Voting Is IMPORTANT for the Deaf Community

Why should you VOTE? Why do we vote? Why is it important? I vote… Can you explain why is it important to vote? …because my voice MATTERS! Community organizations like ADWAS get funding from the state. When you vote it helps us to continue to get funding and serve our community. Vote for the person […]

Be a Community Organizer with a Cause | Beth Benedict | TEDxGallaudet

Thank you. Thank you very much. And hello everybody. Everybody is looking at me and thinking of me as an early interventionist or a woman or whatever identity you’re ascribing me. But I’m here to talk about early intervention and also to talk about what your role in early intervention approach is. We often talk […]

We Are A Family | Jack Hartmann

Love is sweet, Love is kind Love comes from a family of mine We’re big (we’re big) We’re small (we’re small) We’re young (we’re young) And we’re old (we’re old) We’re all different people Living together with love We laugh (we laugh) We play (we play) We learn (we learn) Everyday (everyday) We’re all different […]