. Now, Kellyanne Conway later tweeted about
this saying, quote, this was meant with no disrespect. We are all from somewhere else. Quote. Originally I asked the question to answer
the question and volunteered my own ethnicity, Italian and Irish. Like many, I am proud of my ethnicity, love
the United States of America, and grateful to God to be an American. This is such a dumb explanation, right? That we are all quote originally from somewhere
else only confirms how outrageously stupid Donald Trump’s comment was because Donald
Trump’s family is from somewhere, not in the United States much more recently then Alexandria
Casia Cortez is a, you’re not really doing yourself any favors Kellyanne with this explanation
that, listen, we’re all from somewhere. So I was just asking you that question to
make that point. Well that makes Trump look even worse as a
result. We are in an age of idiocracy. I, I, I don’t know how to interpret this. Is this as some have suggested antisemitism
by Kellyanne Conway because the reporter was Jewish? I don’t think so, but I’m open to having my
mind changed. Is this a deliberate attempt to distract from
the things that Donald Trump said with an even dumber comment? I don’t know. I sort of have a hard time believing that. Is this Kellyanne Conway just trying to make
a point but failing and uh, embarrassing herself? Maybe that’s the most likely circumstance. I don’t know the answer, but I do want to
hear from you. What do you think this is all about? Uh, I do have a post about this up on Instagram. Make sure you follow me there at David. Dot. Pacman and while you’re there, follow the
David Pakman show on Instagram at David Pakman show for a bunch of great behind the scenes
pictures and videos and lots of [inaudible] really great stuff. We’ll take a quick break, many more stories
to discuss with you today. Hope you’ll stay with

100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway to Reporter: What’s Your Ethnicity?

  • What’s your ethnicity? This bitch is clearly not going to answer any questions. Why keep the bitch on interviews? This is not interesting at all she is so predictable.

  • Ah just look at her horrible miserable little face, is anyone really surprised that she's a piece of shit? This is all diversion tactics anyway though to cover the Jeffrey epstein pedophilia scandal that trump is up to his neck in.

  • I think it's her way of defending the orange turd by using his "logic" and "reasoning".It's called backpedaling.

  • I thought Trump wasn't racist because he has Jewish son in law? So…why does he employ loser racists? 😉
    I'm pretty sure 2016 was the stepping stone as pre-racist stupidity, David!
    KAC takes from both columns= racist and complete moron.

  • If everyone is "originally" from somewhere else, does that mean when someone dissagree with current government policies, they "need to go back to where they came from? How on earth can anyone vote for this trash? They have the IQ of the run to the mill Trump supporters missing dental records.

  • When you look behind the once pretty face of Kellyanne you find a hideous monster…like all of trump supporters! Ugly,ugly,hateful people who themselves don’t deserve to live in America,because they don’t understand what America stands for.

  • Kellyanne Conway's is an utterly unhinged, racist asshat. Never heard of her before, just awful to watch.

  • Trump´s trademark is racism and xenophobia. Trump plays on the sentiment that only white Anglo Saxon people are ´real´ Americans. Everyone else is scary because they are probably criminals, rapists and so on and maybe just a few of them are ´good´ people. There is evidence enough, the Muslim ban, the border crisis, Charlesville and so on to confirm Trump´s racist trademark. Kellyanne knows that. Kellyanne´s job was to spin that in such a way that people can accept Trump´s radical point of view. That´s why she asked the reporter his ethnicity. Her point is everybody has a non-American ethnicity so you can say the things Trump said to the squad to every person. This means it is not racist. Although her husband thinks otherwise. He is half Phillipinian and knows how the tweets are meant.

  • This was actually a lot more serious than people realize… she tried to use ethnicity to push back the media! A sign of how normalized their superiority complex has become in the trump circle.

  • I work in scottsburg Indiana , Jeffersonville Indiana. Sheperdsville Kentucky and North Carolina which I am from California never had an issue with race until working here. The South. Downey California

  • When are you going to start calling Donald Trump, "Mr. Adderall"? Everybody knows that Trump is whacked out on a controlled substance. It's so bad that satirist, Randy Rainbow, will probably do a song about it to the tune of "They Call Him Mr. Touchdown". The difference would be, "The Call Trump Mr. Adderall".

  • She literally wanted to tell a Jew to be grateful to Trump and realized right away this would be the worst kind of reply on national tv so she just said some generic shit like "I'm proud of my heritage"

  • I am originally from the United States, that is my country of origin. Born and raised. My ancestors came from somewhere else originally, but that does not make it my country of origin.

  • For all of you, I'm Australian and went to college in the states on a scholarship. As a way of thank you:
    In particular the final 2018 link about Ms Conway:

  • Ben Carson recently made a similar comment (on a segment from Fox News) when asked whether he thought Trump's comment for these women to return to "where they came from" was a racist comment. He justified it by saying Trump was referring to their ethnic countries. Looks like this is going to be the Trump admin's narrative when trying to defend him, almost as if it was rehearsed in advance

  • As an Englishman
    I too am grateful to God that Kellyanne Conway is an American

  • Trump and Co.: 'Hmm..Let's see.. How do we deflect involvement with child sex trafficking? Are you sure..? Racism it is then'

  • Cynical Conway found a way around her boss's racist and undemocratic comments and tried to turn them around into a "general conversation". She identifies herself as Irish-Italian and proceeds to say how she loves de US. For the love of all gods, doesn't she realize that the four Congresswomen insulted by Trump love the US just as much, AND, UNLIKE HER, where voted by their constituents to work in a branch of their country's government? How sick can this get? I think it is time for the WH invaders to go back to their original countries

  • Kellyanne… come on.. we know you don't ask every reporter about his or her ethnicity… are you having marital problems honey?

