AI and Future Society: Ramon Amaro

Thank you. My name is Ramon Amaro and I am a lecturer in visual cultures at Goldsmiths University of London and I thank you for the introduction. My primary area research is machine learning and the philosophy of maths and black ontology. It is quite bizarre combination but those actually collide in issues of data […]

Getting involved in the TensorFlow Community (TF World ’19)

AI: Impact on Society

AI and Machine Learning can affect every part of society. For instance self-driving cars use AI to recognize their surroundings, track objects, and make super important decisions like when to stop. Machine Learning is already being used in some really amazing things. It’s allowing us to be more energy efficient. We use it to improve […]

Society 5.0 Japan

The delivery is coming. Here is a little peek of Japan’s Toaru Town (exactly on time) with the help of IOT and AI things can be possible the World of Society 5.0 Good Morning What should I get for breakfast… Would you like a smoothie? (that would be great!) It’s going to be time for […]

AI and Future Society: Ghislaine Boddington

So, yes, I’m Ghislaine Boddington I’m Creative Director of body>data>space and one of the co-curators of FutureFest So my background is in performing arts – and that’s quite important – I’ve got a long-term work now – I’ve been working with the body the living, live body and technology integration. And our key points from […]

Inside China’s High-Tech Dystopia

There’s no disputing that Shenzhen has become one of the most important places in the world of tech. Nowhere else has quite as potent a combination of tech know-how, cheap manufacturing costs, and sheer speed. But it goes further than that. Living in Shenzhen is in many ways like living in the future. And not […]

Final Presentation – Digital Society for All

So this is the report from group, and I am doing the presentation. But this is contributions from a lot of people in the group. And all of you who are here, please feel free to jump in, if I’m saying something wrong or missing something. So, what we came up with was a proposal […]

AI and Society 5.0: Potential Solutions

What about the potentials solutions? Well just before actually, it can be worse. The challenges are about changing power structures and different ways of treating humans. Ethics matters! Two examples about potential solutions. The first one I wanted to highlight is the European Union GDPR. Past in 2016, and as an academic when I do […]

Digital Society: Panel Discussion

Okay, so this was a fascinating set of talks I have to say when we first start off this workshop, there wasn’t, spend time organizing it and at one point somebody said but this is so close to the valley. Nobody is gonna show up but really it’s fascinating that it’s packed and the agenda […]