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  • Borinquen has not recovered from the hurricane. I was just there visiting family in January. The areas that got the money were the financial districts. The people of the island are still putting the pieces back together. They are only showing you the good part… and the Boricua people don't want to be a U.S. Territory. They are sick of the United States. Do your homework. I love Boriken and my people… but she is trying to sell. It's not so great as she says.

  • Get the fuck out of our island with your upper class, neoliberal bullshit. We've been screwed by foreign investors and companies into irredeemable oblivion already.

  • If they pay that much they are fools. It’s not worth that at all. So many other places you can be on the beach for a fraction of that price in PR. I guess that’s for the gringos that don’t want to step foot outside San Juan.

  • interesting that with all the beaches in PR, they found the only place to eat on the beach. its true, the only other place that i know is in guanica

  • Marbella de Caribe dos cuartos, un bańo un estacionamiento por 525,000 se le fue el avión un edificio viejo sin planta eléctrica ? De donde saco esa comparable ? Por dios. Quiere decir que en Metro plaza un edificio nuevo con gimnasio, planta eléctrica, dos estacionamientos restaurante , cine a un minuto del Condado y Miramar , cinco de Isla verde tienen que costar 1 millón.

  • Before buy please check radiation levels and drug traffic ahaha…. Antes de comprar deberian medir los niveles de radiación y trafico de droga….. ajaja

  • Ohh shit bro! Im colombian and i live in puerto rico! Ive watched alot of your videos in colombia and cali thays where im from, i stay near calle loiza what ever you need bro ley me know parcero!

  • The half of million houses a block away from the water view she was talking are right next to a huge project section 8 buildings

  • Yo prefiero vivir en otros pueblos que en San Juan. San Juan es bonito para visitar pero para vivir prefiero otros lugares de la isla que son más tranquilos y el costo de las casas o apartamentos no son caros.

  • We are not stronger than ever. She is clearly lying cause it won't be good for her business to be truthful. Sad woman. She knows she is lying unless she is a zombie.

  • Muy documentada la chica.SJ es un lugar bonito y Dorado.Pero no tienen las mejores playas y el costo de vida muy alto.Calle Loiza y otros lugares altos en incidencia criminal.Lugares cómo Guanica ,Cabo Rojo, Aguada ,Rincón,Aguadilla,Isabela,Palmas del mar .Mucho mejor para vivir.Y los campos mucho mejor.Puerto Rico es más que SJ.

  • Grab a coffee in a starbusk no make sense you are near very good coffee local shop 🤦🏽‍♂️😡

  • Fuck you colonizers! We don't want you here!!! This is not your playground! This is our families, culture and life! Leave now

  • That woman is so full of shit.selling our resources to people who dont give a fuck about us puertorricans.go beck to trump land white boy.we dont like you here.dont believe the lady.she is taking you for a ride.

  • Atencion boricuas.estos son los pendejos que nos quieren dejar sin pais para que tengamos que emigrar a trumplandia y discriminen contra nosotros.estos son los enemigos del bienestar de nuestro pueblo.esta gentusa con dinero que les importa un carajo lo que nos pasa como Pueblo y MIENTRAS nosotros cada vez menos podemos disfrutar de nuestras playas estos tiburones vienen a quedarse con lo que queda.esta gentusa hay que pararla y dejarle saber que no van a poder eliminarnos como pueblo.despierten puertorriquenos.estos son el enemigo.y con respecto a la vendedora es ovio que su pais es el signo de prostitution tiene muchas formas.vender a tu pais es una de ellas.

  • It must be nice to live in our Borinken without any oppression or racism from our Indigenous people while our people were forced out of our Borinken with a #GEOSTORM so you Europeans can come in and steal our land while poisoning our people with all that poisonous foods & drinks.SMH.Tainos wake up.

  • Llegaron los Yankees ricos a sacar a nuestra gente de la isla para acomodarse ellos , como siempre usan su poder económico para aplastar a los debiles.

  • En Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 son muy amables pero en los estados nos tratan como perros con Su racismo y discriminacion

  • The Caribe Plaza 1,500 sq ft apartment that was posted for $1.9 million, I believe she said it was 4,000 sq ft.

  • Loved the video, if in a future you can do a similar one within Dorado and/or Humacao, too. Aida is very resourceful!

  • Ah yes, the gentrification of Puerto Rico and my native San Juan is in full effect, and according to plan. American Ibiza in the making. Yai, colonialism and ethnocentric condescension.

  • She’s gorgeous !!! Glad to see Puerto Rico booming again. Fingers crossed the next downturn has a positive impact on investment in Puerto Rico.. not just more job sucking by big corporations

  • I loved wathing your videos and what you do for puerto rico i live in aguadilla and would like for you to go to the west side.

  • Puerto Rico is not only about Old San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado…there are lots of beautiful homes in towns in the interior of the island, the mountainous part of the island (Las Marías, Maricao), or the west coast (Rincón, Cabo Rojo, La Parguera), east coast (Humacao, Fajardo) or the smaller islands off that coast (Culebra, Vieques).

  • Puerto Rico was not power washed. There is still a lot of work to be done. Especially with power lines. Maybe in 3-5 years things will be better.
    Condado beaches are ugly. If you want nice beaches go west or east.

