Star Conflict: Evolution Factor – Tai’Kin

Hi and welcome back to Star Conflict Tutorials! Today we’ll tell you all you need to know about update 1.4.3: Evolution Factor. This patch introduces new weapons, a brand-new ship from Ellydium and a PVE mission called Ariadne’s Thread. Well, to be brutally honest, this patch adds a lot more, so, get yourself your favorite […]

Stupid F**kin Adventure Shape

Hey guys, I’m dunkey Here I am with the GTA 5 multiplayer Uh, it’s not very fun What is this, like, World of Warcraft? What is this, like, Super Mario Brothers 2? Oh look a snake! SEAN: Are you still alive though? Yeah, I’m alive SEAN:Nope Uh-oh [Gong] -have the sweet and sour chicken SEAN: […]

Kin Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

If I’m hard on you, it’s because the world is hard. You’ve seen that. And I just need you to stay out of trouble, okay? Oh, my God. Your brother just got out of prison. I know I’ve been away for a long time. But I wanna make sure that you know that you’re important […]

TSP’s Society Ka जासूस

This story is about a small intelligence agency based in Amrutara society. Whose aim is not to kill Osama, But, to investigate in bachelors house the party is going on? where are the girls going? and who is staying in a livin relationship with the girls? this is the limit of the agency. Come lets […]


Freddie was a normal man until the day he went praying in a sinister church at 4:00 in the morning and some black slime dripped on him merging with his body like any ordinary person instead of going to the doctor he decided to go home to agonize in his bed for a whole day […]

Conservation Society of California

We share the earth with so much majesty but our impact is being felt worldwide. For the betterment of the planet, we choose to take action. We empower those who protect the endangered and threatened. We strengthen the voice of those working for humans and animals to live in harmony. We rescue and rehabilitate creatures […]