DATA GEMS: How to Access an American Community Survey Data Profile about Your Community

[MUSIC] I’m Alexandra Barker, for our tips and tricks on how to access census data; I will show you today how to get to my favorite tables from the American Community Survey. The data profiles; also known as DP’s. The reason why I love these tables is that they can give you a variety of […]

DATA GEMS: Measuring Race and Ethnicity Across the Decades from 1790 to 2010

[MUSIC] Hello, my name is Jeanna Bunn-Hector and the quick census tip for today provides access into a rich history source. This interactive visualization tool is a quite colorful tool, that tells a story and sneaks a peek back into time. This resource is not only educational, but one that I found to be exciting […]

Advanced Census Data Analysis in Excel

Welcome to the video tutorial on using Census data in Excel. I am Alexandra Barker, Data Dissemination Specialist with the Census Bureau. During this tutorial, you will learn about how to perform advanced analysis of Census data using Excel. The vast majority of time Excel as it is provides you with what you need to […]