Ancestry DNA Kit Unboxing Part 1

Just a couple more lugies and I’m done. Hey guys The Pretty Witch. Welcome back to my channel. So this is one of the videos that I’ve been most excited about making and I ordered a dna test off of ancestry dot com and it finally came in the mail. So ancestry dna is an […]

My Original and Updated Ancestry DNA Results!

Lemme get my hair straight… [giggles] Hi YouTube! How are you all doing this fine day? That was awkward. [Static] Hey YouTube! Oh, my voice is so high-pitched! Okay. [clears throat] Hey everyone Thank you for stopping by my channel to check out this video Today, I’m bringing you a video about my ancestry test […]

How to Share AncestryDNA Test Results (Why Share DNA Test Results)

Hey today we’re going to talk about how and why you should share your ancestry DNA test results with someone else. We’re gonna jump into that in just a moment but if this is your first time here my name is Connie Knox I am a lifelong genealogist here to help you go further faster […]

Top 10 Best ancestry dna test

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what’s up peeps so what we gonna check out yep you’re looking at it ancestry DNA where your story grows I guess before we get started your first time here my name is Daniel Warren this is the channel like subscribe comment thanks for being here what I’m gonna do today is check out finally […]

Am I REALLY Hispanic? DNA Test Results!!

Remembrance Records | Ancestry

Hi everyone! Crista Cowan here with an exciting announcement. As part of a philanthropic effort to make culturally important records available without restriction, Ancestry has partnered with the Arsolen Archives, International Center on Nazi Persecution, formerly known as the International Tracing Service, or ITS. The goal of this partnership is to publish records from their […]

RESULTADOS DE DNA | Ancestry DNA Results

HELLO WORLD! And welcome to the first video of 2018, finally! I know it took me a little bit to do a new video this year, but I’m here now! I would like to start this year, and this new wave of videos with something different. Something I want to share with you. In December […]


wow guys I was accurate im 11% @!?!#%@?# Hi guys so I’m back finally I am currently refurbishing my channel and I am going to get a better background soon so don’t worry about that. I just wanted to make tis video because my DNA results came back from as you can tell by […]