Gold Humanism Honor Society

The Gold Humanism Ceremony is the ceremony that recognizes the students selected by their peers and then the faculty selected by the students into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. It’s a group of students, faculty, and residents that are exemplars of compassionate patient care. So the students that are involved are the outgoing seniors and […]

Why Do You Love Your Family?

[MUSIC] Thank you to 23andMe for supporting PBS Digital Studios This is Harrison. Harrison’s favorite hobbies include pooping, peeing, not sleeping, and costing me a fair amount of money. Not exactly the number one qualities you go looking for in a friend. Yet, I knew he was the world’s most perfect human the instant I […]

Altruism and Smarter Societies: Ben Wright at TEDxChiangMai 2013

Translator: Ciucu Ana-Maria Reviewer: Angela Fato So today I’d like to talk about something that’s very personal to me. I love lemurs. (Laughter) Now, it’s not their big yellow eyes, or their bushy tails or even their kung-fu ninja stances that make me love them so much. But it’s a certain aspect of the behaviour […]