Smerconish: If I’m Trump and I’m watching this, I like what I see

100 thoughts on “Smerconish: If I’m Trump and I’m watching this, I like what I see

  • I wonder what the crime rate is there ..they all seem not to care one bit about someone breaking the laws ….are they all criminals too like trump ?

  • Omg CNN you finally got it right! Swing voter here and you (CNN) are the #1 reason I’m going to vote for trump this next election. I’m blown away you actually played normal Americans opinions.

  • Ps when I moved to Wisconsin from Michigan I found a job in 1 day and my second job at $25 an hour two months later. The jobs are coming back

  • More evidence that democracy invites a wave of idiots to influence the lives of more informed people. The price you pay unfortunately.

  • There's always going to be those voters who will vote for Trump no matter what, and so what! We can't let this sway others who won't vote for Trump no matter what. Maybe this "group" is focusing on the wrong people all together!

  • If these independent groups are so swelled up by the impeachment inquiry, i consider that a false belief, for its a stance for hypocrisy, piling on the rest of the hypocrisy trump presidency stands for; these independent groups making that their case is just appalling and shocking for the fact trumps presidency is violating and suppressing the Republican Party let alone_, that’s ignorance on the swing voters behalf, if trump can do the most of breaking the law and war monger with the economy selfishly,like the trade war effecting farmers,or SSI recipients whom voted trump whom now are rethinking trump, for 2020 or Obamacare that McCain didn’t disagree knowing it would effect way to many on the republican side ,I mean how does achievement being read in there, from the swing voters view? If it’s impeachment vs things that are continuing to pile on topics of oppression of all forms under the trump presidency, I would pick impeachment, if these people are making valuable points on the exact politics of the trump presidency of today, is being read carefully well then so be it but these people should really think about it up to the day they go out and vote! It’s the failure on behalf of the people whom are uneducated or simply ignorant to vote that, if not knowing the facts of people’s credibility!

  • Really? So its ok to be lawless, lair, undiplomatic, careless … as long as get what you want. Shame on you. Trump is the Enemy of the Decent People and friend of idiots.

  • They are impressed by Trumps economics boom, as thus have come to their decision to vote Trump 20/20 accordingly . It is quite clear now this is not, and never was some tail wind Obama boom . Trump done this economics boom – Trump studied economics, and Obama was bad at economics, so they are voting for Trump. It is the correct decision

  • Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over a phone call asking about Biden’s Corruption ? Seems like the Democrats are trying to cover Biden’s ass.

  • It is not a surprise at all. It was not like Pelosi wanted the mess of the impeachment, the democrats will gain nothing from this, but the impeachment was what she had to do about Trump's talk with the Ukrainian president.

  • Beat him in the ballot box? what are you dumb? the president is breaking laws and you want him to get away with that

  • Thanks CNN. President Trump is right about Americans who are getting shot up for Islam. They should be protecting the US Borders. The sickos in Washington love American Soldiers losing legs and arms and coming back in Body Bags.

  • Everyone I know is voting for Trump ! Not one Dem friend left they all have left the party it started with kavanaugh smear campaign and in 3 years all are now republican or independent this party is finished you can lie for just so long before people wake up! The silent majority hasn't even made its voice clear he will win by a landslide!

  • That hypothetical question is bananas. With everything we now know. In fact I would go even further and say Obama would almost be the perfect candidate to face Trump in a debate. I'm saying this with myself being a swing voter and as a person that isn't partisan.

  • Who is funding this study? The RNC? Koch brothers? Liberty University? Polls show independent voters are evenly split on REMOVAL, and over 50% approve of impeachment.

  • Whenever someone says, "the Democrats failed to land a blow on the president with Mueller and now they're doing this as another attempt to get him," indicates to me they never really read the Mueller report and are probably Fox News viewers, which studies prove and demonstrate, are the most misled and misinformed. Also, when they say, "I like his America First policy," indicate to me as well that they haven't kept abreast with the issues of this policy, how it's implementation is actually is harmful to America. Their vote in the coming elections ought to be counted as half, honestly. Dumb people like these who do not educate themselves objectively with what's really going on and thereby are ignorantly selling out American values for Donald "Mexico will Pay" Trump are actually detrimental in the long run. That, or they are willfully blind and try to rationalize their adoration of Trump to be something good. Either way, they are dragging the country backwards.

  • Democrats do not care about the small folk or minority communities. They virtue signal and walk around in their own arrogance.

  • What does it matter you twit? The popular vote means nothing. The electoral college, run by Russians, picks the president. The American people count for nothing in the presidential election. So it can only be concluded that the media is doing it's job quelling the masses. Continually!

  • FDA has approved almost 1000 new generic drugs so far in 2019 and close to a total of 3000 under Trump. That's an all time record pushing cost down.


  • This just proves that Americans have become amoral. Money and branding is what is important in a hypercapitalist society. Unfortunately Americans do resemble their chosen leaders. Hence America is fucked. Screwed by are pussy grabbing, lying, criminal, completely inept reflections. But don't worry, with the people holding the nuclear codes and stewarding our environment,it will be over soon. Who knew that with all our advancements of our modern world, that pulling your head out of your ass would be so difficult.

  • Really? Leave him alone and worry about the country?? Dumb ass people…. he is ruining our country under your watch. These idiots are why it is so frustrating.

