Which Countries Still Have Colonies?

In 1960, the United Nations called for independence for all colonial countries. Yet, as of 2015, 17 regions around the world remain colonies, also known as “Non-Self-Governing-Territories”. So where are there still colonies? Well, to start, a colony, is typically a distant country or area, controlled and protected by another country. However, there can be […]

C99152RO Used 2008 Buick Enclave CXL AWD SUV Black Test Drive, Review, For Sale –

If you’re looking for a reliable SUV then this 2008 Buick Enclave wagon is the perfect vehicle for you. There are about 169,000 well maintained miles on the odometer. Under the hood there is a 3.6L v6 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. This carbon black metallic Enclave has a Cashmere Leather upholstery. There are […]

Indian Deaf Community

This video includes 2 Deaf Indians who share about what the Deaf community in India are going through and different situations that they are advocating for okay? are you ready? (both) hiii !! Stacey: guess where I am now?! I am here in India! and I met him! Deepesh: yeah! My name is Deepesh Arora […]


Oh, my God! Catch, Puppy! Catch! Hello, we are some students of the UBC. We are doing a project: A PERFORMANCE. We need your help. So thank you for your attention. Hi. Sorry, I overslept. Very good. I had to leave my groceries over there too.

Every Body Active: Squash session with Orchardville society

Today is done through Belfast City Council with Every Body Active, were basically bringing short squash to the guys that are taking part. It means then we can deliver to more people around Belfast and it means we are taking it to them rather than them having to spend time and money getting to us. […]

How modern families increase social inequality | The Economist

The family has always been a central building block of society But families have changed dramatically in the rich world… …over the past 50 years You may kiss your wonderful life partner and your wife… He knows he has a donor He knows that we’re both his parents He knows he doesn’t have a dad […]

Camila visits the Dela Torre family | TKB (With Eng Subs)

What? Are you sure? [HUFFS] Alright, we’ll be heading there. Grandma? Are you okay? What is it? We have a visitor. Make sure there’s enough for everyone! We’re out here going hungry because they closed down the plantation, and it’s all Camila’s fault! If I die of hunger, I will never let her live in […]

When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Community Be Prepared?

[MUSIC] Imagine this, it’s the middle of the day, kids are at school, people are at work, businesses are open. Suddenly the electricity goes out. [MUSIC] Hours later, still no power. Trains have been shut down, there are no working gas pumps. Cellphone communications are down. Credit cards and ATMs aren’t working. Many are without […]

Society latest short film 2019 | Rape | CV short fillms | Priyanka reddy | Nirbhaya | child rape

Pains You came late to work,But you need money ontime? Take it Hey,where is the money? It is saving for my medical expenses I am also asking for this medicine I know,you hide it somewhwere No…please stop searching for money Please, no,dont do that Scoldings Lets see the remaining amount Hey burkha Burkha? You are […]

Talks Of Society: Real Fame Girls

we are living in a country where we worship women but India is always known as a male dominating country, where we say that children are boon of God but girl child is treated as a curse, where the dignity of a girl or a women is superior to anything but some people play with […]