Prosecuting Estate Theft & Fraud

Prosecuting Estate Theft & Fraud

Litigated estate cases run hot. They’re like
hard-fought, name-calling political campaigns. Allegations and counter-
allegations abound. Much that is said in the heat of the moment is later softened
or withdrawn altogether. This is not about the heat of the moment. It is not
about estate differences, however cantankerous, between personal
administrators, executors, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries or estate creditors. It is
about out-and-out theft from an estate. We handle a good deal
of estate litigation. I’m happy to report that estate embezzlement is rare, but
disheartened to report that still exists. When estate theft is discovered, there is
near universal surprise and consternation: “How could this happen?” Well, it does happen. And here are a few
examples. May 2015: a paralegal is arrested and jailed for stealing about
$150,000 from an estate managed by her law firm employer. Part of the trust was
established to provide for a special- needs child. September 2015: a woman is
charged with trying to take her sister’s share of their dead father’s estate. The
woman filed documents with the county, claiming that she was the sole heir to
their father’s estate. The woman is charged with attempted theft by unlawful
taking, tampering with public records, writing bad checks and false swearing.
December 2015: a former city councilman is sentenced to 25 years in prison for
taking $50,000 from the trust fund of an elderly widow with dementia. The former
councilman used the money to make political donations in hopes of becoming a power broker. April 2016: a suspended
attorney is arrested on a charge of one count of theft of $250,000 or more. The
suspended attorney is charged with taking more than $250,000 from an estate. If you
believe that an estate in which you should have an interest is the victim of
embezzlement or theft, it is important that you contact local law enforcement
with your concerns. It is up to law enforcement to prosecute estate
wrongdoers for estate criminal wrongdoing. I caution that it is wrong for a victim to
threaten criminal prosecution against a wrongdoer unless the wrongdoer settles
with the victim. Such threats can constitute extortion. This is not
something that you want to do. Leave it to law enforcement officials to prosecute
liability for criminal conduct. Leave it to civil lawyers to file civil lawsuits for
recovery of damages stemming from the wrongdoing. Hackard Law is a civil law firm, and we litigate against estate wrongdoers for civil wrongs in the civil
courts. If you would like to speak with an attorney at Hackard Law to address the civil
recovery for estate wrongdoing, call us at 916-313-3030. Find us at Hackard Law, 10630 Mather Blvd., Mather, CA 95655. Thank you.

28 thoughts on “Prosecuting Estate Theft & Fraud

  • Hi, how can the police help? I just feel they wouldn't care. My sister has been stealing from our family trust for over 12 years now. Nobody cares that shes doing this except me of course. Thank you Christian

  • this is bull even if you do have the proof to prosecute the state of Arizona will do nothing for you, or help you even court that will do nothing, I am Michael Figueroa Jr owner of the american housing trust iv or also know ass the M.B.S TRUSTS. MY PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTED FRAUD I KNOW NOTHING OF THE LAW,but i steel I try to claim fraud and wrong doing by this person by my person representative thy did nothing no fact checking nothing they just let her walk away with ever thing i had. three years later ,I'm steel trying to get the information out there, all my research and time i have finely come to understand how she did it. so here are the facts please understand I'm not mad at my situation just disappointed that all my screaming no one bothered to help me tell I Ran across a blog writing about my case. think the lord because if it was not fore that blog. I finely feel like justice well come. so now I am force to handle this on my own. doing all my filling writing so forth and so on. don't be a sucker and wait fore some one to come and save you. that will not happen. you have to educate yourself stand strong in the Lord and take that first step on your own.
    God bless you all
    Michael Anthony Figueroa Jr.

  • Mary nygaard wa. State is stealing Gary Olson's estate been over 2 and a half years . She finally gave the home to Jason after he threatened legal action . She says she spent $ cleaning home she ransacked it took everything of value left food, garbage over 2 yr.s Jason finally got home after threatening legal action . As far as the 50% to Cathy fletcher, 40% to Jerry and 10% to Church, nothing she said she deserves it one min. hes broke then there's plenty of money? He inherited home no family no bills 50k pension. He asked me at last dinner if I left home to someone else could you and Cathy buy a home with 300k to 400 k ? Going on 3 years Mary Nygaard noe says she fixed up home? Why it belongs to Amazon the guy you don't think should get it ???? She says taxes have been 10k per. year again just give home to Jason , and we checked taxes are $2100 per. yr. what about power co. money for using his land? In first copy of will Mary Nygaard said 44k in checking , vehicles ok with brand new afford he paid cash every year. She says once half lot in N.M is given to man who owns other half lot is done there will be $1209 for Cathy ,Jerry and Church to split coming up on 3 years since Gary's death. She goes to Church in Sunday and steals from the dead the rest of the week.
    MARK 971-678-4929

