Sesame Street: When Families Grieve: Exclusive Preview

Sesame Street: When Families Grieve: Exclusive Preview

GIRL: I’m drawing on my wall. I like drawing flowers because
my mom really liked flowers and she really liked purple. So I imagine them sometimes
as purple. My Dad thought it’s a really
good way to get your emotions out and help you just
feel better. GIRL: My mom was pretty and
she was very smart and she loved to Rollerblade. And she had to cut her hair
because she had breast cancer. KATIE COURIC: We’re about to
talk about a subject that’s really hard to talk about. It’s a topic that’s very
sensitive and emotional, but unfortunately, affects
many people, the death of a loved one. [MUSIC PLAYING] BOY: My dad was a soldier. WOMAN: I didn’t have the heart
to really tell them that their dad was not going
to come home. My mother did it for me. She sat them all
down on a bed. She told him, your dad’s
not coming home. And my son said, why grandma? And they’re like because your
daddy was killed in Iraq. ELMO: Miss Katie, Miss Katie. KATIE COURIC: Elmo! It’s so good to see you. It’s been so long. I’ve missed your red,
furry face. ELMO: It’s good to see
Miss Katie too. KATIE COURIC: I thought
your cousin Jesse was coming with you? ELMO: Oh, she’ll be here soon. KATIE COURIC: Oh good because
I wanted to see how you two were doing because I heard
you had some sad news in your family. ELMO: Yeah. Yeah. Elmo’s Uncle Jack die. KATIE COURIC: I’m so sorry
to hear that, Elmo. ELMO: Oh, here’s a
picture of him. KATIE COURIC: Oh. ELMO: See? KATIE COURIC: There’s Uncle
Jack and he is your dad Louie’s brother, right? ELMO: Yeah. Cousin Jesse’s daddy. KATIE COURIC: This is such
a nice picture, Elmo. ELMO: Yeah. Elmo really misses Uncle Jack. LOUIE: Yeah my brother, oh,
he sure did love baseball. ELMO: Yeah. LOUIE: And he loved teaching
you how to play. He was so proud of you that day
he gave you the cap right off his head. ELMO: Elmo can’t wait to
see Uncle Jack and show it to him today. LOUIE: Son, son, can I– ELMO: Yeah, Daddy? LOUIE: He won’t be there. Do you remember how we talked
about your Uncle Jack? He died. ELMO: Oh yeah. Elmo can just show it to
Uncle Jack next time. LOUIE: I’m afraid not, son. ELMO: But Elmo can call him
on the phone, right? LOUIE: No, son. You see, when someone
dies, it means they’re not alive anymore. Their body has stopped
working. They don’t eat or breathe
or talk on the phone. ELMO: Oh. LOUIE: Uncle Jack died. KATIE COURIC: It’s so hard to
get used to the idea that someone you love just isn’t
going to be there. ELMO: Yeah. GIRL: I was very sad and mad
because I knew he wasn’t going to be here anymore and I just
didn’t know what to do. WOMAN: Sometimes we would
scream in the pillow. We would just out the
pillow up to our faces and just scream. Just so that you could
get it all out. GIRL: One of my teachers, she
had lost her dad too and she said that she would always
write letters to him. And then I started writing
letters and that made me feel better. BOY: My dad was really funny and
likable and he had a lot of friends. BOY: My dad was a helicopter
pilot in the Marine Corps. He had to deploy a lot. And he’d be gone for like
months at a time. WOMAN: How do you tell an
eight-year-old and a 10-year-old that their dad had
made it safely back from Iraq and then taken his own life? BOY: I think the best way to
cope with feelings is to just talk to somebody and just say
everything that you’re feeling and why you’re feel that. It’s like a towel. If it’s wet, it’s going
to weigh you down. You need to wring it out. WOMAN: We do a lot of
things to try to keep this memory alive. He’s everywhere, really. He’s in the ocean and
he’s in the sky. BOY: My dad was a major, so
we named the dog major. Major was born on the
anniversary of his death. So so many connections all
around us that really keeps him here, I think. MAN AND WOMAN: [SINGING] I know that times are sad. Don’t know how you’ll
make it through. Someone you love is
gone, forever. Think of the time you had and
remember love so true. Share in the memories
might help me too. Cause our hearts will just grow
fonder by remembering. And our love will always find
new heights to climb. If someone you love is gone, you
are always going to find that you need to give your
heart a little time. You need to give your
heart a little time. ANNOUNCER: Major support for
this Sesame Street special provided by Defense Centers of
Excellence For Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain
Injury, BAE Systems, Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact
Fund of the California Community Foundation. Additional support
provided by– ongoing support by Walmart.

42 thoughts on “Sesame Street: When Families Grieve: Exclusive Preview

  • That's it, I have to ask….why in the world did they NOT MENTION MISTER HOOPER IN THIS EPISODE?!?! (If they did, let me know. I think I am missing something.)

  • This year I lost both my grandmothers in 2014. April and August. I had a good cry tonight when I thought of them. I want to make sure my grandparents' memories are kept alive.

  • This may sound ridiculous on my part and even I didn't expect it to happen. But out of the blue, I cried my eyes out over the death of Elmo's Uncle Jack. I don't know why, but I did. Could it be that the death of Uncle Jack reminds me way too much of Jim Henson's death or something?

