On the Road: Dr. Biden Visits Community Colleges in Florida and Texas

Dr. Biden Community Colleges have so much to offer you. They offer mentors; they offer writing centers; they offer math labs. (laughter) Male Speaker: And Santa Fe offers a lot of opportunity to get involved and to succeed. They give you advisors; they give you clubs; they give you student ambassadors, student government. So, transferring […]

Which Countries Still Have Colonies?

In 1960, the United Nations called for independence for all colonial countries. Yet, as of 2015, 17 regions around the world remain colonies, also known as “Non-Self-Governing-Territories”. So where are there still colonies? Well, to start, a colony, is typically a distant country or area, controlled and protected by another country. However, there can be […]

America & Mr. Smith – Smith on the Colonies

Smith thought that the Americans were victims of the mercantilist system. That Britain was trying to extract wealth from America and make sure that no wealth went from Britain to America. Smith gets caught up in this debate, and becomes closely involved. The Parliament of Great Britain insists upon taxing the colonies; and they refuse […]

The Mennonite Drug Connection – the fifth estate

[ ♪ ] [ Sirens Blaring ]>>Bob: It started as a routine traffic stop, or so it seemed. [ Radio Chatter ]>>Bob: When police in Oklahoma pulled over a vehicle driven erratically. At the wheel was a man named Abraham Wiebe. With a drunk driving conviction on his record already, another would mean jail time. […]

Dungeons & Dragons Factions – The Emerald Enclave

Hello everybody Jorphdan here the PH is silent. Let’s continue with our faction videos. Today we’re discussing the Emerald Enclave, which my Adventure League group has dubbed the hippie commune. The Emerald Enclave is a group of Druids and Rangers that aim to protect the balance between nature and civilization. They believe that the natural […]

Struggles of Coming from a Conservative Family

– Family time always sounds like a good idea to me until you realize that just because you’re family, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna agree on everything. Part of growing up, is actually forming your own opinions, whether that’s the way that you dress, sexuality, gender, or politics, and that’s okay. But understanding how […]

Could you argue the Enclave are good guys in FO3? – Rethinking Fallout 3

What if the Enclave are the good guys? “What the hell are you saying?” What if the Enclave are the GOOD guys in Fallout 3? I know what you’re thinking. “But Austin,” you say, “What about–” Okay. Sure. You have a point. And you’re not going to catch me arguing in favor of Eugenics. I’ve […]

Vivaldi Four Seasons: Summer (L’Estate), complete; Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music, RV 315 4K

High summer: beneath the sweltering sun, A man languishes, along with his flock: the pines burn We hear the cuckoo’s voice; then the sweet songs of the turtledove and goldfinch. Soft breezes stir the air, but the threatening North wind sweeps them suddenly aside. The shepherd trembles, fearing the fierce storms and his fate. The […]

Histories and Lore – The Stormlands

BRIENNE: Tarth has lulled many a novice sailor into complacency. Our lush island sits on calm, blue water like an emerald set into a sapphire. You would never guess that such a vision is only the sheath hiding the blade of Shipbreaker Bay, with its treacherous tides, unpredictable gales, and sharp rocks lurking just below […]

The Colony: New Community at Twenty Mile in Nocatee

Hi, I’m Eric. And I’m Kelly. We are your Sales Team here at The Colony, the new community that ICI has in Nocatee. This is, we’re standing in one of our gorgeous models here as you can see. As my partner just said, here in The Colony, the newest community in Nocatee, in the Twenty […]