Stop Making This Genealogy Mistake on the FamilySearch Family Tree

Stop Making This Genealogy Mistake on the FamilySearch Family Tree

Don’t make unknown profiles on Family
Search. If you haven’t seen any of our videos we’re family history fanatics
were a channel that’s all about helping you understand your DNA climb your
family tree and write the stories of your ancestors. We do this through
YouTube videos what you’re watching right now webinars and live streams and
all these fun interactive content and books if you want to read and learn on
your own. Just want to jump into family search and show you what’s getting me
annoyed. So this guy is somebody I’m researching on family search and
you know he’s got you know fairly standard name, birth, and things like that
and we do have a lot of sources for him. But here’s the problem, he has a
wife, whose name is unknown, no child or anything just unknown. There is literally
no information about this person and there were actually children added to
this unknown person but I figured out who were their
parents. But this right here this is annoys me. Please don’t do this please don’t
make a profile that’s just a placeholder because you don’t know the parents. So
let’s go back to James Searcy to show you what you can do instead of making an
unknown profile. What you can do add child with an unknown mother this button
right here does everything you need the unknown profile to do except when the
child gets moved to their correct parent as has happened
then the unknown profile isn’t you know still there. So here’s what you do click
unknown mother create a profile like this fake profile unknown just with the
father James M Searcy create person. So look here’s there’s no
spouse there. It doesn’t say unknown says no spouse click to add
spouse. So we can then add this person to let’s say Ruth B Willis this this lady
here add spouse by ID number put that one in you see add match and boom the
unknown women the unknown spouse is gone. Whereas when I move the children from
unknown over here to their correct parent unknown is still here unknown has
literally no reason to exist but because it is so hard to delete people on family
search, even if they never existed it’s gonna be a big pain. So please don’t make
unknown profiles use add child with an unknown mother or add child with an
unknown father. So yeah that’s all I have to say about this
don’t make unknown profiles please.

14 thoughts on “Stop Making This Genealogy Mistake on the FamilySearch Family Tree

  • Slight irritation in Caleb's voice, I noticed. I also noticed this is hot off the heels of the "Unk" vid.

    Good work. What I do is something similar. Say I have a guy named Paolo Coppola. He has a sister named Caterina. Their father is uknown. So, I put in "Coppola" in the last name field. No idea what the father's first name is.

    That works to a point. I'm not going to call someone "Unknown" right off the bat.

    Over on WikiTree, though, we have this thing were someone is something like "Hannah Unknown" or "Thankful Unknown". That's unfortunate because there are a TON of "Uknown" last names there". Most of them are ladies. Well…all of them are.

    Great vid.

  • It looks like you have extra features because you're in the Mormon cult. Are we missing out on anything good, or is it just about who they have prayed for?

  • Probably wishful thinking that someone in the family might see it and message him with the name.
    Speaking of messaging,.. I think I have maybe a 20% success rate with getting replies from people with trees. It sure would be nice if people posted a tree they would answer and at least say I don't know.

  • That link isn't there on the iPad app. So not possible. What IS possible is to merge the unknown with one of the wives. If there are no sources and nothing except the name, just merge it and be rid of it. Easy peasy.

  • What do you suggest when a child is born and there is no father listed? (Illegitimate and NEVER to be known, short of exceptional DNA research) Example: progenitor born circa 1880 in Sweden. I really want to "fill the space" with something that indicates a type of "brick wall."

  • I agree only, in my familytree going back till early 1500 we do have some <foundlings> who were amongst the ancestors….. there I did not have another chance as to mention their parents as unknown. Since it is even stated in their < birth/foundling act> and the marriage act later in the official registers…. Or in some cases the mother is known but father is unknown as mentioned in the same acts stated above…. Sometimes this unknown is needed

  • That's good advice.

    Do you have a recommendation for how to list siblings when their parents are unknown? For instance, a couple of brothers raised together by non relatives, with no record of who their biological parents were.

  • the "unknown" wife is totally replaced once you merge her with the "mother" that has details attached (using the duplicate function). then it is not a problem anymore. What are your thoughts???

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