  • Sheesh, all one has to do is visit one of many government web sites to see ALL THE OTHER ITEMS GETTING DONE. People are SO easily led. It's easier than taking candy from a laughing baby's mouth. People, PLEASE think for yourselves and do a teensy bit of research for your own self. Hell yes there's policy and lawmaking going on. Media focuses on certain areas because it's quite sensational. How many people would watch the news if all they talked about was what laws were enacted today. We have C-SPAN for decades. DO YOU WATCH THAT? Ok, that's what I'm talking about.

  • I'm an Engineer,and I have friends that are doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, business owners,landscapers, retailer's,etc,etc, Keep calling us all uneducated, deplorable,dumb,and stupid,and Dems will never be given power again.Trump loves himself and is nowhere politicly correct, but he loves his country and is getting things done. The second Dems and media said Resist,was the second your Agenda was obvious. Stop the hate. Vote in the next election if don't like a booming economy, having a job,a secure border , just like the rest of the world.second chance for prisoners,revitilazation projects for our towns and cities. No more unnecessary wars. ,Etc,etc. Vote for a socialist. Than watch the country be destroyed. Wake the hell help,for God's sake!!!!

  • The American people are getting tired of the petty Democrats who haven't done a damn thing for middle class families like mine!!!

  • Right let's just ignore the Constitution and the Congressional responsibilities because it doesn't play well in the papers too much spin are people Constitution takes precedence over everything

  • Also if you want to put emphasis on Social Security and insurance in healthcare that's great Congress will do all that work and has done it but once it gets to the Senate they will do nothing with it it will sit there that's been since Trump was elected so you can play that game of we need to deal with the issues but the issues are not being dealt with by this Administration just another reason to follow the Constitution

  • Congress can’t focus on that because u have a maniac as president. U can’t comfortably read a book while sitting on a bus when the driver is out of control. Get rid of the crap then and only then can u see thru the bull that’s been laid and then clean it up.

  • These swing voters are a big part of the reason that America is in this Embarrassing position.they helped put this man in office..and it's very unlikely that they have realized, even to this point ..
    Their president did not make America great…and he never will.

  • They are giving a pass to normalising white collar crime. I suppose that is the America that they wnt to resurrect.

  • They are giving a pass to normalising white collar crime. I suppose that is the America that they wnt to resurrect.

  • "Swing" voters is misleading.These people are precisely the same MAGA crowd that elected Trump. They prove nothing except that Trump's voters are still there, that same significant minority of persons who are unhappy, ignorant, and vulnerable to appeals based on racism, fear and hate.
    Can they prevail again in Ohio, Michigan, Wiscinsin, and Pennsylvania? I fear so. And yet NOBODY can predict the impact of impeachment and the further Trump abuses that are bound to come out over the 12 months.

  • Just goes to show they are not paying attention. There are 100s of bills on Mitch McConnells desk!!! Election security is one he's keeping off the Senate floor

  • Trump's support does not lie in "ordinary people." Everything Trump does strikes against the interests of ordinary people. Trump's strength is the corporations and billionaires who play on fear and hate so that ordinary people will act against their own interests. Feed people enough fear and hate, and they will jump over a cliff for you.
    And that is very hard for Democrats to fight.

  • "…They need to be concentrating on the country, not what he's doing wrong…" Really? Can you be more dumb than that?

  • There is definitely a lack of information, the house has passed kitchen table issues. Moscow Mitch is holding them up in the Senate for a vote. The democrats are not doing a good job of getting this information out to the public.

  • Complete BS!! These people ARE republicans who are SOOO embarrassed by trump and they don't want to own up to their own stupidity for getting duped by a con man. Claiming to be a "swing voter" but voting for republicans mean you're a republican. Their loguc, "oh yeah, that person murdered my kid but don't prosecute him for that." Gtf outta here with that bs!! IMPEACH THIS CRIMINAL!!!

  • So these Americans are supporting lawlessness and roguery?
    These are all unfit to be voters in the first place.
    I cant believe these are all adults but definitely immature.

  • Its not America first!!! It's Trump's pockets, then Russia!!! These people up in Ohio are totally not smart for not paying attention and not caring that he is even breaking the laws. If they were breaking the laws they would go to jail. They want a lawless president. That's what they are saying. Congress is doing work on retirement, healthcare, etc. Trump and the kiss a** Republicans don't care about ur retirement and healthcare that's why nothing seems to get done for the workers of America.
    Sticking with Trump is were they are stupid for real!!!

  • The swing voters should learn some facts before they talk. They looked more like Trump voters than swing voters. Since taking control of the house in January democrats have sent over 400 bills that have passed the house to the senate. Mitch McConnell is sitting on everyone of them. He will not even permit them to go to the floor for discussion. So they are walking and chewing gum at the same time. After Mueller testified Trump thought he was in the clear. The next day he called the new Ukraine president to ask for a favor. If he thinks no one is paying attention he will do anything. He's like a toddler testing his boundaries to see how far he can go. Like having next year's G7 meeting at his resort, he wanted to see if he could get away with it. He also found out that the democrats were going to make it another charge in the impeachment for self dealing.

  • Seems like we outside of the USA knows more about the USA politics than most americans. How disgraceful that you not paying attention…USA & DT has become the laughing stock & your claims of MAGA is the dumbest ever you clowns! Wake up DT has sold your soul to the highest bidder in the Kremlin

  • I think those people are out of touch of reality.. The House passes a dozen of bills.. and the Senator leader just sit on his butt and doesn't even allow debate.. those congress rules are stupid..

  • They don't leave in the same world with us. Let them wait until he curses a newclear war then they will wake up but by then it will be too late.

  • How stupid can these people be. Let him to jus continue to do what he’s doing? Idiots. I don’t care if their republicans or democrats.

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