Majority Thinks President Donald Trump’s Actions In Ukraine Were Wrong: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Majority Thinks President Donald Trump’s Actions In Ukraine Were Wrong: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Majority Thinks President Donald Trump’s Actions In Ukraine Were Wrong: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • The republican party will put the goalposts back and pour on new cement once a Democrat gets into office. They never had a moral compass. It's just that trump and his trumpists have made it OK to not even pay attention to their moral compass.



  • TRUMP will win in 2020! This sham will be and is being exposed. This show is for the "useful idiots" that can't think for themselves.

  • Ron "Thinks with his Johnson" Burgundy of Wisconsin will hopefully be going down with the S.S. (the second is "show") Trumptanic.


  • I will NEVER EVER EVER vote for another Republican again!! NOT EVER!!!!! How dare they put our country at risk for their own personal political gain while they hand feed Putin and not defend us – we the people!!!!

  • the geniuses at msnbc are using polls to try to change minds , i hope they aren't using the same pollsters they used for the Nov 2016 elections ! the true test will be on Nov 3 2020 when Pres Trump gets more votes than he did in 2016 , i don't forget every time these idiots get the news wrong bigtime !

  • How can the trumpets comment when they won’t watch the Impeachment process? What’s the matter? You don’t understand the big words, lol. Just ask us NEVER TRUMPERS…

  • I bet there are Democratic election committees collecting clips of their opponents' ridiculous claims and behavior. The videos will be all that will be required. Easiest campaign videos ever!

  • REMINDER for Trump voters: God’s Laws trump (pun intended) man made laws. To be a Trumper you are supporting a facts based, liar/criminal and therefore it would be blasphemous to identify yourself as a Christian. Trump is a blasphemer!!

  • Regarding Joe's comment at 7:30, the phrase "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" is a Japanese proverb that is likely to be derived from a similar Chinese phrase written in the Analects of Confucius (not something said by Aristotle). The original meaning is likely to refer to staying away from evil thoughts – it is only in the West that people have reinterpreted the proverb to mean that one is unwilling to acknowledge evil even when it is in plain sight.

  • I see that the president has done more right acts than wrong. He just doesn't just give away money and arms. he is not wasting American tax dollars like others have done. He will explain when asked.

  • I would like my three years of federal tax payments refunded to me. I am not paying congress to run a circus. I am paying them to legislate. They have done nothing for three years. This has been a complete wate of taxpayers money. I work too hard for my money to throw it out. Congress either you legislate or expect a tax payers revolt. Once a Democrat now never a Democrat.

  • MORAN JOE=THINK AGAIN! YOUR HITLER BEHAVIOR IS GETTING OLD AS YOUR FAKE POLLS! Hitler said "tell a lie long enough & often enough & they will believe it to be the truth" God put Trump in office and the Bible talks about you attacking him but=after 4 yrs YOU & YOUR DEMON BUDDIES HAVE 0 ON TRUMP! GOD HAS HIS BACK! BUT THERE IS MASSIVE CORRUPTION BY DEMS & YOU!

  • What? Impeach but not remove? For Real? Then there is no sense* to even start to impeach. Right? It is just not the Ukrain call, look what he has done towards the Kurds?
    How about the lies that he makes just to serve his own narrative when Citizens and Politicians across the Globe can't think of any but shake their heads.
    How about the claims he does or make for example the Hurricane issue remmeber? Then Trump intimidates the Weather Station, how's that? It's Mr. Trump's being unfit* for Office. Shall i go on like, what about Mr. Trump's language on Television?
    Come on…You think he is fit for Office? By the way, they should go after Trump Junior too. Don't even try to explain to me that he has nothing to do with this. 😤

  • Vote the gop out; they are corrupt and evil organization.History will not be nice for them or their enables.Elections have consequences!

  • To the 25% of Americans who don’t think what trump did was wrong, here are directions to the nearest unicorn sale: Turn right…you’ve arrived.

    (BTW, it looks like the “Deep State”…is the people!)

  • The ppl that think it's OK to seek foreign aid into political opponent CLEARLY don't know their own Constitution. Those idiots failed Government class in HS and the Republicans used their time to rant instead of asking questions. When they do-that tried to disqualify and discredited witnesses while Trump intimidating witnesses by texted in real time. What a clown Republicans are!

