Kristin Adams gets an Ancestor-Inspired Makeover | Relative Race

♪♪ [laughing] Oh my gosh.Hi, I’m Kristin Adams.My husband and I make family friendly online content. And today I’m getting a makeover inspired by my grandma.Her family immigrated from Russia.She was born in Herington, Kansas.A very small town,where I spent a lot of summers and a lot of family vacations. Probably one of my biggest […]

Impressions of RootsTech 2020

Hi, I’m Linda Sattgast, and I’m Charlie Sattgast and the two of us went to RootsTech conference last week. So we want to tell you about it and let you know why we think it’s a good thing to go to if you ever get the chance. [Music] Charlie, why don’t you tell us about […]

Wendish Religion: Ancestor Cult, Werewolves & Vampiric Dead

hello friends how are you, I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the religion of the Wends, also known as Sorbians well lately I’ve been mentioning Slavic peoples on my videos and if I’m not mistaken on the video about the horse in Norse religion I’ve mentioned some aspects of horse augury […]

Scientists Discover New Human Ancestor ‘Homo Naledi’

00:01 LEE BERGER: It is the most significant discovery of early human relatives that we’ve never seen before in the fossil record. 00:11 COMM: The discovery of a new species of human ancestor Homo Naledi has just been announced. The fossils were found in Rising Star Cave in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, […]

Are we all related? Finding the Most Recent Common Ancestor

Are we all related? In genealogy a common ancestor of any set of individuals is defined as someone from whom all the people in the group are descended. For example, you and your cousin are descendents of the same grandparents so your grandfather and his parents are the common ancestors of you and your cousin. […]

Genealogy Pit Stop: Research in 15 Minute Increments

Hello everybody, and welcome. My name is Daniel Horowitz. I’m the expert genealogist of MyHeritage, and it’s a pleasure for me to welcome you, not only to our live audience here at the MyHeritage headquarters, but also to all of you around the globe that decided to come and attend, and look and hear at […]

Hobbit histories: the origins of Homo floresiensis

This 9-millimetre-wide fragment of tiny molar was the first evidence of an ancient, equally tiny, human. It was found in a recent archaeological dig on an island in Indonesia, and sheds new light on the origins of the creatures known as hobbits. Back in 2004, strange bones were discovered in Liang Bua cave on the […]

Ancient Ancestry

Come in, come in my Lovlies, come in out of the rain. Sit for a spell on the chair, warm yourself by the fire. Welcome to Vicariah’s Creepy Corner! I aim to be a good hotess, welcoming in November. I have another creepy tale for you again this evening. This is about ancient ancestorso. You […]

Gabrielle Flowers Rader gets an Ancestor-Inspired Makeover | Relative Race

♪♪ Oh, ho, ho. Oh my gosh. My name is Gabrielle Flowers Rader. I am a full-time content creator. Today, I am going to be made over into my ancestor. This is my maternal grandmother. Her name is Priscilla Paris. She was born in 1941 in the country. And they lived the country lif. They […]

Coming Face to Face With An Ancestor | A New Leaf

it looks like Elijah also started the family’s history of serving America during war time he fought in the Revolutionary War Elijah volunteered in Wilkes County North Carolina in 1779 that’s where I’m from that’s cool so he fought for the Revolutionary War hopefully not for the British not for the British I’m very excited […]