Invest In Real Estate With No Money: What Is A Lease Option – Part 2

Welcome back to the journey on lease option land. Today, Steven Miller and I are going to do an expose into the, how do I actually market a home to find the perfect lease option tenant? Okay, we are back. This is lease option part 2. I’ve got Steven Michael Miller here with me, this […]

How To Raise Private Funds For Real Estate Investing

I get it, right? You want to invest in real estate and you’re looking for private funds. You’re looking for money so that you can get in the game and make that real estate happen. Am I right? It’s all coming your way right now. So check it out, right? You’re out there, you’ve been […]

God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

Family, I have an announcement. After 15 years of playing pro ball, I’ve decided to hang up my cleats. Go bring your rusty butt on back here, then. -I am. We’re moving back to Columbus. -[gasps] My baby! God has answered my prayer! Won’t he do it! Won’t he do it! [laughs] [yells playfully] We think […]

The Lost Roanoke Colony

Hey guys and welcome back to That Was History. Today we’re going to take a look at the story of the Lost Roanoke colony. I was watching a video titled, “History’s 10 Most Mysterious Disappearances” by Hybrid Librarian recently, and quickly became intrigued by the Roanoke piece that was discussed. I took it upon myself […]

Landon’s Webb’s Story – the fifth estate

>>Good evening. I’m Mark Kelley. Sometimes we come across people so compelling, their stories so powerful that it’s best they tell it all in their own words. That’s what happened when we began looking into a law in Nova Scotia that allows parents to declare their adult children mentally incompetent and get guardianship over them. […]

Recognizing Malignant Narcissism in Our Own Community – Evening TV

I’m here on the last of our recon missions trying to find our new hometown in Mexico, and so I think this is actually gonna be it. We really, really like Merida. It’s our first time here, and we’re gonna go visit Progresso and stuff today – which is the nearest beach. But yeah, Merida […]

From Student to Teacher: One Nepali Woman Fights Malnutrition in Her Community

Dang, Nepal During pregnancy, women often do not receive the information that they need. In Nepal, over 35 percent of children under 5 are malnourished. The community and the mothers here… I talk a lot, so they tell me… I attend mothers’ group meetings regularly. I never miss them. They say, “You understand a lot, […]

Life in a Space Colony, ep3: Early Interstellar Colonies

Today’s episode is the third and final of a three part series looking at what life might be like on colonies or colonial spaceships. Today we are focusing on interstellar colonies, or more accurately early interstellar colonies. As we have noted before, with the barrier of light speed communication, in many ways a colony around […]

Best 3 Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents – ($1-3 Real Estate Facebook Leads)

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here in this video I’m going to show you the top three at Facebook ads for real estate agents that we have seen amazing results with so we’ve seen leads for one to three dollars per lead on average with these three Facebook Ads I’m gonna be showing you […]

Veterans find community and healing in the mountains

[music playing] ROCKWELL: Anytime in your life that you’re feeling stress or need to just kind of reconnect with nature, the mountains are the place to do it for me. I was a skier before I was in the military. Afterwards, I was able to spend time with other veterans and get to meet new […]