Hello my friends from Facebook and those who follow me on Youtube I’ve been waiting for this moment If you know me, you know that I’ve always wondered what are my roots because as many of you already know I don’t know my biological family from my dad’s side because he was adopted So I […]

Reading My Ancestry DNA Results (American Mixed Bag)

okay I’m really nervous to film this video I’ve got the ancestry DNA kit plus traits I’m very nervous about this so many families out there have been finding out that they have like siblings extra siblings I didn’t know about their dad wasn’t their real dad or their mom wasn’t their little mom all […]

Coming Face to Face With An Ancestor | A New Leaf

it looks like Elijah also started the family’s history of serving America during war time he fought in the Revolutionary War Elijah volunteered in Wilkes County North Carolina in 1779 that’s where I’m from that’s cool so he fought for the Revolutionary War hopefully not for the British not for the British I’m very excited […]

DNA Test Revealed My Mom’s Dirty Secret

– Hi I’m Nathan and I want to tell you a story about how a $99 DNA test uncovered the darkest secret of my family. It was so shocking my grandmother had a heart attack. So, my family was always quite traditional and pretty normal. My mom is a business woman, so she’d always leave […]

Ancestry Results (23andMe) | Wait What?! Thought So!

Hi, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, my Facebook family… I’m back once again and this time i just want to share something deeper about me. What makes me, me? What is this genetic gumbo, mumbo-jumbo? Who am I? Who is Absolute Venus? So, a little while back I actually did a DNA ancestry test through 23andme. And […]

Ancestry DNA Kit Unboxing Part 1

Just a couple more lugies and I’m done. Hey guys The Pretty Witch. Welcome back to my channel. So this is one of the videos that I’ve been most excited about making and I ordered a dna test off of ancestry dot com and it finally came in the mail. So ancestry dna is an […]

How to Share AncestryDNA Test Results (Why Share DNA Test Results)

Hey today we’re going to talk about how and why you should share your ancestry DNA test results with someone else. We’re gonna jump into that in just a moment but if this is your first time here my name is Connie Knox I am a lifelong genealogist here to help you go further faster […]

She found her dad on her 18th birthday. Years later, she found another dad after a DNA test.

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what’s up peeps so what we gonna check out yep you’re looking at it ancestry DNA where your story grows I guess before we get started your first time here my name is Daniel Warren this is the channel like subscribe comment thanks for being here what I’m gonna do today is check out finally […]

Am I REALLY Hispanic? DNA Test Results!!