Olaf Ragnarök | League of Legends Community Collab

No water. No warmth. No fear. No prosperity. I will take only the most GLORIOUS death. [Activates Ragnarök] [Teemo]: I’ll scout ahea- [Braum]: Braum is here! Only…. OBLITERATION

I’ve Had 3 Foster Families, And I’ve Seen Things

Hello, my name is Chloe and since my mother died, I was forced to change foster families a few times, and honestly, those were a tough couple of years. My Mom was a nice person when she wasn’t drinking. The problem was that she was drinking almost all the time. Honestly, everyone in our family […]

Unicorn Rescue Society: Uchenna Sings Karaoke

Unicorn Rescue Society-y We have adventures with our mythical creatures Follow our channel for all our videos and all the fun stuff that we post here! And if you like them go to our website and if you’re awesome You could be a member too! When did you have time to write those lyrics? Write […]

Helmet Bro: The Animated Series – The Final Teemo | League of Legends Community Collab

*Carelessly thrown helmet* *Excited text appears* “Dude Names” *Helmet Bro Snoring Happily* *Explosion* “ENEMY QUADRA-KILL!” *Quickly exits Helmet House *Throws on his mobility boots* *ghost for added “quick”* #JustTeemoThings “Hup” Dat Ass *SWOOSH* “NANI?!” *Strongly Despairs* *Anger* *Teemo thinks to himself* “shit” *STRONG FIST* *Gone* “Wuuaaahhh” *Leaf Strong Whirlwind* *It was at this moment* *Teemo […]

History’s Most Doomed Expeditions [Full Episode]

– [Announcer] Hey kids, remember, everything you’re about to learn is real! ♪ Look at all the wonders that a single class can find ♪ ♪ When they decide to shut their mouths ♪ ♪ And open up their minds ♪ ♪ Sex and (beep) and crime and pain ♪ ♪ All this crap will […]

Стив танцует целый 1 час под самую разную музыку [Майнкрафт]

Helmet Bro: The Animated Series – Fed Ezreal | League of Legends Community Collab

Mwhahahahahahaha Ah Who needs a map

Ghost Family | Halloween Children’s Song With Mother Goose Club Playhouse

[music plays] Mother Goose Club Playhouse Ghost Family [music plays] We’re a ghost family. [gasps] We’re fantastic and friendly. When it’s time for Halloween, we ride out in our limousine. We’re a ghost family. We’re fantastic and friendly. When it’s time for Halloween, we like to shake our tambourines. We float, we fly, we sweep, […]

My Grandfather Revealed Our Family Secret Before Dying

Hi, my name is Cynthia. I am 13 years old, and I live with my mother and father. Well, I mean, until recently that’s what I thought. My mother is pregnant and will soon give birth to my brother. No… it’s not like that. Oh, my, um, let me start over from the beginning! Just […]

Summoner Showdown 6: Last Fight | League of Legends Community Collab

Who wants a piece of the champ? [Crowd roars] Looks like she’s out, Tobias. Unlucky. [Snort] Yeeaaah! This’ll get me some fine grog! [Laughs] Hold it, fat man. I’ve got one mean lady looking to tango with your boy, and she ain’t named luck. Hm? You uppin the bet, here? I reckon. Let’s raise the […]