7 Different Communities in London | Multicultural London | With Tom EatSleepDreamEnglish

Hi I’m Joel and I’m Lia and I’m Tom and this video is all about different communities in London so we get a lot of comments from you lot asking about what are the different communities in London lots of you are looking to move to London and while it’s important to integrate into the […]

The British Royal Family: Everything you need to know

Hello. I’m Gill at engVid, and today’s lesson is all about the British Royal Family. Okay, so if you probably see items in the news about our royal family, you’ll have seen the queen, Queen Elizabeth; maybe her husband, Prince Philip; but they’re a big family, and also not all countries have a royal family […]

Asian Moms And Their Kids Imitate Each Other

– You should not make sure the lighting is very bright. – (laughing) So. – Because I am already so old. You cut out part that make me look old, okay? – I came from Vietnam, but my parent came from China. – I’m originally from Philippines, but I live in San Diego. I am […]

Learn Basic English Vocabulary: FAMILY

Hello. I’m Gill at engVid, and we have a lesson today on vocabulary connected with the family; so all the names, the family relationships, and the standard names, and also some informal names that are used within a family for different family members. Okay. So, let’s have a look. So, first of all: “mother”, a […]

Last Names Animated Storytelling Reaction

Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and I’ve got a little request to check out more Dominic’s this is last names this was something that you guys suggested that I check out the link for this video is in the description box below for you to check out and I mean I love the last […]

Last Names

[Intro Music] I’ve complained about people misspelling and mispronouncing my name in the past. But, that was nothing compared to the endeavors of people trying to pronounce my last name. Having a Filipino surname has admittingly been an issue for me growing up in North America. Heck, even I’ve misspelled my own name sometimes. Now […]