The Family Monsters Garden, RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Choosing the trees

so we are at Hilliers trees choosing the trees for Chelsea so I’m actually stood by a birch which is one of the species of birch that we’re using in the garden they represent or they are the pioneer species so they represent our children there are service by family action as a charity and […]

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

Welcome to the United Kingdom (and a Whole Lot More) explained by me, C. G. P. Grey. United Kingdom? England? Great Britain? Are these three the same place? Are they different places? Do British people secretly laugh those who use the terms incorrectly? Who knows the answers to these questions? I do, and I’m going […]

🇮🇳 Dalit Muslims of India | Al Jazeera World

India the second most populous country in the world for centuries its social class structure was built around a rigid Hindu class or caste system. caste was abolished over 50 years ago. But it’s legacy is still felt in modern Indian society. The Hindu population, around 84% of a total 1.4 billion total people is […]

แชร์ผลตรวจ DNA สืบหาเผ่าพันธุ์ | My Ancestry DNA test results [Thai] with Eng Sub

Hello, today I will share the DNA testing experience. To find the ethnicity of the ancestors. Normally, everyone will have many races in their own blood. So me too I want to know. Where have we come from? I saw the example from youtubers. They tried DNA tests to find his own ancestry. It is […]

BUNDU: Sowei Headpieces of the Sande Society of West Africa from the Imperato Family Collection

– Hello, my name is Dr. Pascal James Imperato, and I am one of the curators of this exhibition, (mystic folk music) Bundu Sowei Headpieces of the Sande Society of West Africa. The other curator is my son, Dr. Gavin Imperato. Both of us have spent a very long time in Africa. I first became […]

East Texas Trees : Eastern Juniper Tree

My name is Kerry Russell I have a Masters degree in Landscape Ecology and we are going to take a minute just to speak a little bit about Forest Ecology. So if you look down on the forest floor down here, you are going to see all the species that we have already covered so […]

Exploring Occupations | Ancestry

Occupations are a really important part of family history research. When you start building your family tree you start noting down your ancestors name, birth and death details, as well as their occupations. That just tells you how important they are. We have millions of records on that will reveal details about these occupations.

Deadly Hurricane Dorian stalls over Bahamas

The Royal Bahamas police force has confirmed that there are five deaths in Abaco. The initial reports in Abaco is that the devastation is unprecedented and extensive. We know that there are a number of people in Grand Bahama who are in serious distress and we will provide relief and assistance as soon as possible […]

High Society Trailer German with English Subtitles 2017

this is Anabel’s life you and i could be the donationangel of Germany but just imagine we would go into the slums and help people directly just lend a hand for them i would really like to know where you have inherited this obtrusiveness at least until today what?! daily newspaper swapped babies prosecco-sisters blame […]

Growing & Caring for Trees : How to Fertilize Citrus Trees

Hi, I’m Jessica Smith with Brown’s Nursery in West Shorting, Utah, and today we’re talking all about trees and shrubs. Right now we’re going to discuss how you fertilize a citrus tree. Well, citrus tree likes a good fertilizer that, you’re, you’re most common in your commercial fertilizers are, are your nitrogen, your phosphate, and […]