Storming Spain’s Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die

Storming Spain’s Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die

100 thoughts on “Storming Spain’s Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die

  • I can understand why they don’t want illegal crossings, but this shit is jus brutal man. These are people just searching for better lives and they’re getting beaten to a pulp or even killed for it. Crazy.

  • Sad but true…
    Europeans now they paying the untold atrocities in the colony days…
    Point of no return…

  • No country can sustain all these immigrants. Why is there no effort to fight for their countries instead of expecting others to take in. The dictators and warlords of Africa should be looked at harder. These migrations need to stop. Globlust and liberals are not the enemy of these people. They are as ignorant as the 16 year old drop out Greta. Fight for your country instead of invading and listening to the propaganda of people like Sorros.

  • Europeans would welcome them if they wouldn’t commit so many crimes, conform to european standards and values and get a job.
    Issue is the minority of these people actually do this.

  • Why do they want to go to another country if they don't fallow the rules they are problematic.they want to do whatever they want ..

  • And its happening in Mexico to fighting to Mexican authority they want to rule the country

  • Almost all Americans are descended from immigrants, rather than putting up barriers put up courts and ports to screen people coming in. Rather than forcing them to come in illegally, make it easier for them to come in legally.

    This is also part of why I think Africa needs less countries and they need to pool resources to actually take care of themselves. Having so many countries in one tight area only makes more conflict and struggle for resources against each other.

  • Indians in Africa are doing really well, they own businesses, factories, they are doctors, engineers, accountants. They contribute massively to the African communities. On the flip side, people of African decent anywhere in the world are suffering no matter how wealthy the host country is and no matter the opportunities available to them. I’m convinced this is an issue of mentality.

  • A high percentage of the "Refugees" did NOT leave their country "for a better life", they left because George Soros and his gang spread tall stories about the great wealth and the welcome awaiting everybody who wanted to go. The Globalists printed booklets telling the "refugees" when to set out, where to head for and how to become stateless by throwing their passports into the sea as soon as the rescue ships appeared.
    Proof of this ? Well, the "Refugees" all suddenly arrived at the Libyan coast – and amazingly, so did a succession of rubber boats (AT EXACTLY THE RIGHT MOMENT !), the boats were capable of carrying at least 50 "Refugees" each – and there were lifebelts for all !
    The "refugees" had ALL "LOST THEIR PASSPORTS" AND SAID THEY WERE FROM SYRIA EVEN THOUGH THEY OBVIOUSLY CAME FROM QUITE A FEW DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. THEY ALL HAD BRAND NEW CELLPHONES (TO ALLOW CROWD CONTROL BY THE COMMIE ORGANISERS) and they all had the same destination – how would they all have known the European city names back in the Third World unless they were prompted ?
    They were not refugees, they were "expendable troops" paid for by the Globalists and the EU, by or through George Soros – and the daftest thing ever is that WE LET THEM THROUGH BECAUSE THE PC MOB SAID THAT THEY WERE REFUGEES FROM WAR IN SYRIA.

  • Whats so puzzling to me is
    Africa!!!! Is the beginnings of all natural wonders of this planet, its where life, spirituality, and wealth comes from.
    And Europe, Spain and all thes countries took everything from Africa and left these people to die from starvation, poverty and now there like figure that out for yourselves.
    God isnt pleased and at the end of the day, Black and Brown people are taking over and will be on top in the future.

  • Europe for Europeans!
    If what they do goes against UN human rights, then the UN should be ignored. Nations deserve their sovereignty.

  • First of all my comments were not Racist, they were facts, learn about History, learn about the Evaders of Africa, and the people who died and suffered from the Spanish, Europeans and Romans coming into Africa to Steel Kill and Destroy. If Africa had those same Borders in the ancient times, the people of this world would not have taken everything from Africa.
    Black people and White and Brown need to know Real History

  • They will have to do what Europeans did 100 years ago i.e 'Build their own country'. Don't expect Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA etc. to give you free handouts just because you want ' a better life'. Most Europeans were dirt poor a hundred years ago. It takes time effort and perseverance to get on in life. Build your own life. Go to school, go to university, get qualified, start a business, work hard, don't have ridiculous numbers of children, tackle corruption, save and build. In two or three generations your descendants may have something. Something YOU built – not something you were handed by others.

  • They should put a fence around New York City especially the Bronx so that the immigrants won't be able to come to New York and thank you I'm finished rat infested New York

  • Why they are not fighting in their own country against problem.Our motherland India also facing illegal migration from Bangladeshi Muslims and rohingya muslims.

  • I hope all the "refugees" in this video have died. You are a coward if you flee your country and put your problems on others.

  • so many scummy comments and dislikes, lmao fear is whats keeping the fences up, pathetic absolutely pathetic. Bandits! if there were to fight them 1v1 they'd get shit on Spanish pussies

  • I am from tangier and some of these migrants break into people's houses to take over the house and they refuse to get out of the house all of boukhalef is like that and then what you will wait in response for such acts if somebody takes your house and refuse to go away, of course, you gonna use violence we are not disregarding the bad situations they are in but that doesn't give them the permission to do such acts especially in a country like morocco which it has it fair share of problems

  • I don't hate them, but I don't want their problems in my country or this continent. They should be helped but not to be let with both hands to invade these countries

  • their government are corrupt and this people can't fight them but willing to run only for their lives thanks to God we don't have any close land border country

  • So voluntears must be stationed at the boarder to shoot them off the fence when regular payed troops are not allowed. Defend Europe, our western world. Collaborators must be shot or also trown outside the fence as well. An empire that can not defend it’s own boarders is doomed.

  • Funny how all these people are fleeing from countries run by people just like them and when they get to where they want to go they do everything in their power to turn the new country into exactly what they fled from.

  • Imagine decrying european colonialism then less than 50 years later you have ran your country into such a shithole you risk your life trying to get back into colonial Europe. Buahahaha.

  • There all economic refuges. And thats not a valid excuse for coming to Europe. And we dont have enough jobs to our own citzens. Please electrifie the fences, so we in the north dont have to pay for them.

  • Europe did not become free and democratic overnight. The French Revolution ,signing of the Magna Carta. These immigrants should ban together to create these changes in their own countries if Europe allows all of these people in it will make Europe the same as the countries they immigrate from. Their is a reason why northwestern Europe has more fair skinned people. Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy have been fending these ‘immigrants’ off for thousands of years.

  • There is no space for people like us,,, himulate by all rich countries.. Nobody wants leave or left their own country or village by choice.. I hope world becomes more Compassinate,,

  • Alot of people saying that they should go back to there country and fight the government, how the hell they going to fight back when they are hungry,poor without jobs and the government won't helping them? No freedom of religion,speech or because the government started a war without even the public knowing before hand? 👉EVERYONE GO TO CANADA, IT'S A BIG COUNTRY WITH ALOT OF EMPTY LANDS AND THEY ARE WELCOMING EVERYONE👈


  • Im curious…would middle East countries open their borders to Europeans if there was a war in Europe?would they give us free money and shelter?would they allow us to he Christians?

  • It is Europe that started the illegal entry to other nations. They be ok with people from Africa returning the gesture .

  • This is a crisis that is difficult to solve. If Europe and other countries open their doors, millions of Africans will flood in. The solution has to be made in the countries of origin, and that of course will take long. This is very sad. I can understand why they are somewhat unwanted. Discrimination is not the issue but economics

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