  • I don't know how old this video is, but do some research and you'll find out if state fair is actually on the rise. One perfect example is abusive probate predatory guardianship and a corrupt the court system because they work with certain people who work within the same group and they also contract with certain guardians and certain nursing homes who get away with actually killing seniors or just turning them out in the street with nothing when the last dime is gone. I think we need to have a public event called hang 10. That means if we started hanging 10 vultures at a time and getting rid of them by groups of 10, estate theft would quickly drop everywhere and I'm all for the death penalty for these types of cases. After all, they're already killing our seniors and people of other age groups, so let's start hanging the vultures in a public event called hang 10!

    When cops don't handle civil matters or do they not want to be involved?

    In Ohio I discovered the cops don't handle what they classify as civil matters and handling an estate theft is actually civil. Therefore, I learned the cops really are of no help in these types of matters.

    If a theft is discovered, your first step should be to start alerting others and warning them and putting the spotlight on what happened along with the fraudster once you find out who did it. Putting the spotlight on this will not only put others on alert but it will also help them to do their own investigation's and maybe even save their own estates and inheritances. You should be sounding the alarm to what happened because sometimes the very key others need in order to speak up is for you to share your own story and what you're doing. Sometimes sharing your own story empowers others to speak up and start taking action of their own if they realize they've become victims themselves. You never know who may actually know your family, especially if someone like my dad worked for Ford and was most likely very well known. Sometimes showing proof of a case where a theft happened is all that someone needs to empower them to speak up and take action if they themselves became victims. You don't know that you're speaking up may very well save someone else from being robbed of their own provisions, especially if those who are legal heirs are experiencing prolonged hardship and they happen to be disabled and living on public benefits. If those disabled individuals who are rightful heirs also happen to have no family of their own, they are the ones who most need the provisions of the inheritance from the estate

    I should add that I don't know if you should contact law-enforcement if the theft is discovered after someone dies but you could give it a try but I don't know what would be done outside of you having to get a lawyer. I'm not sure what they'll do after someone has died but you'll definitely need legal help

    I contacted law-enforcement because I found out some things after my dad died and apparently they couldn't help, neither could APS. It was awful hard to find an honest lawyer who would listen but I finally found one and a fraudster was discovered

    I don't know how many of you actually ever heard of inheritance hijacking, but this is exactly what this man is describing. Call your state bar association. Don't give up, I don't give in, don't back down! Be persistent if you need to keep calling back. You can also call your state Attorney General and report fraud

    Remember, it's bad enough to be stuck handling something you've never handled after the death of a close relative but to hear the devastating words that cops don't handle civil matters, it's BS! I've heard others tell me that the reason why cops say that is because they don't want involvement with these types of matters. For every time you hear our cops don't handle civil matters, there's a bologna sandwich for that because it's BS

  • this is a messy situation here for my husband…. for starters his dad made a will after he was diagnoised with early onset alzheimers… he appointed his niece executor of his estate to which at his time of death was to be sold and split between her and my husband (his only son) along with a vintage pick up truck which was willed to him… Not only did this niece/cousin keep him isolated 3-4 months prior to his death no one could see him she wouldnt inform us of his condition nor at the time of his death where his service was or even where he would be buried.. while this was continuing to build into a very hostile situation we (My husband and I ) found out that she infact obtained a power of attonery while he was in ICU!! in other words she obtained it illegaly as he was on many drugs .. and she sold his entires state 3 weeks prior to him dying

  • I am currently dealing with a case similar to the Sep 2015 case you mentioned. The tortfeasor in my case was my aunt who tried to steal her sisters' share of their father's property. By sheer chance, the fraud was discovered and steps were taken to rectify the deed. However, no charges were ever filed against her, and she and her family have been using the house for free for years.

    I know there are remedies for this kind of tort and I need to find out exactly what they are.

  • We are in Orange County, CA… do you or anybody know what we can do to immediately stop a fraud that is simply claiming to be the Trustee rather than legally being the Trustee… while at the same time… is preventing the legally named Trustee, my mother, from doing her duties as my brothers Successor Trustee since his death in the middle of December 2016?

    My deceased brothers Trust Estate is valued at approx. $1,000,000. His stepson, Glenn Pillsb#*y con'd us while asking us to "give him time" to find a Will or Trust in my brother's residence after he died! Instead, the crook immediately hired an attorney without telling us that he had possession of the Trust and Wills that he claimed he had been looking for for a month after my brothers passing! LIE!

