23andMe EXPLAINED | DNA Genetic Test Review & Gujarati Boy DNA Test Results

Bulls**t I can’t smell asparagus! What’s up guys in this episode, I go through 23andMe and how reliable the results might be for a South Asian or Indian or Pakistani Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan. So keep watching if you want to find out. Time to get our hands dirty. On a side note, don’t you […]

23andMe DNA Test Results: Who am I?!

– Who am I? My name is Tom, this is the Enthusiasm Project, but that’s about all I know. So, today is May 3rd and what I have is this. I get to send my spit in the mail to a company who will look at it and then tell me who I am. So, […]

Ancestry DNA Kit Unboxing Part 1

Just a couple more lugies and I’m done. Hey guys The Pretty Witch. Welcome back to my channel. So this is one of the videos that I’ve been most excited about making and I ordered a dna test off of ancestry dot com and it finally came in the mail. So ancestry dna is an […]


Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and UGHHHHUHH I just woke up. I’m literally just out of bed so I probably look like shit and I sound like shit but that’s fine, (no Sean you are a cutie) because we got another thing going on. You remember, well I don’t […]

I Tried an Ancestry DNA Kit from 23andme & I’m Sharing my Results

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’m going to be filming a different sort of video than I normally do. A while ago I did the 23andMe report because I wanted to see what my ancestry was, so I finally got back the results today and then I had to wait all day for Ray to […]

My Indian DNA Test Results: Ancestry, Haplogroup & Health!

You may have already seen a couple of my previous episodes on 23andMe and you may have noticed that I actually haven’t gone through my complete result breakdown; and for some reason it feels like this is probably how you end up getting hacked. Not everyone is comfortable sharing this information. Which is exactly why […]

23andMe REVIEWED by Indian | Pros & Cons of Genetic Testing Service

These days you can get your full genome sequenced for less than $200. Now that’s equivalent to about 160 pounds or just as much as you would pay 23andMe for an ancestry + health report. So why at the end of the day would anyone pay 23andMe this much money to just get their SMPs […]

My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results! Who is Kati Morton? VLOG | Kati Morton

My Ancestry DNA Results Are In!! I’m a little shook!!

Ich bin Deutche. Ich bin Deutche. Dad am I saying that right? Ya russike. Ya russike. I don’t know what I’m saying. Hey guys Candy Dawn. Welcome back to my channel. So a few weeks ago I unboxed my Ancestry DNA kit for you guys. Now if you haven’t seen thayt video I am going […]