2o τεστ D.N.A. Άλλο και τούτο πάλι!!! | My 2nd D.N.A. test, Different results here!!!

Hallo my friends I decided to take another D.N.A. test after the crazy results i got from the first one. I found a different company this time, this one that is very well known. It’s called 23andme. The name is after the 23 chromosomes of the human D.N.A. and it has some significant differances from […]



so today I do something a bit more interesting than my normal videos we are meeting the DNA family party so I’m actually editing the video now and I’m realizing that the intro that I recorded for this video was actually taken before I interviewed anyone when it was just kind of like up in […]

My DNA Results REVEALED! 23andMe || Mayim Bialik

– Today is a potentially confusing day but mostly it’s exciting, why? Because this video is being sponsored by 23andMe. 23andMe is named 23andMe because there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell of your body. And they contain all of the genetic information about you like your eye color, your propensity to cry […]

What’s My Ethnicity? 23&Me Test Results

hey I come here to add another video to the already very oversaturated topic of DNA tests but I just figured it’d be a fun video to do I got a DNA test on 23andMe so I decided to take it and share my results with you today because it’s a frequently asked question a […]

Are Home DNA Kits Hiding a Secret?

Personal data doesn’t get much more personal than this- that’s your DNA. Consumer testing companies promise that in exchange for a vial of spit and a fee, they’ll reveal your heritage and clues to your health. Called direct-to-consumer genetic testing, the industry has grown in popularity- sales are projected to triple in the next five […]

23andMe DNA Results! | Our Ethnicity

You’re so cute, I’m glad I have this on footage Now focus hello. What’s gucci, what’s good? We’re doing 23andme DNA test Because the last one I took was sucky but I’m gonna do a comparison at the end of this video So first, I wanna talk about what we think we know. Where are […]

Building a FamilyTree on 23andMe Using FamilySearch – A Segment of DNA

DNA is pretty great for genealogy, but you know what’s even better? DNA with a family tree. Howdy, im Andy Lee with family history fanatics and this is a segment of DNA. Be sure to subscribe to our Channel and click on that bell if you want to be notified about upcoming episodes. DNA is […]

DNA Test Revealed My Mom’s Dirty Secret

– Hi I’m Nathan and I want to tell you a story about how a $99 DNA test uncovered the darkest secret of my family. It was so shocking my grandmother had a heart attack. So, my family was always quite traditional and pretty normal. My mom is a business woman, so she’d always leave […]

23andMe EXPLAINED | DNA Genetic Test Review & Gujarati Boy DNA Test Results

Bulls**t I can’t smell asparagus! What’s up guys in this episode, I go through 23andMe and how reliable the results might be for a South Asian or Indian or Pakistani Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan. So keep watching if you want to find out. Time to get our hands dirty. On a side note, don’t you […]