  • Guess what Elmo. You and I about to have something in common. My uncle died too. My Uncle Bob that is. He was 81 and a half years old. He died of a surprise heart attack this past Friday on July 10th. We were all at the funeral today and boy did everybody cry nonstop. We all had difficulty controlling our emotions. It was painful for us. But we're just gonna have to move on and get on with our lives. He was my mother's brother by the way and boy was she nonstop crying as well.

  • Has been dealing with death semce before she was born. I am womb twin survivor she was strangled by a cord. My psuedo grandad in mother' s side died when I was 18 months. One of my two little sisters died nicu in 1990 I was 4 almost 4 1/2 cause I have late November birthday. Yes I wa protective of survier. My grandad in dad's side died when I was 14 in 1999. Anx some extended family died between such thing. My dad and grandma his mom died in 2005 you get the idea.

  • I've lost family & friends over the years and it's hard sometimes. My mom died (12/28/1981) when I was 6. I think of her watching Sesame Street with me ( she did quite a bit with me & my brother). Her favorite film/clip on Sesame Street was that song "Pockets". She'd sing along every time it (pockets) was on and even sing it around the house or putting overalls on me. I can still hear her singing that one line in the song,"what would we do without pockets?"

  • lost my Mom she passed away last year but I never forget About my Mom ever because I said so and I'm not sad anymore because I know she's in heaven together with God now I'm pretty sure my Mom is watching me from heaven if I cry every time I remember my Mom what she was like in person it's hard to say goodbye to her

  • Last year my grandpa died of cancer. I cried for hours the day I found out. My grandpa died the day after thanksgiving. Then 2 weeks before school started last summer my 4 year old dog died of kidney disease. Now my last grandpa and grandma are on their death beds.

  • Yea. I DON'T know when I was little. My mom told me HER mother die is my grandma. Die for cancer in her breast. I know is hard. I DID NOT she HER. That's in 1969.

  • When I was 5 my mom passed away from sclerederma and I remember us watching sesame Street and she would smile at me and when she was in the hospital I was on her lap watching it on the mini t.v

  • My great grandmother passed away one and a half weeks ago. She was almost 100. My dad was devastated. I felt bad.

  • I lost my mom
    Mary Patrica Burns
    Passed away of breast cancer bone cancer and liver cancer.
    I'm not the only one misses her
    Her sisters brothers niece's and nephews father miss her everyday
    They way I look at it she's in heaven with her mom sister Frances Morgan her aunt's and uncles and 2 nephews

  • I never lost my parents, but the closest family members I lost were two of my grandparents and my dog who I had for about 7 years

  • I lost my Papa ( My Mama’s daddy) when I was two (2000) and my Grandpa (My Daddy’s daddy) died when I was 16 (2014) I was too young to remember my Papa but my Grandpa was awesome. I was supposed to start school (I was homeschooled, graduated last year on my birthday (did not go to a ceremony because I have anxiety)) but He died. I woke up around 3am (EDT) thinking “I’m never going back to sleep”. I’m telling God woke me up for a reason, because no more than 10 seconds later my aunt (my Daddy’s youngest sister) called saying Grandpa he fell (possible heart-attack or cancer). They were able to revive him long enough for my Grandma to say goodbye. My uncle (my Daddy’s younger brother and the only one younger than him) came in their (Grandma and Grandpa’) house and said “He’s gone”. My heart hurts every time I think about it. So I understand the pain of the death of a loved one. You get through it, but it’s still there. This episode makes me happy because it helps children understand death at an age-appropriate level.

  • I lost both of my parents 2002 and 2016 first my dad and then my mom it was hard for me i'm almost 40 i have to get over it and i know that my parents are watching me from heaven everyday!

  • I was just watching Sesame Street families for grief and that was so emotional to me even the whole video was emotional.

    I felt I wanted to cry because my grandfather could have easily lost his life last December from a heart attack but he didn’t which I am thankful for today on his birthday that he still alive.

  • Thank you so much for this episode, Sesame Street. My dad died two years ago (I was 15 at the time) in September due to very sudden liver failure (he deteriorated like almost overnight) and this episode, looking back on it, really puts the grieving process perfectly. Thank you so much, Sesame Street.

  • Geez. This episode real hits for many of us. As someone who lost his father almost five years ago and seeing this episode really really gave more insight into our emotions when we lose a love one or even a pet we love alot. I get angry cause I feel it's not fair for us to have to deal with lost but it does help to have other love ones we can talk to to help us out going through this and even though they are going through the same emotions, they are there for us and in a way, we help each other going through this. I love Sesame Street to this day for helping my little brother when he was younger to have a great education and also touching on important matters with that education

  • I lost two of my uncles 3 years ago. They died within weeks of each other. They were my dad's two brothers. I miss them a lot. And my dog passed away in 2013 from old age. :'(

  • My most saddest moment of my life was 4 it was like 2012 In new Jersey I was visiting from New york and my dad had a heart attack and was dead on arrival, I didnt go to his funeral because I didn't know what death was and I was too young 🙁 when that happened 💔🔫 it's been seven years iam 10 🙁 I kinna feel bad for the others but look at my story 7 years without him known home for 4 years and taken…

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