    Then, his attorney, Chris Col* either convinced him or took the bait from the greedy nasty stepson to represent him and help him in stealing the Trust Estate over ambiguities in the Trust that he knew about because his pre-deceased mother's friend and lawyer was the person that helped my brother and his wife choose the apparently pre-printed computerized Trust to use in 1998! My brother had declined to sign it for a year or so after his wife and wife's friend the lawyer presented it to him to review because he felt it was not representative of what he thought were the wishes of both him and his wife! But… he eventually was convinced that it did give their entire estate to their future children and nothing to her 2 children aged 16 and 18 from a previous marriage, so he signed it!

    That friend and lawyer, Michele Sa*d*h, even had them name herself as a Co-Trustee for both my deceased sister-in-law who named her son as the Co-Executor on her Will and Co-Trustee for her in the Trust while my brother named our mother as his Co-Executor for his Will and Co-Trustee for him in their A-B Trust!
    The friend/lawyer knew all along that the Trust wording can be considered as ambiguous… every attorney we have talked to, including the evil greedy nasty stepson's attorney says it is the worst Trust they have ever seen and would NEVER advise or let their clients use it!

    SOOOO… before we even knew about the 2 lawyers including the friend/lawyer, they had him "claim and act as" the Trustee for my brother!!!! He seized the house, bank accounts, cash, stocks, life insurance… every asset he owns as being his Successor Trustee before my mom ever even had a chance let alone saw the full trust! CROOKS!!!! They also know and knew that our mom could not and would not be able to afford an attorney without access to the Trust Estate funds that as the Trustee she is entitled to use to defend the Trust from such predatory CREEPS, CROOKS and every other satanic name they represent on their way to HELL!!!!

    We have not found any attorney or case law that shows this fraudulent claiming to be a Trustee ever happening before but I know it must have! We have been turned down by a few dozen attorney's because they all seem to stick together, including the OC Judges, and do not want to deal with the Public having to represent themselves, even in my case where my mother is being screwed out of trying to get the fraud stopped so she can rightfully claim that she is the rightful and legal Trustee entitled to the Trust Estate Funds, not the fraudulent stepson!!!!

  • I just wanted to say thank you Mike Haggard for talking to me this morning about a fraud case that happened in Redding California this man is $500 an hour and possibly about 15 grand to go in on a case and took over an hour of his time to explain to me what was happening to me and how I could possibly do it on my own without his help everybody who has a problem with a fraud case should definitely watch this video and higher this Law Firm he's from Sacramento California and he definitely knows what he's talking about thank you very much Mike for helping me out

  • Too many people ripped off by greed in Wills, if you are reading this from the UK, please sign my petition, linked here.

  • Local Law enforcement. Should do the right thing right. But what if they don't. After you have submitted the Report. Keep on trying.

  • my sister drafted a Will claiming our Mother dictated said will on 11/9/2016 while our Mother was on Hospice on Morphine not in her right mind fed morphine Sister alleged that on 1192016 Mother dictated an entire new will leaving her everything Mother already had an existing Will out of OK leaving all three children one third of her estate so sister creates new will I filed the OK will as it was the only active legit Will notarized prepared by her Attorney long story short she moves from OK and sister becomes care take well she was not taking care of her rather spending her 250k inheritance she had got from her father in les than two years all gone Mother said she was well aware and of sound mind … A week before my mothe landed ni the ER for Anomonia which advance her copd doc gave her one year to live… Sister had poa so elected for our mother to come home via hospice care the minute she arove home via ambulance she was given morphine could not eat talk go to the bathroom completely bed ridden I was here at the time and wanted Mother to stay in hospital care until pheunomia was gone and nursing staf got her up and walking5 around on her own accord and then come home doc gave her a year but sister had poa and chose hospice Mom died Nov 16 2016 I could sense my sister to be on Meth any way I took off to go home and file to get guardianship and poa of my mother before she passed … So after fighrin in court we proved her will invalid and court appointed me executor of Ok Will so gained access to all mothers banks etc. found sister created an affidavit and close out mothers banks 24k stating there were no probate pending or will no real property and did this 2017, Jan she lied on the affidavit my aunt who is a corporate lawyer out of Sac call was Exec of OK will at the time she told my sister the will she created was not valid because our Mother was not of sound mind at that ok will was only valid. Attorney Aunt then called Bank the Estate dept and main branch and warned both of potential fraud and to no close or release any funds until a valid executed will was brought to the branch well long story sister created an affidavit defrauded the bank by saying there was no will and more than 40 days had passed since death she new of two wills her fake one and my Mothers real one …. The bank messed up what is our recourse

  • Yes Put there ass on Front Street Dragg them out the House and arrest them. Surely Surely that will happen.

