Probate Avoidance Tools

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  • Thank you very much for providing an in formable / educational video (s) and material (s) : ) …… I purchased your ( Protecting Your Financial Future ) – I received it on 02/11/2019 and I have not been able to put it down : ) ……… I look forward to purchasing ( Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth ) as soon as I can get $ 2500.00 to pay for : / ……. Again – Thank you very much : ) …… Peace on Earth : ) ……

  • I wrote my own LRT with tod in the trust name. Paid a lawyer to look it over and sign and witness. She was impressed. 60$.

  • Hi Lee! Thank you for the time you take to make these videos. I heard Medicaid can put a lien on my dad's coop after he's deceased. My brother told me to put the shares of the coop into a trust. Then the coop told my brother they don't recognize a trust. What are your suggestions? Maybe the coop is misinformed?

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