Bass Santana – drown out your thoughts with this (feat Kin$oul)

This little shitty booty ass nigga can’t really no stomach stink cooking better bring me that apple juice if Misha can’t find me that apple juice Hop out be late Jumping out the roof What you wanna do When you wanna go Hop out be late Jumping out the roof What you wanna do I […]

How To Start a Club or Society

Hey guys welcome back to your TV I’m Layla. Gabe I’m and. Wait, what? Mean do you what? Are you talking backwards? Yeah, but no one wants to do it with me. Me is woe. Well, maybe you should start a club or society at the University. Let’s find out how. the first thing you […]

CRISTIANO RONALDO in “The Switch” ft. Harry Kane, Anthony Martial & More

🌴 Did Abraham marry his sister Sarah?! | Terah’s family tree | Genesis 11:26-32

I’ll put it straight to you real quick. Terah’s genealogy, his family tree looks like one of those braided bonsai trees, and it’s a huge mess, but we got to understand it if we’re going understand the rest of Genesis because things are really twisted. Hey it’s Rachel, I’m so glad you are here today […]

Mumtaz Begum | Sawan Kin Min Lai Meda Mahi | Old Lok | Dhool Geet | New 2018

Family Cannot Afford Christmas Tree | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree on Shane the Christmas tree it were the most classic symbols of the season and for many of us finding that special tree is often a family tradition the grandeur the tree the better green one year she’s too young we all remember that puny little tree in the […]