THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD

This is an average American family. And so is this. And so are these. Every family is different. But some families are more different than others. Get out! It’s hideous. It’s horrible. It’s home. Is that really as tight as you can make it? Hello. Wednesday. What do you have there? I’m not sure. Strange… […]

SPEAKING ONLY SPANISH for 24 Hours Challenge **THE ROYALTY FAMILY** | Piper Rockelle

Shalom guys! I hope your days been good but better watch this video today Is going to be a super exciting video but before we get started make sure you turn on your spanish switch right now because as you guys can see by the title we are going to be doing 24 hours speaking […]

Together We are a Family l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Together we are a family My mother, brother, sisters, my father, and me Together we are a family My mother, brother, sisters, my father, and me Together we go my family and I We make the snow man come to life. Daddy will dress him head to toe Mommy will find a stone for his […]

2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair Session 1: Exploring History Hub for Genealogists and Researchers

>>Good morning. My name is Vernon Smith, Research Services Workplace Culture and Training Manager. You just heard from Archivist of the United States David Ferriero. I also welcome you to our 2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair! Before we begin with our six sessions, I have three helpful tips on how to participate with chat, and access […]

Jeremy Corbyn: Trump-Farage-Johnson pact would threaten rights in UK

I think what we have before us is an alliance between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. We know where that alliance is designed to take us: into a sweetheart trade deal with the United States that will threaten all of our regulations, all of our conditions and threaten our public services. Farage […]

The St. Louis Society Against Duterte – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

‘You don’t have to look black to be black’: The complex racial identity of a tiny Ohio town

With a lot of the people that live out here, you probably wouldn’t take them to be black people. You might not look black but you got the black blood into you. My name is Roberta Jeannette Oiler but I go by Bert for a nickname. I’ve lived here all my life. On my job […]

King of Kings (Live) – Hillsong Worship

In the darkness we were waiting Without hope without light Till from heaven You came running There was mercy in Your eyes To fulfil the law and prophets To a virgin came the Word From a throne of endless glory To a cradle in the dirt Praise the Father Praise the Son Praise the Spirit […]

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway asks reporter: ‘What’s your ethnicity?’

If the president was not telling these four congresswoman to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring? – What’s your ethnicity? – Uh, why is that relevant? – No, no because I’m asking a question. – My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy. – Kellyanne, my own ethnicity is […]