Recognizing Malignant Narcissism in Our Own Community – Evening TV

Recognizing  Malignant Narcissism in Our Own Community – Evening TV

I’m here on the last of
our recon missions trying to find our new hometown in Mexico, and so I
think this is actually gonna be it. We really, really like Merida. It’s our first
time here, and we’re gonna go visit Progresso and stuff today – which is the
nearest beach. But yeah, Merida is beautiful. Really gorgeous and this kind
of feels like feels good feels good to us anyway. Another reason for the trip is
that my son that died his birthday is just in a couple of days (11/3)
and it coincides with the holiday Dia De Muertos The Day of the Dead (11/2) here
a celebration in Mexico and it felt really right to be here.
I don’t know a ton about the ceremony yet but I’m learning about it.
There’s actually a really darling movie, kids movie out called Coco that came out
last year, and it really touches on that tradition, and it was a really great
movie. You should watch it anyway. So, we’re gonna be taking part in all that
Day of the Dead stuff, and it’s a way to connect with the people there
you know, loved ones that have crossed over to the other side, and so I came
here to honor him and to feel connected to him.
In preparing for the trip I had to of course pack, and you know I’m packing
up things in the house too so he’s been on mind a lot, and of course what really
confronted me was with the things that were going on over the last
couple of weeks that we’ve been dealing with all of us collectively have been
dealing with one of the things that was said
among the many crazy things that were said was that
I didn’t actually have a son that died, that I had made that up which is
just amazing no one’s ever suggested anything so asinine before but that was
said and and that was really you know to hear someone say that he was also a
mother and you know very very strange but you know it kind of got me to
thinking you know these are the things that we you can kind of look at and
identify you know what it is you know how identify what it is when we see a
behavior like that but it’s so strange it was the art abuse or identifying what
the problems are so you know is that is that what is that is when someone is
like that is that what narcissism is is that is that what we call that well I
don’t know I don’t know you know you I’m not I’m not in the business of making a
diagnosis I’m not you know I’m not qualified to do that but we can
certainly we can certainly look at what the traits of narcissism are and so and
a personality disorder are so I thought I’d go through those just basically to
you know assess you know the people in our lives and people were running across
again you can get familiar with what that disorder is because after all that
is basically the purpose of this whole channel is basically to get familiar
with it to get familiar with what nurses if narcissism is and when it especially
a personality disorder of course we all know that our system is something that
we all need to have it’s probably that we all need to have and there’s a
healthy amount of narcissism that each of us should have which is we call that
healthy narcissism it’s basically just having a sense of self that’s having a
sense of self a healthy sense of wholeness and you know being a you know
being a whole person I have any in doubt like and you know that kind of thing
that’s that’s a some people call that healthy narcissism right get over here
in the shade a little bit okay so I’m right next to the pool it’s beautiful
okay so let’s go over this a little bit so if so where he was in the past
helping narcissism and see a little bit of a pathological narcissism
they’re gonna have grant they’re gonna have a grandiose sense of sense of self
they’re going to recognize they’re going to feel that they need to be recognized
superior in some way and they’ll get a little bit frustrated people aren’t the
people around them aren’t recognizing how superior they are they’re they’re
missing their greatness they are somewhat fame-hungry they they think
they should be known and famous and and that they’re going to be they have sort
of it you know they’re just too special to not be noticed and to not be and
they’re too special for a lot of things are too special for you know that it’s
too stressful for other rules for the rules the rest of a substitute follow
and so you know they they’re they shouldn’t grant themselves some some of
their own permission to do things just because they are in essence of who you
know who they are they have an excessive need for admiration they have an
expensive need for admiration for praise and and they’re intolerant of anyone
questioning why they’re doing anything questioning anything that they’re doing
pushing anything that they’re saying they want to be accepted and revered and
followed without question and and to question anything they’re doing is to
basically basically like you’re confronting here they are everybody that to them
those are really fighting words for you to question their motives or a question
what what they’re doing is puts you at odds with them they can’t tolerate they
can’t tell her you even the slightest bit of you maybe disagreeing with
something that they’re there they’re doing they feel entitled to compliance
they feel entitled to praise it feel entitled you attention above and beyond
well way beyond anything they’re going to be giving to anybody else but beyond
what anybody else gets or you know should they just feel like they of
course they’re they should be getting more of everything because they are
biased you know who they are and everyone is gonna be in there in their
presence and they can be very very exploitative they exploit people
and you know to get their needs that their needs are foremost their needs are
absolutely foremost and it’s always on their mind so they know they’re they’re
different from sociopaths and that they aren’t necessarily plotting necessarily
they are necessarily setting out to harm someone or use someone but they’re
exploitive just by nature so there should actually get their needs met and
people will be exploited just in the process of doing that so it isn’t really
there they’re setting out to hunt the blade someone but it’s just gonna happen
it’s a byproduct of what they do because they are and they’re they’re you know
they’re doing what they’re gonna do focus on their own needs being their own
needs met and you know people will get people will get exploited in the process
and that’s just the way it is in here so they’re not they’re not usually really
conscious of how they’re explaining people but they’re also not delusional
you know they’re not it’s like they they don’t know they know what they’re doing
it’s just they figure that’s just that’s just how it is that you know I obviously
I’ve got to do this because I’ve got to have my needs met and to them wants our
needs once and needs are just the same thing and they’re very childlike in this
so you know they absolutely cannot deny themselves anything they can’t tell
themselves no a they definitely don’t want you to think I’m now but they can’t
tell themselves now and so they they feel entitled to everything that they
