PUERTO RICAN Family Tree DNA results! Taino, European, African, and EAST ASIAN?

I will have to start all over again. Nah, just edit. So, the results for Family Tree DNA just came and I’m going to see them now. I have Gabriela here. Do you want to appear in the camera? You do? That’s Gabriela. and she’s my sister. So, we’re going to see what the results […]

Home Schooling in America: An African-American Family’s Cultural Decision

(rain falls) – When I tell people I’m homeschooled, ’cause that’s the first thing, oh, what school do you go to or what college are you in? You know, I’m homeschooled. Oh, how does that work? – It’s almost just regular school but, it’s basically in your house, and you’re in your pajamas, basically. – […]


That’s cool right? I’m becoming regular huh? So, a video which is my ethnityc… Hi everyone! Today we back for a new video Which is, my Ethnicity Tag As you probably saw in my first video If not, you can go and check it So as I say in my first video, I’m from Ivory […]

ANGOLA/Ethnicity tag + Dia da Independência de Angola

Welcome to my channel. My name is Ju. I am Angola, from Uige, Nsunzi kibokolo Makela do Zombo. Today, is the independence day of our country Angola. We are very happy, because God is good. He gave this day as gift to all the Angolan Long live, Angola, long live the peace, long live liberty! […]

Student societies at Cambridge University: ACS, ABACUS, Archimedeans, Bangla

So the ACS is basically a cultural society for people of African and Caribbean descent and also people who just want to kind of be involved to know about the culture get to know what we do and we have a lot of fun social events and we’re basically just one big family which is […]


whats going on? I speak Bambara but, I mix up my words a little from time to time. I love them all but I’m not a greedy child. I don’t know the name …. I speak Bambara, however, if someone tries to tell me I can’t.. I tell them about themselves. I’ve been in America […]

taking ancestry dna test

ready here we go you’re one tough family careful Swamy company how’s everybody doing it is time to do the ancestry so play down ancestry DNA it doesn’t focus there you go so I got this in a while back ago should have done a video you know as soon as I got it but […]


Hello, internet. In these times, where, apparently, some people find it difficult to tell the difference between protesting against racism and…racism I thought it would be relevant and mildly interesting to make a video about the shared genetic history of all humans, by finding out the origin of my ancestors. Because you know, once, we […]

We Took A DNA Test • The Test Friends

– So I’m half Japanese, 3/8th Mexican, and 1/8th Filipino. – I’m half Japanese, half Italian. – I’m pretty black. (laughs) (electronic drum music) – How much of your identity is based on what you are from a racial standpoint? And to think that could all be not what you thought it was. – If […]