  • Glad to have come across your video. We just stayed at the Caribe Hilton the week you filmed this! Great Hotel, Great Island, and she is right, it's the people that make me want to go back!! Not to mention the views and the island itself. It was a wonderful experience!

  • People going to Puerto Rico and staying there has nothing to do with the weather or the music,… Pleeeeeaaaseee!!!… unless!!. You are a citizen of the United States!.. Everyone else.. specialty!!.. people fron Central and South America go there with an Agenda on mind and the intentions to some how get documents so that they can crossover to the United States… That is the reality that people won't talk about perhaps because there is a lot of corruptions in the system and the government could care less…

  • Take advantage of laws that benefit outsider not locals and make everything more expensive for All of us locals, Huh? Equal playing field Anyone? How can you live with yourselves? Gentrification 101!

  • Are there any public housing projects under construction? What about low income houses and affordable dwellings for rent? I lived in PR until age 17 and all I remember is that there is a lackadaisical attitude by the local govt in terms of maintaining infrastructure. Streets and roads not maintained; power outages are the norm. The powers that be don't manage funds properly and there's no accountability for the mismanagement of assets. Crime rate is high; no adequate law enforcement. Scary amd disgusting!

  • Great video! I just got back from a 2 week stay…now back in Georgia and putting my home up for sale on opendoor, cash out and come back to buy there bu mid augu6…single momma tow babies and its gonna happen

  • Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ since the beginning of time the “Man” conquers all the land of the aboriginal

  • So sam, hehe falling in love with my people and the island. Colombia us great but Puerto Rico is unique.but…hehe she said most of her clients are mami, you are American.puerto Ricans are Americans. Hehe

  • Sam you so smooth Bro, you know you can hit that right??? no ring and open with those sexy leggs you snuck in there lmaooo love it!!!!

  • Sam if you want to live in p.r. You are very welcome,,,,,,and you mr.russo let,s the sunshine in ,,,,,,peace and love.

  • another comment, education, English is not taught in public schools. you have to go to private schools or watch a lot of tv. american children not learning english. PR govt doesnt recognize the importance of english language to their students or their economy. look at the statistics on how hard it is to do business in PR, they are ranked 147 with other countries in the WORLD>

  • Soy mexicano le doy un gran respeto a puerto rico no sé por qué a muchos mexicanos no les gusta nadie que no es mexicano pero me gustaría vivir en Puerto Rico un día

  • Fantastic info and video, Sam. Thank you for the wonderful interview and questions with Aida. Hope to be there soon!!

  • Yo mudo pa ya pronto!! Como me encanta mi Isla Bonita. Aqui en nuevayore se pasa mucho frio. Yo ido a Loiza y Es bellisimo! Rincon y Cabo Rojo me fascina. Necesito mi medalla.

  • leave our island and culture alone. what makes puerto rico so special is not just the beauty of the island but the rich culture of puerto ricans. Us ricans here in the states need to buy back our land and keep our culture strong and continue our traditions. subamos a puerto rico 🇵🇷 🙏🏽

  • If you own PR-land or your "shell" in a revitalization district, how you gonna behave watching dis? Infomercial's anecdotal evidence, not plumb; you get no factual incentive here. Advertisement slant for one team's ROI, capische? —Jesusth Christh

  • Nice! Gentrification. Making Puerto ricans leave our homes and all the fucking crypto dumbasses and gringos who dont give a fuck about our country but come here because they less taxea than in the states. We dont want you people here. Let us be. And probably you are a nice guy and decent human being but since 1899 little by little we feel how they want to take our country from us. And gentrification wont help.

  • PR is an amazing place. I WANT TO MOVE THERE SOON! But dont be a "Pirate of the Caribbean" (yall know who you are) Its an amazing place and amazing culture. Thats why we all want to go right? Make PR Great Again.

  • Love the video… I have been to San Juan before and it is a beautiful town. The realtor is muy caliente. Hey, what are those sunglasses you are wearing at the end where you were sitting at the table. I like those

  • The vultures think they are going to buy Puerto Rico off for pennies, aint going to happen we wont let this become another hawaii

  • You see this is the problem guys they want to put presure to the people of puerto rico making them leave for that way these people can com in and take take and take and profit of it get out and stay where you came from

  • Like it happened in hawaii, and many south west states, it all starts with encroachment, Then as we watch on youtube Hawaiians fight against the fourteenth telescope on Mauna Kea, I keep wondering, when they become more numeorus than us, will they allow us to continue being Puerto Ricans? No mexicans are welcomed in states like Arizona, New Mexico or Colorado. Native Hawaiians are not respected and are not welcomed in certain areas of Hawaii, very many are homeless.

  • So you wan’t to buy property on the cheapest part of San Juan, so locals get evicted because the landlord want to turn the building into a Airbnb. No shit the locals are rioting against the government.

  • yet , as a puerto Rican, I bet you if you had millions of dollars to buy lots of land in The U.S..they kick you out….So, as many American people with money are white ….Whatever…White puerto Rican catering to white American…and then Rican women with painted blonde hair…

  • Buy Cheap after a BIG Hurricane and Sell HIGH to the Less Informed, Hard Headed-Stubborn or Self Destructive. I lived there. People & Hurricanes Don't Mix…


  • Bull,, you are fake like the rest of your idiot can artist….show the grigos la perla real better work on accent..🤨…..

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