  • Good video appreciating you there's only one problem I turn my Bluetooth and my phone volume up to 10 and it sounds like it's only at 1

  • In Ireland the cop's and attorneys are stealing from the people, if you go to another attorney they take the side of the wrong doer's and you'll be put in jail or you'll be out of pocket

  • Thank you for this exposure of elder abuse. My mother was a victim of exploitation and elder abuse by many people. The police refused to investigate and my mother died 3 months later. Her doctor targeted her by giving her narcotics.

  • I don't know who to talk to.
    I have his trust fund that's my son has taken over because I'm disabled and dying and I can't get him to take care of me anymore.
    I'm thinking he has stolen from my trust and I don't know who to talk to about that my brain just doesn't work right anymore I have a hard time thinking.

  • He makes suggestions like report the wrong doing to the police. Like in my case the police would not take a report from me and told me there was nothing that they could do. So how do you report it to the police when they won't take one from you ..?

  • I've made some comments on here to some people but need to add this, If people of the earth don't start respecting her we all won't be around any way. For one our sun is dying- If we don't start to change now our earth will end in seven years. Read your bible and if you don't believe me just start watching our sun. Just every now and then look up at it. Not kidding. LOOK… I remember as a kid our sun was yellow or orange. But now its this white bright fake looking lamp like sun. It's changed. .." 7 YEARS "

  • We were stitched up by a solicitor and accountant in our fathers will. They refused transparency and accountability, patronised us and called us bitter for questioning then!! Their firms and regulatory body protected them when we made complaints. it was only when we found fraud/money laundering and contacted the police did / do we feel a chance of Justice. The police do not beleive the will to be valid now too. These people (professional executors) are arrogant and self-entitled. They want us to proceed through the civil courts 'cos they know they can 'outlawyer' us. There is little chance for justice for victims of Will fraud, people are abused and stolen from when they are grieving. There is no regulatory protection.

  • I'm not the man in the photo, I'm sure that I have a large inheritance and that it is being stolen. There are holecover ups and pay offs. Listeed to me were Where… someone said I didnt have to do this but like I said , its complicated. Im afraid they are one step ahead. Veggie Gril, whole foods, winestine hotel chain, H and R block, Sephora, Coffee Bean, Tyson %60, Cambles soup. A recording studio off N venice. I think… Maybe its just Venice Blvd. ATH those are the initials of the man I met there they told me after that I owned it. A lot of real estate. Some royalties… I was asked not to say. Some one else mentioned Vons., I get the BF good Wrench fortune, CJC collective corrporation, I want to start but have not started a marijuana candy buisness. I have telepathy and use it very porly I think and I was dumped and look homeless but some instinct says no shelter for the homeless. I need this worked out i hear a frenzxy in my head and stealing and making everything weird. Im already weird. I was dumoped. I dont want anymore trouble. um… I want it just done and delivered to me no issues and I dont think I want that house anymore or to give anyone anything. I dont think I know anyone really.. Im confused and pushed around., I will be fien but saying that made me feel like someone was taking that as a conformation that they could steal my money, I think Ian and marryelli stole all my money from sephora and my cousins megan and katy are stealing to they may sue for the use of thier names,. If I wasnt scared I wouldnt have used them so you have to sue the scarer. i didnt worry about spelling
    I think jack black has all the makeup I ordered. I need that stuff or a refund also I ordered stuff from LULUs my "telepathy" if it is a language is horriblr i have had some crossover I was informed of my inheritance this way.

    e A castle you give me would be very nice i did see the blue one off the highway that someone asked if I would let marriellie live in and I may have said yes but since i realiszed i have no friends.. it was cute im not going to be completley happy with anything I would take it.

    That was a question i heard telepaticly i think… not crazy maybe in a rality maze type situation…

    please help and dont judge i just dont worry about embarassment and try to get thorough it my daughter was threatened. Im really not that normal is a worry of mine,.
    Krystal Sims
    email… hopefully i will still be abole to acess it..

    I think listening to it all the time makes me a little bit weirder. I was never popular though, also have no idea why i wrote some of the last part.

    Money in full physcial interaction required. I think im overdrawn. help… hacker changing passwords maybe? i lose access to emails i look like a hmeliss girl in hollywod

    [email protected]

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