St Olave’s Mock Test Explained | Kin Learning

St  Olave’s Mock Test Explained | Kin Learning

The St. Olave’s exam is much harder than all
of the eleven plus exams in the area, and we wanted to create a mock exam that reflected
that. Whereas most mock providers have a standard
English and maths paper that they use for Olave’s, we’ve created an exam that we know
includes questions that have come up over the last few years in the real Olave’s exam. Rather than simply using Olave’s past papers
in order to design our mock test, we’ve collated information from various sources with the
aim of making our mock test the most realistic Olave’s mock test around. Our mock contains a logic section, to reflect
the Stage 1 part of the Olave’s exam, as well as an English and a maths section. Our English
section includes creative writing and our maths requires written answers that need evidence
of working, just like the real Stage 2 exam. Not only does our Olave’s report give you
an idea of whether or not your son has the potential to pass the Olave’s exam, but you’ll
also receive a detailed list of topics that your son struggled with, including information
on whether or not your child with doing his working. This will therefore give you the
information you need in order to improve your child’s score as much as possible before the
real exam.

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