Pusaka Ethnic Indonesia di Bukan Empat Mata

hy sir.. airport sir.. hi guys…finally we arrived at the airport, wanted to travel to Jakarta, it was already too late. and run too. need a struggle to go to Jakarta today, we are very excited too, it seems like we will be directly picked up by the driver Trans 7, and later we immediately […]

Author Tara Westover’s Incredible Story About Leaving Her Strict Survivalist Family

I read this book because Michelle Obama told me to read it. I asked her what she was reading, and she told me, Educated. And I– I listened. I drive a lot, so I listened to it on audio book. And I didn’t want to get out of my car. I mean, it’s a memoir. […]

Crusader Kings: 2.0 Review | You can (Not) Afford | Family Edition™

Hey, hey people. SSeth here. Today, I’ll be covering a game which really tests the limits of my A.D.D. medication. A game where you can grow an empire, watch it prosper, only to stub your toe, die from an infection, and watch your empire dissolve, because you have no idea how inheritance works. Catch cancer. […]

RiversideTV College Football – Riverside City vs Orange Coast

to promote public confidence in the professionalism and accountability of the city of Riverside’s Police Department the Commission consists of an all civilian panel of members from across the city the Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all police relations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deaths receiving complaints and conducting […]

Social accountability | Meals on Wheels grant provides food | Good Samaritan Society

Generations has a lot of the same values or missions and goals that we do as Good Samaritan Society – Northwood Retirement Community and the Society as a whole and it was very easy picking Generations they help us with numerous things that we do out in the community in Jasper and as a whole […]

Affordable Housing| Nothing to worry about | Good Samaritan Society

Ava Grimshaw: It’s hard to live and enjoy anything in life if you don’t have a little bit left over. And most people when they reach a certain age even if they’re retired and they’ve worked all their lives sometimes they don’t have as much as they thought they would have. Andrea Luce: It means […]

CS50 2018 – Lecture 4 – Data Structures

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID J. MALAN: All right, this is CS50 and this is a lecture four. So we’re here in beautiful Lowell Lecture Hall and Sanders is in use today. And we’re joined by some friends that will soon be clear and present in just a moment. But before then, recall that last time we […]

Healing & Beyond With Your Guardian Angel | Powerful Guided Meditation

Find a space that is quiet and comfortable. Begin your settling into this present moment by tuning into the tone of my voice and my words. Whether you are choosing to sit up or to lie down – relax all the muscles in your body and let your body to just simply rest; to gradually […]

AI & Society Series: AI & Democracy

The AI and Democracy workshop that we’re hosting is about bringing together an interdisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners – and that includes folks from governments but also people from online platforms – to really critically engage with the question of what AI in online spaces is doing to democracy. If the way that news or […]

Hospice care | Marley House tour | Good Samaritan Society

Hello my name is Katie Osbourne I’m the administrator here at the Marley house. Let me give you a brief tour. So this is our nurse’s station here at the Marley house. All of our nurses complete all of their charting and directly behind them is the medication room. So anybody who is here at […]