  • The Conway 'What's Your Ethnicity?' comment was taken out of context by the DP/MSM. The critique was that many on the "squad" were born in America, so what did Trump mean by the "origins" comment? She was merely demonstrating the point that Trump did not say that the "squad" was not all born in the US, rather the origins of one's identity. The identity that the "squad" promotes over and above the American identity. Which is not a genetic identity, rather an ideological one. DP is either stupid or dishonest … I suggest the later (a sorta complement to DP), as he willfully twists narratives to suit his political agenda.

  • I think it's either just a stupid question or a distraction. But focusing on identitarian garbage is a losing battle. The majority of Americans are tired of the Trotskyist ad hominems.

  • It's not plainly moronic, it's the agenda to keep fomenting bigotry. How can you not see the plan is to keep the dog whistling constant? That's the narrative and it's going to stay that way until the civil war is over and all the people on the right side are either dead or in prison.

  • when i was watching her ask that just now,for the first time,i just assumed as she was asking that she was going to make some hackneyed analogy with a comment like "oh you're italian and jewish,.. but you are an american too"

  • A good leader populates hisher cabinet with people smarter than him on the issues they're being put in charge of. A bad leader puts people dumber than him so that heshe can feel smart. Donald Trump is both a bad leader and a dumb person, so is it really any surprise that someone under his direct authority is behaving THIS stupidly?

  • Trump's people are so screwed up that none of them have the capacity to simply apologize for asking such a stupid d-bag question.

  • soon the cops will pull you over for your last name not what you did or should I say more often than then do now, I think the problem is that we think they (as in trump and his rich gods ) are humans!! they are not humans more like a quality reject dump robots or damaged aliens from area 51

  • Asking someone's ethnicity in this makes no sense anyway. Does Kellyanne think it's okay to tell people to go back to where their ancestors are from?

  • Apparently, she expected the guy to say something like, "I am Ukrainian." And then her response would have been, "Well, the president means that you should go back to the Ukraine If you don't like it here." She's probably lucky it didn't go that far.

  • Another perfect example of the morally corrupt that Trump seems to find on his team quite a lot.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did hire her for her lack of class, culture or cognitive ability.

  • Bully tactics what Feinberg should have said was I'm asking you the questions you're here to answer our questions

  • Go back to fucking Germany, Trump!

    It's not that I want him, but we can handle the stupid neo-nazis just fine over here.

  • I'd like to know Kelly Anne's race, because it's definitely not human. My guess, some hybrid of lizard, sloth and methamphetamines

  • 1:28 [pause] look at her – – – isn't life hard enough? Yet, somehow in 2019, after ALL our wars we need this toolongtalker trying to prove a point??? Shoving her point like she matters. Should be in jail.

  • I personally think shes a great spin artist. I dont like her, at all. But I respect her ability to spin BS like a champ.

  • So apart from the native Indian, everyone is from somewhere else, boy Conway is so much smarter than your average bear, maybe she’s a stable genius like her boss.

  • Classic KAC. Deflect by asking a question to the questioner.
    Somebody please ask her, “who bleaches your hair?” About as polite.

  • She has nerves of steal, being that she nor her ancestors are indigenous to the country!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤬

  • Honestly? I have a feeling, that she REALLY wanted to pull off what she was explaining in that tweet. It would fit her usual pattern of talking around an inconvenient question. Only problem: She was SO direct, that the reporter was WAY too much stunned to take the bait. She didn't expect that at all i guess. But it gave the reporter a moment to recollect himself, instead of answering right away, realizing that he shouldn't answer her question which messed her attempt up even more. That's my take on this.

  • I'm from the USA. But my family origins are spread out all over the planet. Who really cares?
    It's not the people who are afraid of offending people, unfortunately…

  • Remembwe: if asked in the USA about your ethnicitiy, regardless, whether you are ashkenazy, latin, black asian, anything, your answer must be: 100% aryan for 3 generations meine Führer… That might show them hwo dumb they are…
    Ofc it is irrelevant where the reporter comes from and the point that Kellyann Conwoman kept asking shows how much she ravels in the orange draft dodgers racism…

  • I do not like her one bit, but in this case her I really do think she was asking just to make a point. That’s the reason she volunteered her ethnicity. I believe she was going to use his background to make a point in an attempt to defend Trump.

  • All of this "love it or leave it" is just a trick. While they are trolling the media on that nonesense other issue get less coverage.

    It's all about redirecting the conversation from real issue. The smart move is to ignore it.

  • Well as a Jewish reporter he is being disingenuous by attacking trump and cynically supporting "the squad" who we all know are hated by the Zionists. The Jews play both sides of the political divide in their total domination of our politics and culture. Judgement is coming for their crimes.

  • wow. just wow. Well just download and fill out an ariernachweis and send it to her and her colleagues for future reference. and yes it was racist in my opinion.

  • The answer is : an inbred European Semite halfbreed who's allegiance is not to America
    Besides it's a valid question since he's a Jew and Jews are torturing Palestinians to death in their ancestral homelands the answer would emphasize any bias or hypocrisy in his line of questioning

  • KAC: "We are all originally from somewhere> Like me, I am a descendant from the Trump Swamp and, admittedly, I have not evolved beyond the fecal matter of the swamp."

  • Boy you Americans sure have some special people in high places. Nice of you to let mental retards run your country. That's very progressive of you in an ironic sense.

    Here's the correct formula. Have competent people run the country and take care of the less fortunate.

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