want and immediately without question and if and if you don’t give it to them
even if you know say it’s you know they want to buy something and you don’t they
don’t have the money you don’t have the money it’s like you are denying that and
there’s no there’s no ability to keep it in perspective you know if they want
something it becomes a need and then it becomes dire and it becomes like life or
death he just gets to do you know jumps up to
that level really quickly no matter how home or how petty it might be it becomes
a matter of life and death and and the things that that these people will
destroy their entire affair family and relationships over can be so petty
because all things are seeing the same there everything kind of ways more or
less the same and and you know and everything is black and white thinking
so the minute you know the minute that you come up they confront him about
something you know you can’t you can’t grant them one of their many entire
wishes that they’re entitled to you become the enemy you have all bad and
and then they can’t you can’t see you get anything get in you and they will
fight you as though you have done something really really terrible to them
it’ll be completely out of proportion and and it will and it will build that
elite you know be just kind of a frenzy that will build that they will start
treating you so you’ve really done something to them they are they are
envious and envy is a a trait with them it’s not in you know sometimes envy is
the thing that happens to people but in them it happens so regularly and it’s
such a I function a feature of their personalities that it really is just
become a trait of theirs that they are pathologically ambience and they believe
that everyone is amused of them as well they they will look Hughes and they’ll
say it right out you know out really how about how envious people are of them and
and usually not at all accurately I mean they usually way off way off base when
they say that kind of thing and usually it’s because you flip around and you
realizes they’re they’re at value they are envious to have the person there
saying that about tribution of others so say you
together or something you make the success they will basically devalue your
contributions completely it’ll be all they’ll take I’ll take all the praise
and all the accolades and all but they’ll take all that attention and
won’t pay you your and and don’t really feel that they they’re just really bad
at sharing the limelight they’re really bad at sharing credit they’re really
there and it turned out it really terrible partners the chair bullets
being partnerships with and this of course is you know debt rehearsals from
here my marriage because my husband I actually were really you know for middle
book came together really because her strengths were so different and yeah
together we really really had a good thing going and we didn’t really well it
made a lot of progress in a really short amount of time but the progress changed
him you know the more success we got the more it changed him and and when he you
know it’s time for the discard he I felt I was entitled for nothing he felt
really like our life was his life and he was entitled to keep everything every
bit of it yeah you know they did you know he pursued a divorce with me as
though you know I so I died it was like he wanted me to be able to keep you are
to keep what he would if I died which is basically everything plus a bunch of
sympathy that was what his goal was to come out of our to Boris with basically
what he would get if I had died and that was his goal so you know that’s that’s a
that’s a pretty incredible amount of entitlement they will do
things you know like without any looking into the future so they will and they do
everything right now and for the moment so in the moment thinks informally
empowering such as you know lashing out against someone or you know whatever a
matter of manipulation and you know that they need to do to get what they want in
the moment any thoughts about what this might do to the future their future
relationship with someone their family their you know anyone you know those
clocks about half this person to be able to get over this thing you just did
there’s no thoughts about anything like that so in the minute that it’s over for
them it’s over and so they really don’t they don’t understand things like
apology you know apologizing for something that happened way back when
for them it’s over you know I didn’t know how much they hurt your feelings
how much they cost you what a nightmare they put you through that you know get
over it that was like oh and so they’ll think it but they are the worst they
can’t get up for anything they hold grudges they do not they they are not
resilient people at all they’re very fragile very very fragile and and and
they hold on to resentments and use that are coming for other people so when for
instance they’ll maybe they’ll this is an empty more like over a narcissist
don’t else story or they ain’t enjoy telling this
story it’s free but their audiences eyes are wandering they’re you know they’re
you know trying to just when someone’s really got like the floor and they’re
talking about they want to talk about he’s in edgeways into the conversation
and the minute that they get a breather they stop breathing people excuse
themselves you know just a really about it picking up on the cues of others so
they’re just not paying attention they lack empathy for it to be a good
communicator you like them the life of the party camera person you really need
to be able to have everything is empathy that helps you to understand the way
they’re being read by other people it’s so fragile that they need constant
reinforcement of telling them about how how great they are they need that and so
and they feel absolutely entitled to it and they don’t you know don’t care about
how they’re explaining people are manipulating people err to get that it’s
it’s basically in their in their minds that everyone’s doing that and they’re
mine everyone is trying to do that and so they’re just doing it better you know
there’s you know I kind of crass as them and unable to take responsibility for
mistakes they’ve made they must be perfect in their mind in
their in their lives in their mind you know things are perfect or their or
their garbage you know it’s either/or and they’re their constant battle is
that they believe inside that they are garbage and they’re fighting that
knowledge at all times and of course in the process the irony is that in the
process they only only behave like garbage you know they just they behaved
terribly trying to convince everybody that they’re not garbage and salute fair
and so where I am right now as I’m in mérida and we’re right in the central
area at this beautiful beautiful hotel which actually was a home it was a home
of a well-to-do family that made their riches on him hemp was a big industry
here and and so the and look who I found
I found the king of the mansion this is my husband okay we this is our our first
full day in Merida we’re heading out to the beach over and Progresso I’ll catch
up with you guys when we get there alright bye bye