  • What is the maximum penalty for a president that commits treason? I know what it is for a soldier. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • You do realize if Trumpy wins then the whole criminal justice system will be turned upside down, no longer will attempted murder be a crime, no longer attempted corruption be a criminal act. In fact any and all criminal acts must be successful in order to be criminal, just wonder if Trumpies supporters have thought this through that because Trumpy wasn't successful no crime was committed?????

  • Looks like the public opinion needle is finally moving toward impeachment. Now if only the GOP controlled Senate will wake up and smell the coffee. If not, they will go down hard in 2020 and Democrats will sweep the board.

  • Anyone think there is a chance that Trump might resign at the end of the week? I remember when Nixon did that – press conference saying “I am not a crook “ and then not much later calling a press conference to resign. We can always hope!

  • What happens when the house votes to impeach, the senate rejects and the 2020 election results in Trump winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote by an even bigger margin?

  • Some of you people are just off your collective rockers… The ONLY reason the socialists are trying to impeach him is because they cant handle losing in 2016 and knowing they cant win in 2020… He is a threat to their ability to control and screw up America… The facts are THEY could be tried and convicted as traitors for their actions and an attempted coup… Chew on that

  • Seeing the massive crowds Trump draws at every rally – I've never seen anything like it before and I remember every President since Eisenhower – Republican Senators know they would be committing political suicide if they ever voted to convict Trump!!!!!


  • Amb Volker
    (special envoy to Ukraine)
    history of corruption with the company of Burisma
    His son was a board member of this company
    Amb Volker
    I wanted to thread a needle..( relationship of hunter and burisma. vs investigation of burisma buying influence. corruption?  does he mean buying Joe Biden access?  pay for play?

  • The former Natl Security Council Russia Director Timothy Morrison claims to not know about Burisma …the most corrupt energy company in Ukraine, investigated by Ukraine of corruption….LOL

  • Follow the money

    This psychopath president must go!

    Impeachment and removal of this governments executive branch which continues to obstruct and continue to resist our demands for justice, indictments must follow taking down not only the president but many in this administration and several in congress ie Congressmen D. Nunez, J. Jordan and M. Meadows and we have Giuliani now to make this point as clear as possible the evidence is broad and wide realize what and where you stand with continued investigations it turns out that trump and giuliani have committed more crimes going back to Petrenko ex president of the Ukraine the betrayal is deep and the obstruction of justice is now ever thicker and clearer

    Now, we have a White House lawyer Eisenberg involved in a clear abuse of power and coverup jail Eisenberg

    The long road to betrayal by this corrupt president and his administration started long before the betrayal of the Ukraine it started with the betrayal of NATO and the EU along with every USA ally and now this corrupt president has brought innocent blood to our steps with his Kurdish betrayal

    Yet, all of that betrayal pales in comparison to the betrayal of his Oath of Office, the Constitution, National Security, the many acts of Bribery and extortion and sedition the betrayal of American citizens trust

    What’s this presidents mad connection to Russia and Putin and Putin’s organized crime gang this alone should send warning flags throughout our national security offices let alone every citizen

    Imagine the legalization of marijuana in many states cut into Putin oligarchs crime family making matters worse for illegal fentanyl and heroine trade was legal opioids if you don’t believe by now that the Russians have made America the target of destruction think again

    Making all this much worse is this Russian asset in the WH what we may find is that Russian money was financing giulianis dealings and if this is the fact the road map leads us to the steps of the WH and this corrupt president

    Remove this corrupt president and his administration Russian assets from the WH

    Pence may escape this but if this continues nobody will

    This psychopath president has created an emerging world in total

    He must be removed

    Enough is enough time to act

  • The poll numbers of the Republican Party are numbers I would be interested in seeing. How about getting those numbers up for them to see their slow suicide to their own futures…

  • Something IS very wrong……the "news" has become obviously partisan and blithely moves from allegation to allegation hoping something will stick. No apologies for being factually WRONG time and again and refusal to even look at hard evidence which contradicts there narrative.

  • IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME, But not soon enough America. He is an embarassement to everyone. Incidently, but just a thought, Why hasnt anyone questioned whether Juliani reqires a security clearance to become involved in matters of state??? Let me know someone please .

