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STANNIS: My brother, Robert Baratheon had raised the banners of Storm’s End, our ancestral castle, against the Mad King, Aerys. Jon Arryn of the Vale and Eddard Stark of the north stood with him, and Hoster Tully of the Riverlands would join. But their lands were far from ours, and separated by the combined strength […]

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SMALLFOOT – “MEECHEE’S TOP SECRET SOCIETY” Kids Stories Read Aloud Along | Fun Stories Play

Keep your eyes out for Smallfoot in theaters. Hi friends. It’s Sasha And today we’ll be reading from the new movie Smallfoot Mechee’s Top Secret Society adapted by Maggie Testa and illustrated by Masanori Hase. Let’s begin! Hello, we’re so glad you could make it to our humble headquarters. I’m Mechee, leader of the Smallfoot […]

USA at the World Cup | Animated Histories

In the classic tale of simple yank takes on snotty Europeans, American soccer is stuck in the second act, just one training montage shy of success. The story starts in 1620, when, it’s claimed, pilgrim settlers saw Native Americans playing a game called pasuckuakohowog at Plymouth Rock. And, as part of a long tradition, they […]

Spain at the World Cup | Animated Histories

Spain:home of Picasso, Penelope Cruz and, for quite some time, fascism. Sorry to mention the F-word but Spain did let politics get in the way of football for quite some time. They applied to host the first World Cup, but when they weren’t granted it, they refused to turn up. Then, after a reasonably sturdy […]


Coming from the distant planet Theta Kappa 86, the siblings Chan and Chaia vowed to protect their adoptive land by using their interplanetary powers in the fight against crime They are the Hyper Powerful Twins! Downtown Megalopolisville, something shady is about to happen… Look, Chan, it’s General Puppet! Let’s get him, Chaia! But not if […]