11 thoughts on “Recognizing Malignant Narcissism in Our Own Community – Evening TV

  • My deepest heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your son. I can't imagine. .
    For anyone to suggest that you have used his passing to exploit sympathy for your own gain, or to even suggest that you invented his existence or passing is beyond vile and heartless. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
    I left my husband of 20 years and my experience is remarkably similar. He immediately drained the joint bank account and sued for divorce leaving me with nothing. Not only zero spousal support, but no portion of the community property, and not even the considerable property I brought in to the marriage. According to several lawyers, because I left the state when I fled, I have no rights to anything "because I chose to abandon it". I am starting over from zero, which is still a win for me because he is out of my life. Financial abuse is the quiet abuse and doesn't seem to get as much attention but it is just as devastating.

    Wishing you peace and healing,
    Much love,

  • Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous! Stunning , really. I like that husband of yours 😉 girl he won’t let a thing happen to you! That’s awesome 🤘🏻my husband is like that too😉 great video, great content! I love how happy you are. I’m sorry Evening. So sorry for your son. I know he is with you always but especially now on his upcoming Birthday and the celebration, trust he is smiling ! Happy Birthday Noah. RIP🙏🏻 as for you again , Mexico looks great on you. You should know that toxic free ( Val) put out a part 2 and you need to see it and read the comments. Trust me it’s all good. Everyone gave you support in those comments. Including me. And many others. Especially Val and A. J. Mahari! It will touch you for sure. As I said we have so much in common, my brother dying in 2010… he was a musician like your son and on this day , Halloween him and two other musicians decided they were gonna run away. Lord , my parents. They made it to Seattle in 5 days by car from Tennessee. They wanted to idk be closer to Kurt Cobain’s ashes ? I think. He was 15 at the time. The other two were mb 16 but not a DL amongst them. I was 14. Man crazy when I watched a video of yours talking about Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain and how your son looked up to them and my brother did too. He was 29 when he died. You are strong Evening and classy. So glad to see this video you seriously are glowing and this place suits you ! Very cool. Enjoy this and please know that he is with you. 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻I promise ! Now celebrate his life 💖 like you intended and have a blast. I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Thank you again Evening. This warmed my heart 💖💖💖

  • Your words are gold to me ! Boy can I relate to this. I love what my court shrink said to me in regards to my ex narcs cruel words..there is no pill for mean.

  • Watching this helps me realize the profound effect of my mom's narcissistic personality and how it damaged my sense of self and how that changes what I perceive is real in my life and who I am. You hit on key points that I can see apply to my relationship with her and with the rest of the family that are resonating on yet a deeper emotional level and the consummate truth behind my pain and confusion. There is no doubt that I have felt like garbage. It is nice to see you in Mexico and I am wondering if at some point you will invite people down for a meet-up. No pressure…it is just an idea. I have dreams of going to Mexico to find a supportive group sometime in the coming years and start up nourishing relationships with people that I can call my friends. Thank you Evening. I feel you as a resource for helping me transfer into the new sense of who I am.

  • I cant judge one wa or the other on what goes on onw way or the other in situations not there..I see many channels on th subject and relate to most..pain in varyiing multiples wishes to all if you ever figure out the narc will end up in the nut house before getting the pulitzer peces prize..quite frankly..scrarlett AFTER NARC SHIT ABUSE..YOU JUST WANT TO BE YOU..WHATEVER THAT IS i do know after narc abuse what was big wiily becomes unwilling i dont specipic names in narc bs..multilaw suits…oh boy such fun even in fmily theft and slander Bootom line we live in the narholia world it all depends on the narchole or the the inuendo..who gets to pay the price

  • Thank you for tolerating a few glitches as I attempted to stream live from Mexico while in a place with excellent connectivity. It allowed me to upload while away because I felt the need to stay in close contact with viewers given the amount of negativity going on I wanted to offer a grounding voice and reminder that we know what is going on. We've all been here before and to step back and see what is going on and not allowing the negativity to steal our peace. Thank you for sticking with me. Your support and encouragement mean the world.Please like,share and comment and of course if you haven't already subscribed, I'd love to have you join my youtube family today!

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