  • Where are they getting these poll numbers are they polling themselves. The Democrats are so ignorant to what the majority believes. I'm tired of all of these politicians wasting our money on this investigation. Trump is draining the swamp but they are hanging on for dear life.

  • What, upwards of 30% of the Ameican people think dealing with a foreign power for a character assassination of the competition, is, okay?
    So being a crook is normal to them?

  • What about the over $110,000,000 trump has spent going golfing at his own resorts since he has been president? That averages out to about $100,000 a day. So apparently it's ok for trump to rip off the American taxpayers but not Ukraine. I know the number seems unbelievable, but it's true. Look it up, it's out there for everyone to see. Keep in mind, because he is almost exclusively golfing at his own resorts, he is profiting from this taxpayer money. How can anyone be ok with this ?

  • Or whole way of life is based our beliefs in democracy. On man one vote, trump is undermining our voting is so simple revive him for that! he is inept!

  • We need to develop a culture where a slimey tweet from trump slandering, intimidating, or name-calling you is considered a badge of honor. Maybe then the repubs could find their pelotas.

  • This clown 🤡 said “we got 70% of the country thinking something is very wrong” and if you look at the bottom left of the screen they only asked around 1,300 people WTH 1,000 people don’t represent a whole country!! MISLEADING!!!

  • For Christ's sake trump has stuck the middle finger to an astronaut simply because she corrected him! he is a racist Neo-Nazi that has divided the country by making racism the norm his own children have been bailed out of a felony fraud situation where trump just threw money at it to avoid justice I can see him trying to do the same here impeach him and remove him lock him and his kids up that whole family of evil reptilians belongs in a cell.

  • something IS very wrong when a news outlet doesn't question someone who asserts that hearsay is sometimes more powerful evidence than facts

  • What do the polls say about people's confidence in the veracity of reporting on mainstream news outlets? last time i saw it was 21% of the general public trust mainstream media

  • Title should read:
    Majority Of Tards Think President Donald Trump's Actions In Ukraine Were Wrong: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • So one out of five of us have enough work and life experience to see the writing on the wall….no one acts like Trump and doesn’t eventually crash and burn. He is toxic and so is everyone around him, supporting his behavior right now. I feel sad for all of us, but especially for the hard working Americans who trusted him.

  • Japan and South Korea have.come back at PoTUS. To show overall investment that Japan and South Korea have invested in the US bases in these said countries.

  • I would like to amend my last comment after looking at the most recent gallup poll on public trust of mainstream media….america's trust has skyrocketed all the way up to 41%

  • I hate Trump myself, but I'm not stupid enough to believe this joke of a media and their lame polls that no one in their right mind believes. NBC you are laughably bad and have killed the Democratic party. Only the ignorant believe your lies.

  • If the Republicans treatment of Vindman is any indication of how they are going to treat war heroes and veterans then war vets are sadly going to be thrown down the backburners and never acknowledged for their services to the country by the Republicans.

  • Trump will goes on to destroy America… No missile or war needed from any Foreign Countries.. The Threat is from within this White House…

  • Trump asking a newly-elected, anti-corruption president to commit a corrupt act is impeachable! That he did it for his own personal gains – impeachable. That it put our national security at risk – jail time!

  • Vindman isn't a hero but a spymaster , a traitor …he's panicked ,asking the Army to protect him ..All traitors are the same cowards ! Shame on him.

  • whenever you look at tRump now and think he's smiling. he's not he is grimacing trying to hold back tears. because the little hands orange man knows that he has been caught.

  • People, Educate yourself on the NWO/ Illiminati/Globalists /Cabal !!! Do you REALLY know what Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 entail?? The farce / facade ( to keep you entertained and distracted ) is Dems vs Reps. Meanwhiile behind the scenes EXACTLY like th movie “The Matrix” the REAL hidden dealings and, in fact , war, is going on. THE REALITY is that this is HUMANITY VS THE NWO!!! Reasearch! The Globalists/ NWO / Illuminati ABSOLUTELY view us and treat us a slaves? They see us as their cattle. Reasearch on these topics first , and prove me wrong. We THE PEOPLE , have been lied to abou so very much.

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